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Who is Haisam Nassir?(Mother is left horrified after bag of CRYSTAL METH fell out of cereal box as she was dishing out breakfast to her children ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Haisam Nassir

Haisam Nassir Wiki

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Who is Haisam Nassir ?

A mother was horrified after a ‘huge’ bag of crystal meth fell out of a cereal box as she served her children breakfast.

Haisam Nassir, 25, was serving bowls of cereal for her four children when the Golden Morn box stopped flowing, even though she still felt half full.

Upon closer inspection, he felt an additional bag preventing the rest of the crunchy cornflakes from escaping from the box.

Ms. Nassir took out the plastic bag and saw that it was filled with mysterious white crystals.

After being suspicious, the mother jumped to Google and was shocked to find that she was actually handling methamphetamine, a class A drug, better known as crystal methamphetamine.

The substance is known to be highly addictive and gained notoriety after becoming a prominent part of the hit television series Breaking Bad.

Ms Nassir, from Dagenham, Essex, took the bag to her local police station, where officers later confirmed her worst fears.

She also took her children to the hospital because she was concerned that they may have unknowingly used part of the drug. However, a doctor confirmed that they had not been affected.

The stay-at-home mom said: ‘It was so bad that she was really shocked. It was huge, taking up almost half the box.

Despite the bag of Golden Morn still feeling half full

‘I felt really scared. My anxiety went through the roof. There were 450 g. The street value would be quite a lot.

‘Imagine if that explosion could have had a deadly impact. It could have ended so badly.

“ They had been eating out of that box for four days straight and the crystal meth bag was so thin, a sharp piece of cereal could easily have punched a hole.

“My oldest daughter is very independent and she receives her own cereal. She could have eaten it so easily.

‘She was having these heartbreaking thoughts. She could have gone from being a mother of four to a mother of none very quickly. ”

She said officers at her local police station were shocked to see the huge bag and that her children, ages three, two, and one-year-old twins, were searched at Queen’s Hospital in Romford.

Ms Nassir added: ‘It was a horrible experience. I still can’t believe she was at my house with my kids.

‘I bought [the box] at my local store, five minutes from me. It’s an international store, quite similar to a corner store, [with] loads of world food from other places like Pakistan.

‘It’s probably imported, only specific stores carry this cereal. I’ve been getting the cereal from that specific store on a regular basis for about six months.

I usually go in and grab two bags. I did that this time too. The first bag I bought was fine. ‘

A police investigation into the incident in June found a cut in the bottom of the cereal bag through which, officers concluded, the drug bag had been inserted.

A formal letter sent to her mother said: “It seems highly unlikely that the crystals were inserted in the production factory, although this cannot be established with certainty.”


The letter also explained that a man had been arrested on suspicion of drug-related crimes, but was later released under investigation.

The case has been closed for now, which has left Ms. Nassir feeling upset.

She said: ‘I can’t believe the case has been closed. It’s really shocking, “she said.” I feel like no one is taking it seriously. Has no sense.

“My kids could have used it, and it could have had a very different outcome.”

A Nestlé spokesperson said: “This case was investigated six months ago by both Nestlé and the police.

“It was found that the item was inserted into the packaging sometime after the product left Nestlé in Nigeria.

“This is not a product that we manufacture or distribute in the UK, but we appreciate how concerning this must have been for Haisam and have been working closely with her to resolve the issue since she contacted us in June.”

She has contacted the Metropolitan Police for comment.

Haisam Nassir Quick and Facts

  • Haisam Nassir made horrifying discovery while pouring cereal for four children
  • She inspected box after cereal stopped flowing despite still feeling half full 
  • Ms Nassir removed plastic bag from box and found it filled with white crystals
  • She took bag to police station, where officers confirmed it was crystal meth 

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