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Who is Hadi Skaf?(Youngest sibling of two notorious gang rapists escapes a conviction for drug dealing after moaning about being caught up in publicity ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Investigation,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Hadi Skaf

Hadi Skaf Wiki

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Who is Hadi Skaf ?

The younger brother of the notorious gang rapists, the Skaf brothers, apologized for defrauding a cocaine buyer who sold Panadol disguised as a drug.

Hadi Skaf claimed that he had been deeply humiliated by the publicity surrounding his arrest for drug trafficking, which had focused on the crimes of his brothers.

The 22-year-old worker has had to bear the burden of his last name, which will forever be linked to a series of gang rapes that shocked the nation when he was still a young child.

His older brothers Bilal and Mohammed were sentenced to decades in prison for rapes in the southwestern suburbs of the city.wikipedia

Mohammed was released on probation last week after 21 years in prison to live in the Skaf family home in south-west Sydney, along with Hadi and his parents.

Judge Miranda Moody found that Skaf was deeply sorry for his own actions in a failed call-a-dealer operation, which were essentially crimes of dishonesty.

“It was what you could call a bit of a low act,” Ms. Moody said of scamming drug users.

“There is no doubt that he is very sorry for what he has done.”

Publicity surrounding Hadi’s arrest and Mohammed’s release was presented to the court at the local Downing Center court.

“I note that he is the brother of Mohammed Skaf who has had some notoriety in this state and who has apparently recently been released from prison,” said Ms Moody.

Ms. Moody accepted that Hadi had brought more shame to his parents, who had “endured so much in his lives” and he himself was suffering from depression and anxiety, “which is not surprising.”

Hadi’s drug trafficking attempts were described as amateurish and had harmed no one other than financially.

At first, his client tried to climb into the back of a police car that was used to monitor dealers selling drugs to drinkers in Sydney city center.

And in a late turn of the case, it was revealed Thursday that the substance Hadi had sold to the woman did not even contain any prohibited drugs.

His attorney, Mina Wassef, said that this fact reduced the objective gravity of the crime, while a police prosecutor said that he had not differentiated on the crime.

Hadi was in Mr. Wassef’s office

The sale of a substance promoted as cocaine is legally considered to supply a prohibited drug, regardless of what the substance actually contains.

Hadi was in Mr. Wassef’s office when the matter was first mentioned and was ordered by Judge Miranda Moody to appear in court, which meant confronting television cameras and photographers.

Hadi came to the attention of police on June 12 when officers conducted an operation targeting drug dealers near Surry Hills pubs.

At around 7:20 p.m., police saw Hadi in the front passenger seat of a silver Toyota Corolla driven by another man near the Dolphin Hotel. Hadi was using a navigation app on his mobile phone.

Drug Charged

Hadi Skaf covered his face with his hand when he arrived at Downing Center Local Court Thursday morning to be sentenced on drug charges.

As police watched from an unmarked car parked at the corner of Crown and Fitzroy streets, a woman tried three times to open the locked rear passenger-side door.

The driver of the Corolla, who resembled the police vehicle, honked his horn and the woman and her friend followed the Toyota until it pulled into a nearby bus lane.

According to a statement of fact presented to the court, Skaf rolled down the window and the two women stood by the door for less than two minutes before walking away.

When police stopped the Corolla, Skaf told them that the women were friends and that one of them was paying him $ 70 that she owed for an Uber fee.

When the police saw two phones hidden under Skaf’s leg and asked how many phones were in the vehicle, he replied, ‘I don’t know, it’s my mother’s car.’

During a search, officers found $ 750 in the front pocket of Skaf’s hoodie along with small clear freezer-style plastic bags.

Skaf Arrested

While this was happening, other police officers detained the two women and found four similar bags containing white powder in the possession of one of them.

That woman’s phone contained a text message exchange that began, ‘Hi, are you for Surry tonight? 3 please. That got the answer: ‘yes, send the full address’.

Woman: ‘412 Crown St Surry Hills, the dolphin eta?’

Distributor: ‘Yes, see you in 24’.

Woman: ‘Getting 750 now’.

Skaf was arrested and when asked for the names of his supposed friends he said: ‘Jessica and Louie’.

“This is not the name of [any of the women], which again supports that the defendants did not know the women and had gathered for the purpose of supplying prohibited drugs,” the statement said.

When police searched Skaf’s phone, they opened the Waze navigation app and asked why recent searches for him included 412 Crown Street, Surry Hills.


Skaf said that he simply wanted to play the poker machines. “The defendant stated that he had Googled” VIP Lounge to go slap, “says the statement of the fact.

When shown a screenshot of the Crown Street address on the drug client’s phone, Skaf replied “no comment.”

Skaf pleaded guilty in Downing Center Local Court on June 24 to supplying a prohibited drug and dealing with the proceeds of crime.

Ms. Moody took into account her age, guilty pleas, regrets, and prospects for rehabilitation. She did not record a conviction and instead imposed an 18-month probation order.

Mohammed Skaf was released on probation on October 6 after the State Probation Authority allowed his release under strict conditions, including 24-hour electronic supervision.

Now 38, he was imprisoned for his involvement in a series of terrifying gang rapes committed in Sydney in 2000 when he was 17 years old.

The rapes involved more than a dozen Australian-Lebanese youth and young men led by Mohammed’s older brother, Bilal.

One of the gang’s teenage victims was raped at least 25 times by 14 attackers before she was hosed down and dropped off at a train station.

During her six hour ordeal, the woman was called ‘Aussie pig’, told she was going to get it ‘Leb style’ and asked if ‘leb shit tasted better than Aussie shit’.

Weeks earlier, Mohammed lured another teenage girl to a park in Greenacre, where she was pinned down and raped by Bilal and another man, while 12 other men watched.

At the time of sentencing, Judge Michael Finnane described the rapes perpetrated by the skaf as crimes typically found only “in the context of wartime atrocities.”

The SPA determined that releasing Mohammed at the end of his 23-year sentence in early 2024 without any conditions would have posed an unacceptable risk to society.

“This is the only opportunity to oversee a safe transition to the community in the small window of time we have left,” SPA President David Frearson SC said in a statement.

Bilal Skaf, now 40, will be eligible for parole in 2033.

Hadi Skaf Quick and Facts

  • Notorious Sydney gang rapist Mohammed Skaf left prison on parole this month 
  • Skaf, 38, spent 21 years behind bars after committing a series of rapes in 2000
  • His brother Bilal, now 40, is still behind bars and cannot be released before 2033
  • Their youngest sibling Hadi has pleaded guilty to supplying drugs near a hotel

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