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Breaking: Gretchen Whitmer Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gretchen Whitmer Wiki Bio

The FBI has foiled a plot by a Michigan militia group to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer and overthrow the state government. After a series of raids in Wexford and Hartland counties Wednesday night, at least six people will be charged Thursday, the Detroit News reported.

“Several members have spoken of killing” tyrants “or” taking over “a governor,” wrote an FBI agent in the newspaper’s affidavit.

Militiamen watched Whitmer’s vacation home

The militiamen saw Whitmer’s vacation home at least twice, and discussed his kidnapping and affidavit before the Nov. 3 election for a treason “trial” in a remote location.

“Break and grab, man. Take the f-in governor. Catch the bitch, ”one of them said.

They also discussed the desire for 200 men to “storm the Lansing Capitol and take hostages, including the governor,” the affidavit said.

At a meeting, they discussed “plans to attack the Michigan State Capitol, fight law enforcement first responders, and use Molotov cocktails to destroy a police vehicle,” the affidavit said.

In another case, they suggested knocking on his door, “and if he responds, just comb his hair,” according to the affidavit of one of them.

Whitmer has become a target

Whitmer has become a target, at least in part, because of his strict and controversial coronavirus lockdown measures, which under oath have sparked mass protests in the Great Lakes state.

One of the militiamen in June called her “that tyrant bitch” and said: “I don’t know the boys, we have to do something,” the court reportedly said in the affidavit.

Whitmer “has no check or balance. She has uncontrolled power at this time, ”one of the defendants allegedly complained.

“All good things have to end,” he said, according to the criminal complaint.

One of them allegedly called her a political parasite “f-in” and said, “Without this person, the job would be better.” “”

The group of militants was not identified, but the members had gathered to practice weapons and tactical exercises, and purchased a taser pistol and night glasses to use in the kidnapping, the documents say.

“We can all disagree on policy, but these differences of opinion should never end in violence,” US Attorney Matthew Schneider told the Detroit Free Press.

“The allegations in this complaint are deeply disturbing. We are grateful to the law enforcement officers who discovered this conspiracy and worked so hard to protect Governor Whitmer.

The FBI had been tracking the militia since March out of fear that it might attempt to trace the home addresses of local law enforcement officers, according to the report.

“At that time, the FBI interviewed a member of the military who was concerned about the group’s plans to target and kill police officers, and that person agreed to become a (confidential source),” the agent wrote.

The raids were also linked to an ongoing investigation into the death of a Detroit man who was killed in a shootout with FBI agents, according to local reports.

According to the newspaper

According to the newspaper, the affidavit filed in federal court contains probable cause for the conspiracy charges against Whitmer.

All six included Ty Garbin, 24, whose home was raided by Hartland Township officials Wednesday night, according to the report.

The other people named in the affidavit were Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta. Her age or address was not given, and the militia group was not identified, according to the newspaper.

The investigation was sparked by posts on social media promoting plans to violently topple various state governments as well as law enforcement agencies, the newspaper said of the affidavit.

“The group spoke about creating a society that would follow the United States Bill of Rights and where they could be self-reliant,” the FBI agent wrote. “They discussed different ways to achieve this goal, from peaceful efforts to violent actions,” the affidavit reads.

Whitmer’s office did not immediately comment on the Detroit News on Thursday.

Seamus Hughes, associate director of the extremism program at George Washington University, said that “the shutdown was a lightning rod for anti-government extremists in this country.”

“And Governor Whitmer was at the forefront of his goals,” he told the newspaper.

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