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Breaking: Gregg Smart Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gregg Smart

Gregg Smart Wiki

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Gregg Smart, shot in the head and ransacked the house. After a lengthy investigation, authorities said Pamela Smart, who worked at a high school, was having an affair with 16-year-old Billy Flynn and she convinced him to kill her husband. They said that Flynn, with the help of his friends, murdered Gregg Smart and then arranged the house to look like a robbery.

The story is the focus of the Saturday February 13 episode of NBC’s Dateline. While Flynn and his friends Vance Lattime Jr., Pete Randall and Raymond Fowler have all been paroled and released from jail, Pamela Smart remains incarcerated with a life sentence without the possibility of parole, it reported. the Washington Post.

Smart has admitted that she was having an affair with Flynn, but has continued to maintain her innocence regarding the murder of her husband.

Pamela & Gregg Smart Married in 1989 & Pamela Smart Admitted

Pamela and Gregg Smart married in 1989 and lived in New Hampshire, where she got a job as a director of media services at various schools and Gregg worked as a life insurance salesperson, the Post reported. She told the outlet in an interview that Gregg told her that she had had a one-night stand when they hadn’t even been married for a year and they began to struggle. She said that she met Billy Flynn through a school program and “began to develop feelings for him. I thought he had feelings for me too. ”

Both Flynn and Smart have testified that they slept together multiple times around the time Flynn turned 16. Smart spoke to ABC News about her relationship with Flynn and said:

In fact, it was very difficult because I had feelings for my husband. She loved him and had also developed feelings for Bill, and she knew she couldn’t go on like this. You know, it wasn’t going to work like this forever. It was just a short relationship.

During the investigation into Gregg Smart’s murder, Flynn cooperated with authorities and told them that Smart frequently mentioned that her husband had to die. According to ABC News, Flynn told authorities: “She said that as she sees it, the only alternative… is to kill him.

 His Friends Shot Gregg Smart at Close Range & Were All Arrested

Flynn, Pete Randall and Vance Lattime Jr., who were 16 or 17 years old, planned the murder with the help of another, Raymond Fowler and Pamela Smart. According to the court decision that recounts the events of the day of the murder:

The defendant [Pamela Smart] took Flynn, Randall and Lattime to search for Lattime’s grandmother’s car in Massachusetts. The defendant discussed with them the various details of the murder plan, seeking advice on how to react when she returned home to discover that her husband had been murdered. Lattime and Randall returned to Seabrook in Lattime’s grandmother’s car. The defendant took Flynn back to Seabrook to meet them and then went to Winnacunnet High School to attend a meeting scheduled that night.

Flynn, Lattime, and Randall then picked up Fowler and drove to Gregg Smart’s home, where Flynn and Randall entered the home and the other two remained in the vehicle. The court’s decision later stated that the two teens ransacked the home while they waited for the insurance salesman to return to the home. Flynn was holding a pistol and Randall had a kitchen knife, documents show.

“When Gregory got home, the boys forced him to his knees,” the decision continued. “While Randall was holding Gregory’s head down with one hand and holding a knife in front of his face with the other hand, Flynn shot him once in the head.” The four children then fled the scene.

Flynn and Randall were convicted of second-degree murder and each served 25 years in prison before being paroled in 2015, ABC News reported. Lattime was found guilty of being an accessory to second degree murder and served 15 years before being paroled in 2005. Fowler was convicted of conspiracy to murder and attempted robbery and was paroled in 2003 after serving 12 years. .

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