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Who is Grace Boyce-Carnus?(Girlfriend of ‘kinky s*x overlord’ is charged with child s*x offences and stealing morphine while working as a nurse ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Grace Boyce-Carnus

Grace Boyce-Carnus Wiki

                                     Grace Boyce-Carnus Biography

Who is Grace Boyce-Carnus ?

The girlfriend of an incarcerated ‘perverted s*x overlord’ has been arrested for crimes related to alleged s*xual activity with minors and theft of morphine at a hospital where she worked as a nurse.

Grace Boyce-Carnus, also known as Hunter Davis within the polyamorous BDSM community, took on the Blacktown courthouse in western Sydney on Monday.

The 22-year-old faces six counts of planning s*xual activity with persons under the age of 16, five counts of transmitting child abuse material and one count of possession of morphine.

Boyce-Carnus studied nursing at the University of New England and worked as a nurse at the beginning of the pandemic.

Australian Federal Police allege Boyce-Carnus illegally obtained 30 grams of morphine from the hospital, which was found in the home he shared with incarcerated James Robert Davis and his five other girlfriends.

Arrested and Charged

Davis faces 60 charges related to kidnapping, strangulation, battery, serious animal cruelty and s*xual abuse.

He initially faced charges of s*xual slavery, which were later dropped.

Police allege that he has six whistleblowers and the crimes span a 20-year period while Davis ran the ‘Casa de Cadifor’.

More research is being done on the exact circumstances of morphine acquisition and use.

Boyce-Carnus was a distinguished high achiever at the International Grammar School, where tuition costs up to $ 27,000 a year, and she graduated in 2017 with top marks in her music classes.

It is understood that she was also experimenting with the BDSM fetish community in Sydney and eventually met Davis and his longtime partner Charlotte.

The teenager became Davis’ second girlfriend and recently appeared in court along with her other associates to support him as he requested bail.

She is the only one of Davis’ partners charged with a crime. Investigations are ongoing and police are urging “more victims to come forward.”

Boyce-Carnus was arrested in Blacktown in western Sydney on November 29. Police will allege that she actively participated in activities to allow s*xual activity with a person under the age of 16.

She is also accused of streaming child abuse material online.

Davis (pictured with two of his current girlfriends, Charlotte and Hunter) remains behind bars

Davis (pictured with two of his current girlfriends, Charlotte and Hunter) remains behind bars

Davis, along with his partners, were well known in the fetish community and would film pornographic content for their fans.

They also held parties at her sprawling home in Yarrowyck, near Armidale in the NSW Northern Tablelands, for the BDSM community.

Davis’s attorney, Ian Lloyd QC, previously told a court that her client was engaged in a ‘consensual BDSM polyamorous lifestyle’ that was not illegal.

“There is no crime in lifestyle choices, no crime associated with consensual BDSM, these issues are not crimes and he has not been charged,” he said.

‘My client will not be judged for being a member of a cult even if that was ultimately accepted as fact.

“At no time did my client exercise real property powers … There are aspects of theatrical performance, affectations of slavery that do not amount to real slavery.”

Davis and Boyce-Carnus claim they met during a photoshoot in which the teenager was the model and the former soldier photographer.

Since his incarceration in March 2021, it was understood that Boyce-Carnus still lived in the house with four of his girlfriends, including his legal wife Charlotte, who recently gave birth to a girl.

The girl was named Grace, in apparent tribute to Boyce-Carnus.

Five highly educated, s*xually adventurous women

Baby Davis seemed “all good and healthy” at last checkups after Charlotte suffered an initial “trial birth” scare.

Her father, Rod, spent time at home helping women adjust to motherhood.

The new grandfather regretted that his daughter was forced to endure childbirth without her partner, who remains in jail.

“The hospital is in a [Covid] red zone, so she can only have one person with her … Dad can’t even visit the baby,” he said.

Charlotte previously pleaded with the New South Wales Supreme Court for her to release Davis in an affidavit signed by the other women in the polyamorous BDSM relationship.

She vowed to report Davis if she breached any of the proposed bail conditions, and said each of her girlfriends wanted her to come home.

Finlay is another of his girlfriends.

When discussing the birth of his grandson, Rod referred to the other women in the marriage as “Charlotte’s friends” rather than her romantic partners.

In April, Charlotte told the court that she and Davis had been dating for six years and were in a relationship with four other women; Sophie, Hanne, Hunter and Finlay.

All women contribute equally to household bills and expenses, and it is understood that they will raise the child together, as a family.

When announcing the pregnancy online, Carlotte shared a photo of a monkey made as she read, ‘Six moms are better than one.’

“After three years, three surgeries, two types of hormone therapy and a round of IVF, baby Davis will arrive in early September,” Charlotte said.

“I am so happy, like everyone else, and I am very grateful for the love, patience and care that all my partners have shown me throughout this process.”

Grace Boyce-Carnus Quick and Facts

  • A girlfriend of a ‘kinky s*x overlord’ is accused of s*xual offences with minors
  • Grace Boyce-Carnus, 22, is the second girlfriend of James Robert Davis
  • The former nurse is accused of stealing morphine from a hospital 

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