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Who is Gordon Beesley?(Colorado cop was shot dead in an ‘ambush’ by gunman) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gordon Beesley

Gordon Beesley Wiki

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Who was Gordon Beesley?

Arvada Police Officer Gordon Beesley, 51, “was attacked because he was wearing an Arvada police uniform and badge,” Police Chief Link Strate told a news conference Tuesday. “Officer Beasley was ambushed by someone who expressed his hatred of police officers.”

Strate called it a “deliberate act of violence” and an “isolated incident.” But he did not provide details about the suspect, who also died in Monday’s shooting; how authorities knew that the suspect had deliberately attacked Beesley; and how they knew the suspect’s views towards the police.


The suspect was identified as Ronald Troyke, 59, by Jefferson County Coroner Annette Cannon.


Strate also did not explain what led to Monday’s shooting, which also killed 40-year-old John Hurley, who authorities have described as a “Samaritan.”

Without elaborating on what he did, Strate called Hurley of Golden a “true hero who probably interrupted what could have been a further loss of life.”

Witness Bill Trojans told The Denver Channel that it was Hurley who shot the gunman after ensuring that bystanders in the area were safe.

Trojans said he was working in a store when Hurley walked in just before 1:15 PM on Monday.

After just a few minutes of looking at the merchandise, Hurley heard gunshots and saw the gunman outside. Trojans said Hurley then pulled out his gun that he had in a holster, ran out of the store, and ran toward the shots.


A GoFundMe campaign was launched to help Hurley’s family, including his parents and sister.

Not much is known at this time about the alleged gunman. According to court records cited by The Denver Post, Troyke was convicted of third degree assault in 1992 and DWI in 1994. He was evicted from his home the following year and in 2013 he filed for bankruptcy.

There is no indication that Troyke has had any major problems with the law in the past 17 years.

Causes of death

Arvada police spokesman Dave Snelling declined to say who shot the suspect, saying that would be something investigated by a team of area law enforcement officers.

The city of Arvada hosted a vigil Tuesday night at the Peace Lutheran Church, west of the Olde Town district.

Beesley was a school resource officer with a reputation for taking a compassionate approach to students.

Gordon Beesley Quick and Facts

Arvada Police Officer Gordon Beesley, 51, was killed Monday in what officials described as a ‘targeted’ ambush attack.
Authorities say the gunman, Ronald Tryoke, 59, expressed his hatred for police officers and shot Beesley because he was wearing a uniform and badge.
The shooting also claimed the life of 40-year-old Good Samaritan John Hurley, who was described by police as ‘a true hero’
Witness claimed that it was Hurley who confronted Troyke and shot him after urging bystanders to seek shelter, although police have not confirmed this.

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