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Who is Glenn Roche? Wiki, Bio, Age,Family, Found Guilty, Video, Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Glenn Roche

Glenn Roche Wiki

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Who is Glenn Roche?

Glenn Roche, who was convicted of indecent assault this week, is seen in the footage chasing the young woman into the elevator after a day with her family, the New Zealand Herald reported Thursday.

Roche appears to be playfully chasing the girl, but then the sick man grabs her, fondles her and tries to kiss her as she tries to free herself from her, according to images published by TVNZ-TV shows. The girl later told authorities that she is still suffering from nightmares from the heartbreaking July 2019 assault, according to the Herald.

Glenn Roche Age

Glenn Roche is 54 years old.

Glenn Roche convicted of groping a 13-year-old girl in an elevator

Glenn Roche, a civilian employee of the police force, assaulted the 13-year-old girl in Cabramatta in July 2019 after a day of sightseeing with her family.

In a video obtained by the media, the 54-year-old is seen chasing the girl into an elevator, blocking her exit before repeatedly groping her. The teenager is then seen crouched on the ground as Roche stands next to her. The 13-year-old girl managed to escape her attacker, she ran to her mother and told her what happened.

While being interviewed by police, Roche told officers that “my hands slid down her body as she slid to the ground.” In court, Roche tried to persuade the judge that chasing the girl to the elevator and touching her was just a game.”My mind has shot off a tangent, this is a challenge, for me, I can catch her and kiss her on the cheek like hers, her two sisters and her mother,” Roche said in the interview with police.

However, the 13-year-old boy told the court that her actions were more than an unwanted kiss and that she was afraid of her attacker. She explained that as she crouched under him, he squeezed her chest twice. In an interview with police, Roche said that “my hand slipped over there” but claimed there was no sexual intent.

“So there certainly would have been some kind of contact. Certainly no sexual gratification on my behalf. She helped make that happen by releasing the weight of her body and sliding between my hands. ”

The judge found Roche guilty of indecent assault. The court heard that the young woman still has nightmares and lives in fear that it will happen again. Roche, who does not believe he has done anything wrong, has been suspended from his role in the police.

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