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Breaking: Gina Michelle Bisignano Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gina Michelle Bisignano Wiki

                  Gina Michelle Bisignano Biography

Gina Michelle Bisignano was identified as the woman in Southern California who was recorded using homophobic language to insult someone at a protest. According to TMZ, Bisignano was among the crowd of about 50 who gathered in a Los Angeles neighborhood on November 29 to protest against security measures put in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

In a video that has been shared on Twitter and YouTube, Bisignano is heard calling someone f ***** multiple times as someone off-camera encourages her to “say it again.” Bisignano seems to get closer to the person who was recording, calling them “disgusting” and asking if the person is a boy or a girl.

She continues to call the person a Nazi and a Satanist and has been brainwashed. Later in the clip, Bisignano is heard exclaiming that she believes the person in front of her is a “liberal piece of shit and accuses the person of having had an” abortion this morning. “Bisignano also seems to express an idea of QAnon’s conspiracy when he says, “I bet you kill your babies and eat them.”

Bisignano Gathered With Others Outside of the Public Health Director’s House to Protest Increased Restrictions in Los Angeles County

Bisignano helped promote the protest that took place on November 29 in Echo Park, California. Bisignano and others gathered outside the home of Barbara Ferrer, who is the Los Angeles County Director of Public Health. The poster Bisignano shared on Facebook proclaimed that Ferrer was “in charge of illegal curfews and restrictions on small businesses.” Bisignano included the comment, “Let’s defend the Patriots.” Since then, the post has been removed or made private.

The protest took place a day before tighter restrictions went into effect in Los Angeles County with the goal of slowing the spread of COVID-19. The “Safer at Home” order went into effect on November 30 and was scheduled to last until December 20. One of the strictest elements was that residents were prohibited from physically socializing with anyone outside of their home. The only exceptions were outdoor church services and outdoor protests.

A statewide curfew was also established. Gov. Gavin Newsom was considering a new stay-at-home order, Reuters reported, due to increased hospitalizations. California was the first state in the nation to implement a home lockdown in March.

Bisignano Proclaimed That the Protesters Were Fighting for Freedom & They Did Not Want Another Lockdown

According to the video, it was unclear what caused the tense confrontation between Bisignano and the person who challenged her. The YouTube version begins with Bisignano stepping up to the camera and yelling, “You’re a bastard.” Then he calls the person “disgusting” and a “new world order satanist.”

The man standing behind Bisignano, wearing sunglasses and a sign, chimed in to explain why they were protesting. He insists: “We only want to recover our rights.” He points to the sign and explains that he once had three jobs, but now they are “gone” and that he was unemployed.

The person who was filming moves the camera away from the man and refocuses on Bisignano. The person asks, “What does that have to do with me being a whore?” The man’s response is choked off as Bisignano turns to the camera and says, “I wasn’t even talking to you, but yes, I’ll talk to you. You’re a bastard. Yes, I wasn’t talking to you, but I will. or a girl?

The male protester did not appear to comment on Bisignano’s homophobic language. He is heard in the video again trying to explain that he simply wanted the companies to be able to stay open.

After a brief pause, Bisignano jumps on that topic as he turns to the camera: “Yes, that’s all we want. Is there something wrong with not wanting to have a confinement? Is there something wrong with wanting freedom? ”

According to TMZ, Bisignano later wrote on his Facebook page: “I was attacked online.” His page, which was still active at the time of writing, includes dozens of negative comments. People accused her of being insensitive to those who suffered from COVID-19, made fun of her physical appearance and insulted her intelligence. Bisignano does not appear to be interested in the online comments.

Bisignano Owns a Beauty Business in Beverly Hills

Bisignano is a small business owner. According to the California Secretary of State’s online records, Bisignano registered her company, “Gina Bisignano Skincare Inc” in 2017. In a November 2020 filing, she was listed as CEO, secretary, chief financial officer and director.

On Facebook and Yelp, she refers to the business as “Gina’s Eyelashes and Skincare.” The company’s website was listed as ginaseyelashesandskincare.com, but it appears to have been disabled.

gina m bisignano
Facebook / @ Ginasbeverlyhills
Gina Bisignano was filmed using homophobic grout in protection while demonstrating against COVID-19 restrictions.

The Facebook page of the Bisignano company mainly includes photos related to the services it provides. But the account also includes a couple of images of Bisignano at political demonstrations. In one photo, which was uploaded on November 3, Bisignano was wearing a T-shirt with the letter “Q” along with a MAGA cap. The man next to him had a T-shirt that read, “Shit for Trump.”

Bisignano Describes Herself as a Makeup Artist Who Got Her Start Working in a Funeral Home

Bisignano listed Miami, Florida, as his hometown on Facebook. She explained on her Yelp business profile that she started working in the beauty industry as a teenager. In the biography section, Bisignano wrote that she “started doing makeup at 16 on weekends at the local funeral home” and served as a hair and makeup assistant at the Rhode Island School of Design during summers.
Bisignano wrote that she worked for modeling agencies such as Wilhemina and Ford as a makeup artist. Her bio goes on to explain that she “gained notoriety in the entertainment industry when she started doing makeup in Miami for celebrity clients, then expanded to do the same for major movies and commercials.”

Bisignano said she moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to further her career, but decided to start her own business after becoming a mother. “After having my son, I decided that I wanted to take my experience to Beverly Hills and start my own business… I love my job and my clients. Creating beautiful results for my client is my joy! I always bring [sic] the latest techniques in eyelash extensions, expert skincare and eyelash extension certification. ”

Online Records Suggest Bisignano Was Arrested for Domestic Battery in Her Hometown in 2004

An online search of Bisignano records shows a 2004 arrest for domestic assault in Palm Beach County, Florida. Court records show Gina M. Bisignano, with a birthday that matches other records, being arrested on November 7, 2004 by Delray Beach Police.

The record suggests she posted a $ 1,500 cash bond and was released. However, there was no record of sentencing, indicating that the charge may have been dropped.
In 2006, an ex-boyfriend filed a petition against Bisignano, accusing her of becoming violent. The Palm Beach County court record shows that the petition was denied and the case was dismissed even before a hearing was held. The file includes the following explanation: “Request for a precautionary measure to protect against dating violence. Only the alleged contact is hitting the windows, which is not violence. The 2004 arrest is not a basis for a 2006 warrant. “

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