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Who is Gerald Brevard III?(Shocked’ Dad Says He Spoke to Homeless Shooting Spree Suspect Hours Before Arrest) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gerald Brevard III

Gerald Brevard III Wiki

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Who is Gerald Brevard III?

A senior law enforcement official identified the suspected serial shooter as Gerald Brevard III to The Daily Beast. The official said the 30-year-old man was unarmed when he was arrested in northeast Washington, shortly after police learned his name. Another law enforcement official told The Daily Beast that both police departments had received information about Brevard, leading officers and ATF agents to surveil him and eventually take him into custody.

Hours before Brevard’s arrest, around 5 p.m. on Monday, an Instagram account that appeared to belong to him posted a photo with the caption “Feeling devilish, feeling godly.” The post above has Brevard, a Washington, D.C. resident, tagged at an event space in Manhattan.


His father, Gerald Brevard Jr., told The Daily Beast on Tuesday that he was “crushed” to hear the news of his son’s arrest. He said they spoke Monday and Brevard “didn’t say anything out of the ordinary.”

“It was a normal conversation,” said the 80-year-old, who lives in Las Vegas. “But he was dealing with mental illness for a long time. He has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals.”

The father added that his son had never made disparaging comments about the homeless community, and now the family is “shocked, feeling so many different emotions” as they try to understand what was going through the 30-year-old’s mind over the past few years. weeks. .

“All this has been a surprise. I never thought he would be violent,” added Brevard Jr. “He was always good mannered.”

Dearell Brevard also told The Daily Beast on Tuesday that he was “totally shocked” by the news of his cousin’s arrest.

“I was not aware of his arrest. I last saw him three months ago at a relative’s house. I am amazed. I would never expect this at all from Gerald.”

The 52-year-old cousin added that although he recently saw Brevard, the two were not particularly close. “I need to call your dad! Find out what’s going on. I can’t believe this,” he added.


While the family expressed surprise at his appearance as a suspect in apparently targeted and deadly attacks, Brevard has a long criminal history.

That history includes allegations of credit card fraud, but also violent crime. In July 2018, Brevard was charged with assault after he allegedly brandished a knife and attempted to stab another person during a dispute. In 2019, records show Brevard was declared mentally incompetent after a court-ordered examination and was temporarily committed to a city-operated psychiatric hospital.

In December 2020, Brevard was charged with assaulting a woman in Virginia. A month earlier, police say Brevard pushed a woman into a hotel hallway and assaulted her. When the woman, who suffered minor injuries, screamed for help, Brevard allegedly ran away from her.


Police confirmed the arrest on Twitter early Tuesday and said the suspect is being questioned in connection with two homicides and three shootings of homeless men this month. The attacks sparked panic in both cities, with authorities warning that the man appeared to be targeting the most vulnerable community.

“We promised that we would bring this killer to justice. We kept that promise. Thank you to all of our partners in law enforcement for the good work he did. Public safety is the prerequisite for prosperity,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams tweeted Tuesday. “Keeping our streets safe means taking back our country.”

The arrest came shortly after police released new close-up surveillance photos of the suspected serial shooter, dressed in black with a hood pulled up and a mask wrapped around his chin.

The attacks began on March 3, when the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. responded to a non-fatal shooting of a homeless man in the early morning hours. Five days later a similar attack was reported in the city, followed by another the next day in which a man was found dead inside a burning tent with gunshot and stab wounds.

The serial shootings then moved to New York City, with three more attacks targeting the homeless in a single weekend. Authorities soon linked the five separate shootings, saying he appeared to have used the same gun each time.

Chilling surveillance footage from one of the attacks showed a man dressed in all black approach someone wrapped in a sleeping bag on a sidewalk before prodding him with his foot and opening fire.

“He looked around. He made sure no one was there. And he intentionally took the life of an innocent person,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said at a news conference Monday.

Authorities were quick to warn of a possible serial killer preying on people when they were at their most vulnerable. Meanwhile, experts warned the gunman would likely only escalate attacks on him, prompting a massive manhunt with the help of federal investigators.

On Monday, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert J. Contee addressed the suspected killer directly, saying, “Our reach is wide and we’re coming for you.”

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