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Breaking: George Soros Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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There is a hoax that financier George Soros was arrested in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. However, it is not true. Soros was not arrested.

The person who did the deception even filed a falsified “accusation”. But it is a false version of a real Russian hackers accusation.

“There is a nonsensical claim that George Soros has been arrested for ‘election interference’, accompanied by a screenshot of an alleged indictment. Analysis of the error level of the image shows where someone entered (in Paint?) And erased the real name and wrote the name of Soros, ”wrote freelance journalist Elise Thomas.

The story Falsely Claimed Soros Was Being Held in Federal Custody in Philadelphia Relating to the Presidential Election

The Your News Wire site falsely reported that George Soros “has been arrested and is currently in federal custody in Philadelphia. According to a recent indictment in the Western District of Pennsylvania, Soros has been charged with several felonies related to the US elections. ”

You can see the false accusation above. Again, it is not real.

The story even goes so far as to quote an alleged reporter and link it all to other unproven conspiracy theories about the US presidential election. Here’s an archived version of the bogus story.

Soros, of course, is a common target on the right because of his philanthropy in supporting liberal causes.

Your News Wire has published fake news about the elections before. Before the election, Yournewswire.com ran a story saying that First Lady Michelle Obama had unfollowed Clinton on Twitter. A quick review of Twitter proved the story to be false, ”reported CBS News.

Poynter reported that Yournewswire “is one of the most popular fake news publishers in the world. The website, run by two men in Los Angeles, regularly publishes hoaxes and conspiracy theories. “It had been debunked at least 80 times, by 2018. According to Mashable, the site simply changed its name once the criticism erupted.

The Indictment Was Faked From a Real Indictment Involving Russian Hackers, But the False ‘News’ Was Widely Shared on Social Media

According to Snopes, the false accusation was altered from an actual accusation of Russian hackers. You can see the actual accusation here.

Despite the story being false, Google search trends for the term “George Soros” skyrocketed in the US as the false claim circulated on social media.

The fact that the story was clearly false did not stop some conservative sites from advertising it on the internet, where they clearly did not attempt to verify the facts before simply repeating what they found on the fake site. “George Soros ARRESTED for Election Interference, in Federal Custody,” read one of those bogus headlines on a conservative site.

When the fake news spread on Twitter, one person wrote: “Apparently some super conservative sites claim that George Soros has been arrested. It sounds like really amazing shit, but who knows? It’s 2020, right?

It has been an amazing year. But again, this story is simply not true. A search for the keyword “George Soros” on Twitter turned up a flood of pages repeating the false story.

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