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Who is George Kay?(Tragic final hours of Kerry Katona’s ex-husband: ‘Erratic’ George Kay, 39, was wandering around Holiday Inn ‘asking for someone to be his friend’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

George Kay

George Kay Wiki

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Who was George Kay ?

The ex-husband of reality star Kerry Katona died after a drug binge at a budget hotel where he smashed a cocaine ball inside a sock and ‘ate’ the contents, according to an investigation.

Former rugby league player George Kay, 39, collapsed with a seizure and was rushed to hospital on July 5, 2019, but later died from the excessive effects of the Class A toxic substance.

Just 12 hours before the tragedy, police had been called to the Holiday Inn in Sutton Weaver, Cheshire, after Mr. Kay was seen wandering the hallways “asking someone to be his friend.”

Kay, who was married to Kerry between 2014 and 2017, was also found screaming erratically and banging on other guests’ doors, and hotel staff attempted to return him to his room at one point after he claimed there were ‘wasps’ inside.

Officers said Kay was hallucinating while he was high, but they let him stay in his room despite noticing traces of cocaine in the bathroom sink.

How old was George Kay ?

He was 39  year old.


Subsequently, a female police officer was sanctioned for failing to search Mr. Kay or arrest him for possession of cocaine. Staff called police and officers attended at 9.54 p.m. but they left when Mr. Kay agreed to return to his room.

Coroner Peter Sigee recorded a drug-related death verdict today in an investigation.

Craig Pondsford, the hotel’s operations manager, described his behavior as ‘paranoid and irrational’ and Mr Kay had urged him to share a line of cocaine.

Mr Pondsford described how he’d spoken to Mr Kay and tried to get him to return to his room.

He initially refused before going back inside and sitting on the end of bed and ‘staring at the mirror’, he said.

Mr Pondsford became so concerned he contacted police and two officers attended the hotel and spoke to Mr Kay, who’d become ‘calm’ by this point.

Just 12 hours before the tragedy, police had been called to the Holiday Inn in Sutton Weaver

The former rugby player’s drug use also worsened ‘significantly’ after he was prevented from seeing the couple’s seven-year-old daughter, Dylan-Jorge, it is claimed.

The couple separated in 2015 and reportedly divorced two years later after a tumultuous period in which Kay was accused of being abusive and violent towards his ex-wife.

Speaking at the investigation, Caroline Garcia, a hotel worker, told the hearing that around 7 p.m. a colleague called her to tell her that there was a guest in the hallway making noise.

She went to see what was going on and was met by a ‘tall and strong man talking to another lady outside one of the rooms’.

Garcia said: ‘I thought he was drunk or high and I took care of the situation. He didn’t make any sense and said that he was looking for someone to be her friend.

‘I asked him for identification to find his room, but he constantly said that he was looking for a friend. He was not rude but she did not follow instructions.

I put him in an elevator and we were there for about an hour. Another colleague of mine got him some water, but he was having a hard time drinking the water.

He asked me if I would make him cocaine, but I told him that he wouldn’t do that … he said there was a man in his room, but we went to his room and confirmed that there was no one else. She refused to enter the room and said it was not hers.

Mr Kay had been behaving in a ‘paranoid and erratic manner’

Bartender Michael Hulme said: ‘Mr Kay was behaving erratically and the manager was present encouraging him to return to his room. He wasn’t a threat, but he was unpredictable. He asked for cocaine and was told that he couldn’t have it.

We took it to his room and it seemed pointless. He said that he had relatives in the hotel, that we knew that was not the case and I saw some kind of white powder in the bathroom that I thought might be cocaine. ‘

Luke Smith, the hotel’s food and beverage supervisor, said Mr. Kay was “agitated and upset with himself”, that he wanted to enter the room, but “it was as if something was stopping him.”

“I was concerned about how he might have mental health problems,” Smith said.

“As he was standing in the doorway, I saw white powder in the bathroom. The next morning he needed housekeeping to be able to go back to his room.

He pulled out a sock with a large ball and sat on a chair. He made the ball crumble by squashing it and I thought it was drugs.

“He got really sick, so we put him in recovery position and called an ambulance.”

Kerry Katona and George Kay at the 2015 National Reality TV Awards

Manager Craig Ponsford said that Mr. Kay had been knocking on another guest’s door, behaving in a “paranoid and erratic manner.”

Mr Ponsford added: ‘He said he was at the hotel for a family function, but we knew it wasn’t true. He kept saying that he wanted someone to be his friend.

We took it to his room and there was about 1/2 teaspoon of white powder in the bathroom. He had already calmed down and seemed fine and ordered a pizza.

“ He was asking the police about the reasons we could get him out because he was concerned about his mental health. They said there was no reason to remove it.

Cheshire police said £ 100 worth of high purity cocaine was found in the room.

PC Declan Corcoran said: ‘Hotel staff were concerned about a man wandering around and banging on doors refusing to return to his room.

‘When we got there, he was pretty calm. He understood that he had been taking drugs. He said that he had taken the substance in the bathroom about an hour ago. He said that he had been seeing shadows and that he saw wasps in his room.

He realized that he had been hallucinating. He said that he was struggling with his mental health due to problems in his personal life. He admitted to taking cocaine that night.

Family member said Mr Kay had taken ‘recreational drugs’ since a young age and were aware of his drug use

The policewoman, who cannot be identified, said: “It looked like I had inhaled a line of cocaine down the side of the sink. If there were half a teaspoon of cocaine, she would have taken it for analysis, but there wasn’t much.

“I didn’t think it was enough to arrest him for drug possession. Traces of cocaine were left in the bathroom. What worried me the most was his well-being ”.

At the hearing it was said that Kay played rugby for Warrington U21 and went on to play for Sale, Lancashire and Widnes.

A family member said that Mr. Kay had taken “recreational drugs” from a young age and was aware of his drug use. Above: Mr Kay, photographed in 2018

His mother Hilary said: ‘He had taken recreational drugs from a young age and I was aware of his drug use in May 2019.

“ He had a social life that involved several famous friends and they provided him with money and there was talk of helping him establish a business abroad. He traveled to Australia to watch a rugby tournament.

“ He had a great time and he was not taking drugs or alcohol at the time. There have been times in the past when he had been agitated by drug use.

“ He knew he had problems, but he was a lovely boy who made friends easily. He was kind and would do anything to help anyone. He had personal difficulties that may have increased his drug use. ”

Recording a drug-related death verdict, Coroner Peter Sigee said: ‘Police officers were called in to attend because Mr. Kay was behaving effectively.

‘He admitted to using drugs, he was calm and the police did not consider it lawful to arrest or search him. They did not believe that he required an urgent medical evaluation and they left.

“On the morning of July 6, he was seen eating a quantity of cocaine and then collapsing. It is not possible to say now that he took possession of the cocaine that he took that morning, but I am convinced that the death was drug related ”.

Kay met Kerry when they were together at school, but they started dating in 2012 after meeting in Warrington.

They were married in September 2014, five months after she had her daughter Dylan-Jorge, who is now seven but separated in 2015 and divorced two years later.

Earlier this year, Kerry, 40, spoke of her “anger” over George’s “selfish” addiction that has left Dylan-Jorge fatherless.

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