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Who is Geoffrey Edelsten?(Inside Geoffrey Edelsten’s marriages to Brynne Gordon, Gabi Grecko ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Geoffrey Edelsten

Geoffrey Edelsten Wiki

                                                     Geoffrey Edelsten Biography

Who was Geoffrey Edelsten?

Geoffrey Edelsten might be best remembered for trophy brides, flamboyant lifestyle, and garish outfits, but there was so much more to his extraordinary and controversial life.

The last two years of him were believed to have been relatively quiet, increasingly as an inmate at the Balencea Apartments on St Kilda Road.

As his health faded, Edelsten received few visitors and his cleaner is believed to have found him in his apartment. His death is not being treated as suspicious.

“The only people who would come to visit him last year were his brother, his close family and his caregivers,” a neighbor told the Herald Sun, who also described him as “an old-school gentleman.”

Edelsten’s decline was the biggest contrast to his insatiable appetite for being the center of attention for many years.

How old was Geoffrey Edelsten?

He is 78 year old.

Geoffrey Edelsten Death

Edelsten died at her apartment on St Kilda Road in Melbourne CBD on Friday afternoon.

His death is not being treated as suspicious.

Edelsten, who died in Melbourne at age 78 on Friday, was a brilliant but disgraced medical entrepreneur, a dazzling but unlikely lottery, and ultimately one of Australia’s great self-advertisers.

Leanne Nesbitt Wife

He claimed the most attention from the glamorous women he married.

Edelsten was married three times to beautiful and much younger women: model Leanne Nesbitt in 1984; American fitness instructor Brynne Edelsten (née Gordon) in 2009; then to another model, Gabi Grecko, also American, in 2015.

The three women were respectively 20, 40 and 46 years younger than him and those marriages lasted three years, five years and four months.

Edelsten and his first wife Leanne on August 5, 1985 with his Porsche after buying the Sydney Swans.

Geoffrey Edelsten was a pioneering and ambitious medical entrepreneur who opened several clinics in the 1970s before he was finally deregistered in New South Wales and Victoria and declared bankrupt +1
Geoffrey Edelsten was a pioneering and ambitious medical entrepreneur who opened several clinics in the 1970s before finally being deregistered in New South Wales and Victoria and going bankrupt.

Brynne Edelsten married Geoffrey Edelsten in a $ 3 million wedding in 2009. She was 27 at the time and he was 67.

Edelsten bought his first wife, Leanne Nesbitt

His weakness for women was always accompanied by his extravagant lifestyle and the two were often combined. It is said that he bought his first wife a sports car and a helicopter for his 21st birthday.

He rose to fame as a medical entrepreneur in the 1970s, faded from sight when he was sentenced to a year in jail, and then made a spectacular comeback with his marriage to Brynne Edelsten and a penchant for caramel-colored suits.

Edelsten was born in Carlton in northern Melbourne in 1943, the son of Jewish immigrants Hymie and Esther, who owned a lingerie boutique.

He studied primary at Carlton North and secondary at Burwood before obtaining a double degree in medicine and surgery at the University of Melbourne.

The young, enterprising medical doctor-in-training spent his spare time leading Melbourne bands, writing music, and trying to get an emerging record label off the ground, Hit Productions.

He worked at the Royal Melbourne Hospital after graduation and later as a GP in rural Victoria and New South Wales.

He obtained a pilot’s license and began offering remote services before turning his attention to expanding medical practices in Sydney.

Beginning with a practice in Coogee, Edelsten began opening revolutionary 24-hour medical centers that offered wholesale billing, so that patients had no financial costs for consultations.

His first clinic reportedly saw 2,000 patients each week within four months of opening. By the time he had 13 medical centers, about 20,000 people walked through the doors every seven days.

His clinics attracted attention for interior decoration not normally associated with medical practices. This included mink-covered exam tables, chandeliers, and white grand pianos in the waiting rooms.

Brynne and Geoffrey Edelsten at their wedding in 2009. The pair married in a glitzy ceremony worth $3million

In 1984, Edelsten provided Flannery with a medical certificate stating that the rental pistol was in no condition to be tried due to infection after tattoo removal surgery.

The end of the 1980s was a period of decline for the ultra-ambitious Edelsten.

In 1988 he was discharged from New South Wales after being convicted of professional misconduct in various matters, including the employment of an unqualified laser surgeon.

In 1990 he was convicted of perverting the course of justice and asking Flannery, who had disappeared in May 1985, to assault a former patient. He was jailed for a year.

After the New South Wales Parliament was told that Edelsten was practicing medicine in Victoria, he too was discharged there and in the early 1990s Edelsten went bankrupt.

He reemerged in business as the man behind a 2001 mail-order paternity test kit business called Gene-E, which advertised itself on late-night television.

Edelsten’s masterstroke and fortune would come from the Allied Medical chain of 24-hour ‘superclinics’ that he founded in 2005 with a business partner.

He sold Allied in 2011 for $ 200 million to Sonic Healthcare and invested $ 1 million in the Australian horror film Wolf Creek 2.

In recent years he became best known for his marriage to personal trainer Brynne, who was 40 years his junior.

Nesbitt was a 19-year-old model when she first met the businessman

A spokesperson for Ms Edelsten released a statement after her ex-husband passed away: “ Brynne and Geoffrey had some truly beautiful moments, including their wedding in 2009.

Edelsten received credit from then-Swans captain Barry Rounds for changing the club’s fortunes after buying the team in 1985.

“ While her marriage ended after 5 years together, Brynne remains grateful for the good times the couple shared and she is deeply saddened and shocked to hear the news of her passing. ”

After Edelsten’s brief marriage to Grecko in 2015, he was linked to several women, including The Block contestant Suzi Tayor and 37-year-old American Playboy model Ashley Kirk.

While Edelsten’s fortune and major personal achievements were possibly due to his business, it was his colorful life that he will be remembered for.

In his 2011 autobiography Enigma, he wrote about a lustful threesome that he claimed to have been involved in in 1972.

Geoffrey Edelsten Quicks and Facts

  • Australian businessman Geoffrey Edelsten was found dead at 78 on Friday
  • Death at Balencea Apartments on St Kilda Road not treated as suspicious 
  • Married three times: to Leanne Nesbitt, Brynne Edelsten and Gabi Grecko
  • Made fortune as medical entrepreneur; founded Allied Medical Group
  • Allied was sold for $200million to American company Sonic Healthcare
  • Edelsten owned Sydney Swans from 1985 to 1988, life member of Carlton
  • Deregistered as a GP in 1988 in NSW and later in Victoria for misconduct 

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