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Who is Genevieve Hansen? Wiki, Bio, Age,Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Genevieve Hansen

Genevieve Hansen Wiki

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Who is Genevieve Clara Hansen?

Genevieve Hansen is a Minneapolis firefighter who said she begged and was “ desperate ” to help George Floyd when she was struggling to breathe, but officers would not allow her to do so, on the second day of Derek Chauvin’s trial. She broke down detailing the heartbreaking details of the incident and claimed that officers did not recognize her despite identifying herself as a firefighter who could offer medical assistance.

Hansen, at the scene, said: “She could have provided medical assistance, and that’s exactly what she should have done.”

“But she couldn’t” because the officers wouldn’t let her enter the scene. ”

How old is Genevieve Hansen?

Genevieve Hansen is 27 years old in the year 2021.

Derek Chauvin Trial: Judge Genevieve Hansen

Hansen said that she was off duty and that she was going for a walk on May 25, when she heard a woman “scream that he was being killed.” She moved closer because she was concerned about “a handcuffed man not moving with the officers with the full weight of her body on his back and a crowd that was stressed.”

The firefighter testified that she tried to “persuade” the officer using different tactics, but was not listened to. She said that she went from being “calm and reasoned” and “assertive” to being pleading and “desperate.”

The video played at her trial reportedly heard her repeatedly yell at officers and plead for them to take a look at Floyd’s pulse.

Firefighter Genevieve Hansen

An excited Hansen said she saw Floyd’s face “flattened against the ground” and it looked “puffy and puffy, which would happen if you put the weight of a grown man on someone’s neck.”

“And when she offered help, she claimed that one of the officers said” something like ‘If you really are a Minneapolis firefighter, you would know you shouldn’t get involved.’

Genevieve Hansen Call 911

She wanted to use her medical knowledge to offer more after checking for airway and pulse obstructions. Then Hansen called 911 and said, “I literally saw police officers not taking a pulse and doing nothing to save a man.”

She also said that “things calmed down” after calling 911, but she wished she had done it sooner.

Genevieve Hansen George Floyd

When asked in court by prosecutor Matthew Frank if she was “frustrated,” Hansen said, “Yes. He was desperate to help. Because there is a man who is being killed and … if he had had access to a call similar to that, he would have been able to provide medical care to the best of his ability, and this human was denied that right. ”

She reportedly remained at the scene in “disbelief” after Floyd was taken away in the ambulance, as she was concerned for the safety of other witnesses, especially people of color and a black man “in the presence of police officers. policeman.

Genevieve Hansen’s Testimony

She was seen Hansen wearing her uniform at Chauvin’s trial.

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