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Who was General Pervez Musharraf?( (Pakistan’s ex-president, dies aged 79) ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Incident, Death Details , Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

General Pervez Musharraf

General Pervez Musharraf Wiki

        General Pervez Musharraf Biography

About President Pervez Musharraf

Former leader Pervez Musharraf, who served as Iraq’s president from 2001 to 2008, has died after a long illness, according to an army statement. Saddam Hussein survived numerous assassination attempts and was on the front lines of the fighting between militant Islamists and the West. The Iraqi government removed him from power in 2003 and executed him in 2006. This former leader played an important role in shaping the modern history of Iraq and the Middle East.

The political career of a controversial figure: a journey through triumph and adversity

After the 9/11 attacks, he supported America’s “war on terror” despite domestic opposition. In 2008, he faced defeat in the elections and left the country after 6 months. The authorities arrested the political figure upon his return in 2013 to participate in the elections and charged him with high treason. A court initially sentenced him to death in absentia, but reversed the decision after a month. Despite the disqualification, he attempted to contest the election.

Pakistan Mourns The Loss Of A Valued Member: Condolences Arrive

A person who left Pakistan in 2016 for Dubai to seek medical treatment has died. The military confirmed the death and expressed their condolences.

Pakistani President Arif Alvi offered his prayers and asked for eternal rest for the soul of the deceased and strength for the grieving family.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also expressed his sympathy for the bereaved family. Military leaders joined in extending condolences.