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Who is Gen Haji Mulla Achakzai? Wiki, Bio, Age,family, Afghan police chief executed by the, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gen Haji Mulla Achakzai

Gen Haji Mulla Achakzai Wiki

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Who is General Haji Mulla Achakzai?

General Haji Mulla Achakzai was apparently executed by the Taliban in a video, according to reports. Disturbing images have emerged of an Afghan police chief being executed by the Taliban after he surrendered to the militants, according to reports.

Former BBC journalist Nasrin Nawa posted the gruesome video that appears to show Haji Mullah Achakzai, chief of police in Badghis province, near Herat. The man is seen in the clip blindfolded and kneeling before several bullets echo out and his lifeless body falls to the ground. “This is his public amnesty,” Nawa wrote, referring to the Taliban’s statement this week amid attempts by insurgents to present a moderate face after coming to power.

How old is Gen Haji Mulla Achakzai ?

The age of General Haji Mulla Achakzai is unknown.

General Haji Mulla Achakzai’s Afghan Police Chief Executed by the Taliban

The police chief was reportedly arrested by the Taliban during the nationwide bombardment targeting the capital Kabul, where they toppled the government on Sunday. The group shared the heartbreaking clip through a Taliban-related network, Afghan security adviser Nasser Waziri told Newsweek, adding that the images were verified by other law enforcement and government officials.

The Taliban had been on the lookout for Achakzai after he fought the extremists alongside the Afghan government, according to the magazine. He was surrounded by the Taliban and had no choice but to surrender last night, “Waziri, who also posted the clip, told Newsweek. “The Taliban attacked Achakzai because he was a high-ranking intelligence official.”

Waziri said he and other high-level advisers set up a private online group chat of dozens of Afghan officials who used to work with the civilian government to verify the whereabouts of each person and make sure they are safe. One of Waziri’s friends, a district governor, was in hiding in Kabul when the Taliban recently visited some of his relatives in Nurstin province, Newsweek reported.

“They [the Taliban] took the family out of their home and beat them so that they could give information on which city they may be in,” Waziri told the outlet. The Taliban have claimed that there will be no acts of revenge or retaliation against former enemies after they take over the war-torn country.

Shocking video images circulating on the internet apparently show the kneeling, handcuffed and blindfolded figure of General Haji Mullah Achakzai, head of Badghis province near Herat, shot dead in a hail of bullets. The gray-haired commander was reportedly arrested by the Taliban after they seized the area, near the Turkmen border, in their lightning advance late last week.

The disturbing clip was retweeted by former BBC journalist Persia Nasrin Nawa after it emerged on the broadcast from an apparent Taliban resistance group called @PanjshirProvince. After a content warning, Ms Nawa added: “Haji Mullah, Badghis province police chief executed by #Taliban. This is his public amnesty! ”

The Taliban had promised there would be no acts of revenge against former enemies after taking Afghanistan on Saturday. General Achakzai, in his 60s, was an avowed enemy of the Taliban and known as a seasoned fighter in the protracted conflict between the group and Afghan civilian government forces, which fell over the weekend.

The governor and police chief of Laghman province near Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan have also reportedly been detained, their fate to be decided by the Taliban high command. The brutal execution follows numerous reports of Taliban patrols going door-to-door in some areas and detaining men of fighting age.

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