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Who is Gayle Shann?(How a young farmer, 27, who lost both her arms in a horrific accident now drives tractors with her foot and runs a whole cattle property ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Net Worth,Accident, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gayle Shann

Gayle Shann Wiki

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Who is Gayle Shann ?

A brave farmer who nearly took her own life after losing both arms in a terrible accident says she wouldn’t want her life to have been any different.

Gayle Shann was just 27 years old when her right arm was ripped off on her rural property in Cantaur Park, near Moranbah in central Queensland, on August 9, 2002.

The intrepid rodeo rider’s left arm was also crushed when her glove caught on the shaft of an excavator, throwing her into a hole in the ground and spinning her with the machine’s drill.wikipedia

For the past two decades, Ms. Shann’s devoted husband, Mac, has held hers in her arms, helping her eat, dress, and even put on makeup.

Although it can be difficult at times, she continues to take an active role in running the 28,000-acre horse and cattle breeding station, even driving a tractor with her feet.

The loving and resilient couple first captured the hearts of the nation in 2003, when ABC’s Australian Story featured the husband and wife for a documentary.


As the television show celebrates its 25th birthday, the gloomy episode about their struggles and long-running romance was voted the most popular ever.

At the time, Ms Shann was still accepting of her body and how she would adjust to her new life, but now she has made peace with the past and considers herself “lucky”.

“Twenty years later, she would never have imagined that she could be as happy as now,” she told the show when she returned to visit the couple on Monday night.

‘I’ve gotten used to the way my body is now. I’ve gotten used to it. I can not control it.

‘It’s me. It is my story. My story is written on my body with scars and missing limbs. ‘

The couple built a life together that they ‘absolutely love’ and right now things are as good as ever with ‘good rain’, green grass and thriving horse and cattle markets.

“Mac and I have been married for 22 years and we … Yes, we wouldn’t change a thing,” Ms. Shann said.


Reflecting on the popularity of the show, Shann joked that “Australian audiences always like a good sad love story.”

‘I have heard that I am the perfect husband a few times, even from random people who have never met you before. It’s always been quite fun over the years, ” she said.

Obviously, our relationship is quite different from the others. If Gayle and I have an argument or a little sadness about something … in our situation, then I have to go brush her teeth and remove her makeup.

“There is no reflection period that husbands and wives can have.”

But while the couple never allowed the accident to prevent them from living their lives, about a decade ago they made the decision not to have children.

“We both came to the conclusion that it would have been very difficult to have children,” Ms Shann said.


“It wouldn’t have been impossible, but I feel like I would have been very frustrated having to depend on other people.

‘It’s always going to be a hole in our lives, but we have so many nieces and nephews on each side of the family and they are the most amazing young humans and we are so proud of them and we look forward to being around them as they get older.

But he said raising animals on the farm has helped “fill the gap.”

“That is the high point of our lives, driving across the paddock to check the stallion cows and score the new babies, crossing this horse with that mayor, this bull with that cow, that has filled the void for us.”

On the day that changed the couple’s lives forever, Ms Shann was renovating a garden fence and was using a pole digger to dig into the ground.

Her glove caught on a release pin, which pushed her into the hole.

“The drill [drill] was very far in the ground and there was only a little space left that I turned into,” she said.

Rotate around the axis seven or eight times in one second. My right arm was ripped off immediately and my left also got a bit tangled. ”

Ms. Shann was flown to Townsville, where she spent three weeks in the hospital, before being flown to Sydney for more than two months of treatment.

Shann said he and her family friends were slow to tell her that her other arm was paralyzed for fear that she would not want to continue living.

‘Everything got 10 times worse when we found out that that arm was not working. At one point, I definitely thought, would he be better off dead? ‘ she remembered.

She underwent groundbreaking nerve graft surgery, which meant that his left arm, which appeared completely dead after the surgery, was able to regenerate and bring muscle and life back to the limb.

The arm does not have much functional use and she has even considered removing it.

“I would look even more disfigured,” Ms. Shann said.

“It would make life easier without a sling or neck drag, but I haven’t made that decision yet.”


Since the accident, Mr. Shann has acted as her hands, helping her brush her hair, brush her teeth, shower, dress, and eat every day.

He even does her makeup.

The friends also gave him a modified four-wheel motorcycle so he can gather horses, and it has low handles so he can work in the couple’s cattle yard.

The couple still go to camps every year, where they enter their horses in the unique Australian sport in which jockeys lead a single cow from a herd of cattle.

Sport is important to both of them, and that’s how the couple met and began dating in 1997.

“I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have a husband like Mac because not many men would do what he does,” she said.


“He was pretty good at it from the start really, much better than I thought it would be,” he said.

Now he’s almost a bit arrogant about it; He believes that he knows more and when he decides what to do, he will have his own opinion of him. ”

Ms. Shann said that she thought the couple’s story struck a chord with so many viewers because hers was a rare true love story.

“ I think it’s a combination of being a love story that pulls on people’s heartstrings and, you know, Mac was the one who raised his hand to take on the role of darling, which meant we could continue to live where we’re ”. ‘she told Daily Mail Australia in 2015.

“I think people were drawn to the dedication that Mac showed me.”


Although she depends on Mr. Shann for many of his daily activities, Ms. Shann has regained much independence in the 20 years since the accident.

She does much of the book work for her business using a computer with an oversized keyboard and mouse on the floor.

Gayle Shann Quick and Facts

  • Brave farmer who lost the use of both her arms reflects on the horrific accident 
  • Gayle Shann was just 27 when her right arm was torn off at a rural property
  • Her devoted husband Mac has cared for her ever since, even doing her make-up
  • Their ABC Australian Story episode was voted most popular in program’s history 

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