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Breaking: Gary Travers Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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A ‘jealous’ lover who tried to burn his former psychologist partner to death when she ended the relationship has been in jail for more than 14 years.

Car salesman Gary Travers spilled two liters of gas on her ex as she sat with him in her car before attempting to light a lighter and kill them in a fire.

Travers had denied allegations that he attempted to murder psychologist Dr. Georgina Ingall after she ended their relationship, but the judge said he had been “consumed by feelings of jealousy and resentment” when she went out for a Christmas drink with your work colleagues.

Travers asked to meet on Christmas Eve to see if he could try to mend the relationship, but he had “planned a dramatic and horrifying ending” if she said no, he heard a court on Friday.

Travers, 43, threw two liters of gasoline on the ‘terrified’ woman in her Audi TT sports car as she attempted to light a lighter while attempting to kill them both in the parking lot of the White Hart pub in Denmead, Hampshire on the eve of Christmas. 2019.

The court heard how he had given Dr. Ingall flowers and Prosecco once she was in the car, but, after being told the relationship was over, he took a bottle that was full of gasoline.

Dr Ingall, giving testimony behind a screen, told the jury: ‘(Travers) was saying,’ We are going to die and we are going to die together. ‘

Travers attempted to murder Dr Ingall in the car park of The White Hart pub in Denmead, Hampshire

Prosecutor Martyn Booth read a statement made by Dr. Ingall to the court, in which he said the incident had “emotionally impacted her more than anything she has ever experienced in her life.”

Dr. Ingall revealed that she had trouble sleeping well and that she had crying spells because she could not understand “why the person she loved and shared a bed with wanted to kill me.”

She said simple acts like washing her hair remind her that she has to wash gasoline and that now she even she has trouble going to gas stations.

The mother of three added that she even affected her children as they had to see her mother in danger.

The statement read: ‘I keep blaming myself for all these things. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I keep kicking myself constantly for getting in Gary’s car that day.

‘This was someone I loved and I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him before he tried to kill me. Now I don’t know if I can trust anyone. ‘

Defense attorney Richard Onslow said: “Clearly, he was suffering from depression and anxiety and had been for some time.”

He referred to a previous suicide attempt by Travers in 2017, in which he planned to fill up on gas and light a lighter, but police stopped him while he was driving.

Judge Roger Hetherington said Travers had become “increasingly jealous of his apparent ability to get on with life while you failed.”

He said Travers was “consuming himself with feelings of jealousy and resentment” and thus “planned a dramatic and gruesome ending for both of them.”

The judge added that when Dr. Ingall “desperately tried to get out of the car,” he grabbed her with a “powerful head lock” while trying to light the lighter, which was not lit by “sheer luck.”

He said: ‘This horrible incident only ended with three witnesses from the delivery driver.’

Travers was given a sentence of 14 1/2 years for attempted murder, four years for threatening death, and two years for false imprisonment, all to serve simultaneously.

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