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Who is Gary Cabana?(Horrifying moment deranged man, 60, leapt over New York’s MoMa counter and stabbed two employees after having membership revoked ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Suspect,Family, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gary Cabana

Gary Cabana Wiki

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Who is Gary Cabana ?

Gary Cabana, 60, jumped on the desk with a knife, plunged it into the victims’ backs and collarbones, and then ran away.

The two employees, a man and a woman, survived and were taken to the hospital. Cabana, who has gray hair and wears thick-rimmed reading glasses, is now on the run.

The police are still looking for him.

Cabana’s address is listed as The Times Square, a building run by charities at 255 West 43rd Street for the formerly homeless or mentally ill.

It is unclear what type of MoMa membership he had.

The cheapest is a $65 a year pass for unlimited access to the exhibits.

Social Media

On social media, Cabana frantically posted about COVID, ranting about tourists not wearing masks and how he hated Donald Trump.

It’s unclear why she specifically attacked the two employees he attacked. The 24-year-old man and the 24-year-old woman are recovering in hospital.

The museum was closed Sunday while crime investigators worked the scene.

According to police, his membership in the museum was revoked on Friday for two unspecified incidents related to disorderly conduct. He is believed to have returned to the scene on Saturday to exact revenge.

Horrific video footage from inside the museum shows him jumping over the reception desk, pulling out a knife and stabbing the two employees before fleeing.

Police said one of the employees was a 24-year-old woman who was being treated for stab wounds to the lower back and a stab wound to the back of the head. The other was stabbed in the collarbone.


The suspect, who jumped the museum turnstile and fled the scene after the attack, was wearing a dark jacket, a blue mask and sunglasses, sources told DailyMail.com.

One of the victims had said, “I’m going to get hazard pay,” as she was being carried to an ambulance, the New York Post reported. Police have yet to name the victims.

Police officers lined 53rd Street in midtown Manhattan after they responded to reports of the stabbings, and people were advised to avoid the area, which is under investigation.

Police request that anyone with information about the wanted suspect contact investigators.

MoMA and its stores will be closed to the public on Sunday.


Several people who were at MoMA at the time of the stabbing filmed the frantic evacuation as museum security herded them quickly out of the building.

A Twitter user with the username Cheerleader52 said his group was locked in the basement without being told what was going on when the stabbing occurred.

‘People were screaming and crying. The police told us to run,” the user wrote while filming the escape from the museum.

Museum visitor David Durjerko, from Chicago, told NBC New York that the museum was packed with visitors sheltering from the blizzard when the attack occurred.

“All of a sudden they said ‘the museum is closed’ and people started running,” Durjerko said. “A bit of a panic on the escalators, and then they started yelling, ‘Get out, get out for your own safety.'”

MoMA officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

Police have yet to report any arrests or charges filed for the stabbing.

Gary Cabana Quick and Facts

  • Gary Cabana, 60, is wanted by NYPD investigators for stabbing two Museum of Modern Art employees
  • He was filmed yesterday jumping over the counter in the museum and attacking the two 24-year-olds 
  • One was a man and one was a woman – both were taken to the hospital where they are expected to survive 
  • A day earlier, Cabana had his membership to the museum revoked for two incidents of disorderly conduct 
  • After stabbing the workers yesterday, he fled the scene and is now on the run 
  • The NYPD issued a photograph of him along with his identity and terrifying footage of the attack  
  • Cabana is understood to have had a MoMa membership which start at $65-a-year, but his address is the Times Square, where formerly homeless people and mentally ill people live
  • The Times Square takes in people for affordable housing or people living with HIV and AIDS  

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