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Breaking: Gareth Sumner Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gareth Sumner Wiki

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A 39-year-old father of three, caught with images of child rape on his phone, was saved from jail after his life “descended” into pedophilia after his wife died from cancer.

Gareth Sumner, 39, was caught downloading images of child abuse, including rape, onto two devices.

Yesterday he was saved from jail after a defense attorney explained how the widower had “descended into this world” after the death of his wife.

Laura Pemberton, 29, of Huyton, Merseyside, died just 24 hours after walking down the aisle in June 2010.

Gareth Sumner Age

Gareth Sumner was 39 year old.

Mr Sumner had been engaged to Ms Permberton for four years before they got married.

Doctors had urged the couple to accelerate their plans due to their rapidly deteriorating health.

Two years later, two burglars broke into Sumner’s home in Fazakerley and stole computers containing images of the June 2010 wedding and a recording of Ms. Pemberton singing for her three-year-old son.

Sumner appeared yesterday at Liverpool Crown Court and admitted to having downloaded indecent images of children when they were drugged and with alcohol

The 39-year-old was saved from jail after a defense attorney said the grieving widower “descended into this world.”

Charles Lander, the accuser, said police raided the family’s home on December 13, 2017 and arrested Sumner.

The court heard that it was “immediately apparent” that the mobile phone he handed over contained indecent images of girls, even though he denied responsibility for any illegal use of the Internet.

When interviewed, he suggested that his Facebook account had been hacked and that someone else was responsible.

A second phone was also recovered from his home and when the two devices were analyzed, 64 indecent images were found.

Police experts discovered nine files from Category A, the most serious category, including a video, showing children being raped.

There were 11 other Category B images and 44 Category C images, along with one extreme pornography image.

The images were downloaded over a period of almost three years, between February 2015 and December 2017.

Mr. Sumner was interviewed again, but was still denied responsibility, and was put on trial last year.

However, prior to trial he admitted to three charges of discharge and one of possession of indecent images, plus one charge of possession of extreme pornography.

He has four prior convictions for four unrelated offenses, between 1999 and 2007, that resulted in exonerations or fines.

Andrew Costello, in defense, said that while Sumner repeated the claim that he had been hacked, he now agreed to download the images and upheld his guilty pleas.

Costello said Laura was diagnosed with cancer when her son and two daughters were 14 months and four and five years old, respectively.

He said: ‘He and his partner, there was a lot of coverage of the situation, because unfortunately she passed away six weeks after being diagnosed.

‘They got married and then she passed away, very shortly after. He struggled to deal with that situation, unsurprisingly.

Judge Woodhall said to Sumner’s credit he now abandoned his claims of innocence and accepted responsibility.

He pointed to the “difficult personal circumstances” in which Sumner “had worked for about 10 years.”

Judge Woodhall said that as a result of his wife’s death, Sumner suffered from mental health problems, then abused drugs and alcohol, a situation made worse when he was the victim of a robbery, all of which led to ‘behavior uninhibited ‘.

However, he said: ‘You have denied any s*xual interest in children to the probation officer. I reject that claim. You obviously had a s*xual interest in children. In my opinion, that’s why you looked for these types of images.

The judge said the Probation Service assessed Sumner as a low risk of recidivism and serious harm.

He said: ‘You are described as willing and willing to accept the help that can be offered to you, at a time when your life has hit rock bottom. In addition to losing custody of your children, you have lost your home.

Judge Woodhall said that since it had been three years since the crimes, Sumner hadn’t gotten into trouble since, his’ significant personal mitigation ‘and his acceptance now that he needed help, he was’ simply convinced that there is a realistic prospect rehabilitation ‘.

He was given 14 months in prison, 18 months suspended, and a 40-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

Judge Woodhall told Sumner to join the S*x Offender Registry and abide by a Sex Harm Prevention Order for 10 years.

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