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Who is Gabriela Acuna?(Unvaccinated new mom who has never met her premature baby because she was on a ventilator with COVID-19 is DENIED a lung transplant ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,GoFundMe,Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Gabriela Acuna

Gabriela Acuna Wiki

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Who is Gabriela Acuna ?

A new mother who contracted COVID-19 while pregnant, and gave birth to her baby 14 weeks earlier to save him, was denied a double lung transplant just before she prepared to board a helicopter for surgery because her insurance I wouldn’t pay for it.

Daycare worker Gabriela Acuña, 29, had been in and out of the hospital when she had an emergency cesarean section on September 13 at just 26 weeks pregnant.

As of Tuesday, she still has four tubes in her chest and needs constant attention.

She was revived after going into cardiac arrest on October 1, and her family thought the worst was over when they were promised that Acuña would fly to California for a lung transplant.wikipedia

But the carpet was removed when the hospital called and said the helicopter had flown without it on October 6.

Medicaid denied him the last minute. The helicopter arrived at the hospital waiting for her and they let it fly, ‘her sister Paula Olmeda told KLAS of her. “It wasn’t until the next day that we learned that Medicaid in the state of Nevada does not approve lung transplants.”

“She went from, ‘Your sister will be safe’ to ‘Your sister is going to die’ in a couple of seconds,” she told The Daily Beast. “It was almost like a joke.”

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, which runs the state’s Medicaid program, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from DailyMail.com.


Olmeda also wrote to Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, hoping he could overturn the department’s decision, although the department told the family to start an appeal, as the governor does not have that power.

Acuña is being treated at Centennial Hills Hospital in Las Vegas. She has been accepted as a perfect transplant candidate at Keck Medicine at the University of Southern California, her family says.

“She is young and passed all the necessary tests to be admitted to USC,” Olmeda told the Daily Beast.

‘Centennial Hills Hospital told us that her insurance had approved transporting her to USC for a lung transplant. There are no words to describe that moment. ‘

However, it turns out that Nevada Medicaid doesn’t cover heart or lung transplants. However, kidney, liver, bone marrow and corneal transplants are covered, according to state rules.

Centennial Hills parent network Valley Health System declined to answer questions from DailyMail.com about turning down helicopters for transplant patients, citing federal patient privacy laws.


Since then, Acuña’s family set up a GoFundMe seeking $ 2.5 million for a double lung transplant out of his pocket. They have raised $ 69,800 as of Tuesday afternoon, including a single anonymous donation of $ 10,000.

A photo on the fundraising page shows part of Acuña’s son’s baby blanket from the NICU, or neonatal intensive care unit, placed next to her on her bed.

“So she could smell it,” Olmeda told the Daily Beast. Looking at her, she just closes her eyes and smells her baby for the first time. He was heartbreaking. ‘

The GoFundMe page says: ‘Like so many pregnant women, she didn’t get the vaccine until she got A-approval from her obstetrician

‘The week she had her appointment to ask for OB’s blessing, she received Covid. Like so many, she went to the ER asking for help with her breathing, but was turned away 3 times before they had no choice but to take her away. ”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that pregnant people who contract COVID-19 are at increased risk of having a pregnancy or adverse neonatal outcomes.

About 97 percent of pregnant women hospitalized for COVID were not vaccinated, according to data from this year.

Acuña was hospitalized for the first time on August 30. She was sent home from the ER twice before her blood oxygen levels dropped enough for her to be admitted.

“The timing of it all was terrible,” Olmeda said.

She was only 24 weeks pregnant at the time, but doctors wanted her to hold out a little longer for the baby’s lungs to develop further before performing any invasive procedures at Acuña.

Acuña’s family has raised less than $ 70,000 as of Tuesday afternoon.

“Everyone wanted the baby to arrive at least 30 weeks before they took it out,” Olmeda said later.

But the doctors worried that his heart would fail if they didn’t intervene. He spoke to his family on FaceTime and underwent an emergency C-section.

“The last thing she said to my mom was, ‘Mom, I have nothing for the baby,’ Olmeda said. ‘I was like,’ Gab, don’t worry, I’ll take care of that. I’ll set up your daycare, get your record, I’ll take care of that. ”

Ryden was born one pound ten ounces on September 13.

He was immediately sent to the NICU while his mother fought for his own life in the ICU.

“He couldn’t see her baby because she was under anesthesia and they put her on the ventilator at the time, and it’s been a journey since then,” Olmeda said.

Olmeda traveled to Las Vegas with her husband, two children, and her dog to help set up a daycare for Ryden.

“We got some family members to come and help us paint,” Olmeda said. We have the nursery ready for her. I got the record. She is ready to go. We just need her to get better. ‘

When Acuña went into cardiac arrest on October 1, doctors allowed her mother and father to enter her hospital room while Olmeda watched from FaceTime.

“They only do that when they think that person is going to die,” Olmeda said later.

Doctors managed to revive her, but Acuña’s family was praying for some kind of relief for her sick daughter.

‘At that moment her eyes are kind of turned back, her mouth is open, her tongue is hanging out, and it’s like,’ Oh God, don’t make her feel this anymore, ” Olmeda told the Daily Beast.

We went from praying, “Please God let her live,” to that night we were so defeated that we went home and prayed “God, please take her away,” due to the amount of suffering she was experiencing for so long. long.’

The failed medical evacuation to California was on October 6, five days after Acuña suffered cardiac arrest.

Since then, she has slowly recovered, she even managed to sit on the edge of the bed on Monday, although she still has four tubes in her chest and doctors continue to recommend a double lung transplant.

Nevada averages 577 new COVID cases daily

She first saw her son, who now weighs two pounds, on Saturday via live video from the NICU.

“Being able to see her baby now she’s conscious enough to really understand what’s going on, it gives her a lot of hope,” Olmeda said.

“ She has those moments where she is so happy to see him and then she falls apart. ”

Nevada averages 577 new COVID cases daily, down from a summer high of 1,193 on August 16 and significantly lower than the daily average of 2,787 in December 2020.

About 55 percent of Nevadans ages 12 and older are fully vaccinated, according to data from the state health department, less than the national average of 66 percent.

As of Sept. 27, more than 125,000 laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 cases had been reported in pregnant people, including more than 22,000 hospitalized cases and 161 deaths, according to the CDC.

Gabriela Acuna Quick and Facts

  • Gabriela Acuna was set to board a helicopter when it flew away without her 
  • Nevada Medicaid refused to cover the out-of-state double lung transplant
  • Acuna had an emergency C-section at 26 weeks of pregnancy on September 13
  • Doctors were afraid her heart would fail if they didn’t intervene
  • She was unvaccinated and was waiting for the go-ahead from her OBGYN
  • She has yet to meet her son Ryden in person, who now weighs two pounds
  • Acuna is still attached to four tubes and still needs the $2.5 million transplant

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