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Who is Frankie Smith?(Female bouncer, 28, who beat girlfriend’s toddler daughter to death during lockdown is convicted of murder while child’s mother is guilty of allowing it ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Frankie Smith

Frankie Smith Wiki

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 Who is Frankie Smith ?

A janitor murdered his girlfriend’s 16-month-old daughter after social workers fired five family members and friends who denounced wrongdoing as ‘troublemakers’ who ‘complained because they did not like gypsies or same-s*x relationships’ .

Savannah Brockhill, 28, killed Star Hobson, the daughter of her lover Frankie Smith, 20, at her home in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Smith was convicted today of causing or allowing the girl’s death.

The verdicts come 11 days after Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ stepmother, Emma Tustin, 6, was jailed for her murder in a case that caused widespread shock and revulsion.

As in that case, social services were repeatedly warned about Brockhill and Smith, but Star was allowed to stay with them.

The abuse included the young boy who was ‘strangled’, forced to stand in front of a wall and repeatedly beaten.

Smith, who has a very low IQ of 70, was said to have been dominated by her older partner and so enthralled by her that he lost interest in her own daughter.

Eric Wright, a consulting clinical psychologist, told his trial that it meant he was in the bottom two percent of people for general intelligence, and in the top three for compliance and suggestion.

Brockhill was aggressively possessive of her and threatened on Snapchat to ‘put anyone in a chair’ who would send her a message.

At one point, the boy’s great-grandparents, Anita Smith and David Fawcett, warned authorities: “We don’t want another Baby P on our hands here, do we?”

But they say they were accused of being “troublemakers who made the complaint because we did not like gypsies or same-sex relationships.”

Mr. Fawcett, who is Mrs. Smith Sr.’s new husband, revealed ‘The lady on the phone from social services said,’ What do you mean? ‘, And we were surprised by her reaction.

“Well, Baby P died of abuse and we’re filing a complaint.” My first reaction would have been, ‘yeah sure, we’re on the ball, we’ll fix this one, we don’t want another Baby P’. Especially with them being social services. It just gave the impression of being a bit chaotic, actually, absolutely chaotic. ”

Jurors were shown footage that prosecutors said showed Brockhill giving Star 21 hits in a car over three hours, some while the toddler sat in a car seat.

The video came from a camera at a recycling plant in Doncaster where Brockhill worked as a security guard and was filmed about eight days before Star’s death.

It appeared to show her striking Star with what the prosecutor described as “considerable force.”

At one point, the young man fell out of the vehicle. Brockhill also grabbed Star by the neck of her. They also ‘slammed’ the girl in twisted discipline.

Another film shown to the jury, described by the prosecutor as “disturbing and strange,” showed Star falling from a plastic chair and hitting the ground.

The mobile phone images had been slowed down with added music, plus a caption that read “she at this moment she realizes that she was wrong”.

Another clip, filmed on both defendants’ phones, showed Star being so exhausted that she fell forward and fell asleep on a plate of food.

Police have released a harrowing picture of one of the bruises on Star's face that sparked calls to social services from family

Police have released a harrowing picture of one of the bruises on Star’s face that sparked calls to social services from family


Star was taken to hospital on September 22, 2020, but the injuries she had suffered were ‘unsurvivable’, Alistair MacDonald QC told Bradford Crown Court.

The jury heard the injuries which caused the toddler’s death of her involved extensive damage to her abdominal cavity of her.

These were ’caused by a severe and forceful blow or blows, either in the form of punching, stamping or kicking to the abdomen’.

Brockhill – who has a traveler background and left school aged ten – lied the injuries were caused by a two-year-old child, which the prosecution branded ‘absurd’ and added it was’ quite impossible for the doctors to envisage it could have been inflicted by a child ‘.

Social services were warned five times Smith and Brockhill were not looking after Star properly and could be abusing her de ella-but it was written off as malicious rumors.

West Yorkshire Police today also released a picture of the young girl with heavy bruising on her face de ella, weeks before she was murdered.

The appalling injury begs questions as to how anyone could have believed it ever could have been caused by an innocent accident.

Prosecuting, Mr MacDonald said Smith and Brockhill were the only adults in the flat at the time.

Star suffered a split to the liver, a tear to the fatty attachments of the bowel and bruising to the lower part of the lungs and the pancreas, the court was told.

He said: ‘The effect of such injuries was immediate and heavy bleeding into her abdominal cavity, which caused a catastrophic drop in blood pressure and unconsciousness and death within seconds to minutes.

‘The assault or assaults that killed Star clearly involved the use of severe force and were obviously intentional. This little girl suffered no accidental death.’The prosecutor said investigations found evidence on her girl’s body which meant ‘in the course of her short life of her Star had suffered a number of significant injuries’.

MacDonald told the jury that the boy was “clearly exhausted but treated completely without love.”

He said there was “also a degree of cruelty and psychological damage” inflicted on Star in the weeks and months before his death, as well as physical assaults.

Several family members and friends of Smith told the jury their concerns about the bruises they saw on Star and that, in some cases, they filmed.

Jurors were told that they made a series of referrals to social services beginning in January 2020.

Keighley’s Brockhill and Smith denied the murder and also caused or allowed Star’s death.

Summing up the case Thursday, Judge Lambert told the jury that the prosecution’s case was Brockhill who inflicted the fatal injuries on the boy.

Both women denied inflicting the injuries, each claiming it must have been the other.

Smith told the jury that she was not in the courtroom when Star suffered the fatal injuries, but that she did not suspect Brockhill until she reassessed the situation in prison.

Brockhill described how she ran into the room after hearing a thud and found Star on the floor groaning. He said she administered CPR to the young man and called 999.

When ambulance personnel found Star lifeless, pale and wearing only a disposable diaper, they attempted CPR, leading to her vomiting ‘large amounts’ of brown material.

She was then rushed to Airedale Hospital, just six minutes away, where doctors did everything they could to save her, but that afternoon she pronounced her dead.

The lead prosecutor, Alistair McDonald QC, stated that Star had abdominal injuries, “caused by the application of blunt force in the form of a punch, kick or stamp to the front of the abdomen.”

After causing the injuries, McDonald said the couple searched online for “baby concussion” and waited 15 minutes before asking for help.

MacDonald added: “The reality is that Star’s injuries were so catastrophic that there was never any real chance of saving her life.”

“The speed of all this is illustrated by the fact that she called the ambulance at 3:49 p.m. and was pronounced dead at 4:59 p.m., so it all happened in a very short period of time.”

Smith’s representative, Zafar Ali QC, admitted that during the relationship, Smith had neglected his caring duties saying: ‘Frankie Smith was a terrible mother. She was selfish and at times callous.

The verdicts come less than a fortnight after Arthur Labinjo-Hughes’ stepmother, Emma Tustin, 6, was found guilty of her murder in a case that caused widespread shock and revulsion.

Judge Ms. Justice Lambert said Brockhill and Smith will be sentenced Wednesday.

Social services admitted this afternoon that mistakes had been made and that Star was not protected.

A statement from the Bradford Partnership – Working together to safeguard children said: ‘We want to say first and foremost that we mourn Star’s death. This was a child’s life cruelly shortened. Two people have been brought to answer for her crimes: one has been convicted of murder and the other of causing or allowing the death of a child.

Anyone who has followed suit will want to know what else could have been done to help protect Star. As agencies with a joint responsibility to protect children, this has been at the forefront of our minds. Any death of a child, wherever it happens, is one death too many, but this happened in our district, in our community, and it has had a devastating impact.

Frankie Smith Quick and Facts

  • Savannah Brockhill murdered girlfriend Frankie Smith’s daughter Star Hobson in September last year
  • She was taken to hospital on September 22 last year with unsurvivable injuries, including punches and kicks
  • Star’s wounds were ’caused by a severe and forceful blow or blows’ and stamping to her abdomen

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