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Who is Frank Rafaraci?(Navy contractor ‘scammed $50 million by overcharging on port fees for US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and inflating other charges’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Frank Rafaraci

Frank Rafaraci Wiki

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Who is Frank Rafaraci ?

The federal government is trying to extradite a defense contractor to the US on allegations that he defrauded the Navy out of approximately $ 50 million by overcharging port fees.

US authorities are seeking 68-year-old Frank Rafaraci, CEO of Multinational Logistics Services, or MLS, to be brought to the US from Malta, where he was arrested last week and charged with overcharging for various services and bribing Navy officials to obtain inside information. according to an arrest warrant seen by the Washington Post.

Cases of alleged overcharges include one in January 2015 in which MLS billed the Navy approximately $ 231,000 for ‘port authority fees’ to allow the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to dock in Bahrain’s capital Manama. even though his port authority only charged $ 12,686 for the vessel, according to the affidavit.wikipedia

Among the alleged cases of bribery, in August of that year Rafaraci met with an anonymous Navy officer, and handed him an envelope of $ 20,000 in cash and told him to ‘keep up the good work’, according to his arrest warrant. , the Post reported. .

Navy defense contractor Frank Rafaraci is accused scamming the branch out of $50million.

He would meet with the officer again three years later to allegedly deliver a $ 13,500 bribe at a hotel in Miami. The bribes were allegedly to obtain inside information on future Navy contracts, according to the Times of Malta.

The officer, who served as the Navy’s liaison to Bahrain before working for the Army, would plead guilty to bribery in June and has been working with investigators, according to court documents seen by the Post. His identity and his file have been withheld, the outlet reported.

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In addition to bribery, Rafaraci is charged with money laundering to avoid US taxes by moving cash from corporate accounts in Malta and the United Kingdom to a shell company in the United Arab Emirates. He had dubbed the plan “Keep going,” according to the Post.

MLS has received approximately $ 1.3 billion in contracts with the Navy and other federal agencies since 2010 to service ships in ports in the Middle East, Asia, and other foreign companies.

The Navy relies on contractors such as MLS to provide supplies such as food, water, fuel, and to facilitate various port services to US military ships while in foreign ports.

US Naval vessels docked at Manama

Rafaraci, who has dual Italian-American citizenship and lives primarily in Dubai, has been under investigation for several years, according to the Washington Post, but the UAE does not have an extradition treaty with the United States.

Federal officials learned that he planned to visit the MLS headquarters in Malta and tracked him down there, but a Maltese judge ruled that American and Maltese authorities had not followed proper procedure when they arrested him last Sunday and he was released after the accusation.

The attorney general resubmitted a petition for Rafaraci to be extradited on Friday, and the judge overseeing the case has now recused himself, the Times of Malta reported.

Rafaraci’s case has been compared to that of Leonard Glenn Francis

MLS and Rafaraci will be able to fulfill their current contracts with the Navy, but are prohibited from doing future business with the branch, a Navy spokesperson told the Post. It is currently the world’s largest provider of port services to the Navy, the Post reported.

He is mentioned once on the MLS website in his Code of Ethics section, in which he writes to employees that, ‘Our continued success and our ability to achieve our financial goals, as a company and as individuals, depend on leading to conduct our business responsibly while adhering to the highest standards of ethical business conduct. ‘

Rafaari’s case has been compared to an earlier Navy bribery scandal involving a Malaysian contractor named Leonard Glenn Francis, or ‘Fat Leonard’, which has been ongoing since 2013, and in which he bribed naval officers with money, gifts, prostitutes and other favors. to allow you to overcharge for various services.

Francis, 57, pleaded guilty in 2015 and is currently on medical leave in a rented apartment in San Diego in California under strict security and surveillance by US authorities, after serving five years in prison.

The scandal caught hundreds of naval officers, and 27 have so far pleaded guilty to corruption charges, the Post reported.

Afterward, the Navy had promised to clean up its operation, and MLS was hired to cover contracts previously awarded to Francis’ Singapore-based Glenn Defense Marine Asia.

Frank Rafaraci Quick and Facts

  • US officials are trying to extradite Frank Rafaraci, CEO of Multinational Logistics Services from Malta on bribery and corruption charges
  • As chief executive of MLS, Navy’s largest foreign port contractor, he is accused of scamming the Navy out of  $50million by overcharging for services
  • He is also accused of money laundering and bribing Navy officials for insider information on upcoming Naval contracts
  • Among the accusations was that he charged the Navy $231,000 for ‘port authority’ fees to allow the USS Carl Vinson to dock at Manama
  • Manama’s port charged only  $12,686 for the vessel to allow the vessel to dock 
  • Rafaraci, a dual Italian-American citizen, is currently in Malta, where authorities have been struggling to extradite him 

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