Home » Who is Frank Abbott?(William Tyrrell mystery as it’s revealed jailed paedophile ‘person of interest’ who lived nearby had a secret son who died at three years old – and he ‘has NO alibi’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Investigation,Death,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts
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Who is Frank Abbott?(William Tyrrell mystery as it’s revealed jailed paedophile ‘person of interest’ who lived nearby had a secret son who died at three years old – and he ‘has NO alibi’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Investigation,Death,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Frank Abbott

Frank Abbott Wiki

                                                              Frank Abbott Biography

Who is Frank Abbott ?

Frank Abbott lived in a caravan 12 km from Kendall’s property on the north coast of New South Wales, where the three-year-old disappeared without a trace on September 12, 2014.

A convicted paedophile who is a ‘person of interest’ in the baffling disappearance of William Tyrrell had a son who mysteriously died at the same age the toddler was when he vanished.

Described as a “ dirty old man ”, he is currently serving a 16-year prison sentence for the sexual abuse of three young children and was acquitted of the murder of a teenage girl in 1968 in the small community of Pitt Town, 60 km northwest of Sydney .wikipedia

Despite being in prison, he has become very interested in the coronary investigation into the probable kidnapping and murder of William, which he sees every day through Zoom.

Now it has been revealed for the first time that his own young son, who was like William around the age of three, has died, with the findings of an investigation sealed by a NSW coroner under ‘confidentiality’ rules.

This means that the circumstances surrounding his death must remain a secret.

How old is Frank Abbott ?

He is 80 year old.


Seven years after William’s disappearance, a two-part documentary by 7News Investigates has uncovered the explosive new information, but the mystery that has gripped Australia remains unsolved.

Police have spoken to Abbott about his whereabouts the day William disappeared from his adoptive grandmother’s house while playing in the garden in a Spiderman costume.

While he has yet to provide the police with an alibi, with the documentary stating that no one can vouch for his movements that day, he maintains that he had nothing to do with what happened to William.

Daily Mail Australia does not suggest that Abbott was involved, and simply claims that the police have spoken to him.

Police spoke to Abbott about his movements after an explosive claim several years after William’s disappearance.

Ray Porter  allegedly told an aged care nurse he drove William and a fishing mate 300km north day

Abbott’s friend Ray Porter, who died of kidney failure, allegedly told a nurse that he had driven “my best fishing buddy and the boy on TV” 300 kilometers north.

Uniting Care nurse Kirston Okpegbue said in a coronary investigation last year that Porter had laid his head on his shoulder in August 2019 and revealed that he believed they were tricked into taking them down the Pacific Highway into Queensland one day. after the kidnapping.

While Porter did not explicitly name Abbott, the pair were known to be fishing buddies.

That was his only friend. The only person I’ve seen Ray with was Frank Abbott, ” an anonymous associate told the show.

And he described the kid on television who would be William Tyrrell.

“Frank made a comment that he thought they were looking in the wrong place for William Tyrrell, which seemed like a very strange comment,” Dean Anderson told the court.

Abbott also once spoke of smelling something “dead” in the bushes next to a road at nearby Logans Crossing, Anderson said.

Anderson said he suggested the scent was probably a dead kangaroo, to which Abbott replied, “No, I know the difference between a dead kangaroo and a dead human scent.”

Revelations also came to light that Abbot was acquitted of the gruesome 1968 murder of 17-year-old shop assistant Hellen Harrison after being tried twice.

Homicide Squad’s Strike Force Rosann inspecting the yard of William Tyrrell’s grandmother’s home in Kendall, NSW on September 12 after reportedly

William and his five-year-old sister had made the five-hour drive from Sydney with their adoptive parents before their puzzling disappearance.

Her adoptive mother, who cannot be identified due to legal reasons surrounding the identification of adoptive caregivers, said she had only taken her eyes off William for “five minutes.”

Kris Illingsworth, trained by the FBI and working as a detective for the New South Wales police, said he was almost certainly an opportunistic attack.

He also suggested that William, who had been roaring like a tiger while playing in the garden, let out a “last roar” that was “especially loud, as if he was roaring at someone”.

“I think this offender, since he has this preferential idea of ​​being attracted to children and has gone so quickly into child-abducting predatory mode, to me that says he is a major offender,” said the criminal analyst.

‘This has years of experience and practice behind it.

He sat there for a moment in his car and looked at William, this blue flash, this roar that he is making, and he has been reviewing the situation thinking that this boy attracts me. I’m interested in him, so I’ll see him a little more.

“They can run across the spectrum, from the saints to the nastiest people in the world,” he said.

‘You have those people, the way they present themselves, you struggle in your mind to rationalize why they do what they do.

“I’ve seen people arrested and I thought, ‘wow, I never would have thought that person was a pedophile.’ You just don’t know who you are dealing with.

‘They live a normal life (or) what we think is a normal life. But behind that normal life, there is a very, very sordid life, a second life that they live. ‘

The investigation into William’s death has yet to provide his findings.

Frank Abbott Quicks and Facts

  • Person of interest in the William Tyrrell disappearance hasn’t provided an alibi
  • Convicted paedophile Frank Abbott, 80, has been tuning into coronial inquest 
  • It has been revealed he had a son who mysteriously died at same age as William 
  • He has also been acquitted of killing a 17-year-old girl back in 1968 in Pitt Town
  • The three-year-old went missing from a Mid North Coast property in 2014  

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