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Who was Fotis Dulos?(Losing Jennifer Dulos’ Husband: Fotis Dulos ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Fotis Dulos

Fotis Dulos Wiki

                                                    Fotis Dulos Biography

Who was Fotis Dulos?

Fotis Dulos was widely known as the husband of Jennifer Dulos, who seemed to have a lot in common with Jennifer, including her Ivy League education at Brown University, family and friends reportedly having reservations about the compatibility of the couple from the beginning.

Jennifer seemed not to adapt to Fotis’s outgoing personality. It seems that Fotis’ controlling and competitive personality began to spread to all areas of the couple’s life.

How old was Fotis Dulos?

Fotis Dulos was 52 years old at the time of his death.

Fotis Dulos Nationality

Fotis was born in Turkey and raised in Athens, Greece, and moved to the United States in 1986.

He graduated from Brown University in 1989 and went on to earn an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School.

Fotis Dulos Wiki, Bio

Fotis was a man for whom competing seemed to be a way of life. He was a luxury real estate developer by profession, but his passion was competitive water skiing. His constant journey to chase the latest waterskiing competition became a bone of contention between him and Jennifer.

Passion bordering on his obsession began to affect his children, and Jennifer was concerned that Fotis’s pressure on her older children to become world-class water skiers was affecting physical and health. mental of him. However, the final straw in the couple’s relationship was when Jennifer confronted Fotis about her suspicions that Fotis was having an affair with her ski partner Michelle Troconis, whom Fotis met on one of the trips. her.

Fotis Dulos First marriage

Fotis’s first marriage to Hilary Aldama ended quickly and amicably. He had also married a woman named Hilary Vanessa Aldama.

Fotis Dulos Kids

The Dulos couple seemed happy and living in domestic bliss with their five children. Fotis lost physical custody of his children after going against court orders that Michelle Troconis should not be a part of the Dulos children’s lives.

Fotis Dulos Girlfriend

When Fotis admitted the affair, Jennifer moved out of her house and the couple began the divorce proceedings in 2017.

However, Jennifer’s nightmare was just beginning. The mother of five alleged that her estranged husband threatened to kidnap her children in May 2017 if she did not accept her terms in the divorce agreement. Added to her fear was Fotis’ possession of a gun, which she had recently purchased.

Jennifer Fotis Dulos

Jennifer reportedly said that she was afraid of her husband. She described an incident in which her husband bullied her, claiming that Fotis “became enraged, seemed out of control and blamed me for scheduling activities for the children on a Saturday morning … I was scared and tried to get out of the room. bedroom. She followed me upstairs and into a bedroom, where she closed the door and blocked it from catching me while verbally attacking and physically intimidating me. ”

“I’m scared of my husband,” Jennifer said. Fotis claimed that she never threatened to kidnap the couple’s children, nor did she assault or threaten his wife.

She said that her wife, on the other hand, had called him a psychopath and told her children that she did not care about them.

What happened to Jennifer Dulos?

Jennifer’s fears of being in danger were tragically well founded.

Fotis found himself in a corner with her business failing and having spent thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and court costs.

Investigators believe rage eventually took hold of Fotis, who they believe she attacked Jennifer in her garage after she returned from dropping her children off at school. The 50-year-old mother of five was last seen on May 24, 2019, and police found her SUV abandoned near a park three and a half miles from her Connecticut home. Investigators believe Jennifer was attacked by Fotis that morning in her garage, where blood stains and blood splatters were found.

Did you ever find Jennifer Dulos?

Fotis is believed to have later disposed of Jennifer’s body, depositing garbage bags in various receptacles.

Clothes and sponges containing Jennifer’s blood were found in trash cans in Hartford, where surveillance cameras captured a man who appeared to be Fotis.

Fotis and Michelle were arrested on June 1, charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and obstructing prosecution, according to authorities.

What happened to Fotis Dulos?

In a public statement issued in 2019, Fotis said that he understood “the public’s perception of me as a monster.

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