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Who is Faziya Nematy? Wiki, Bio, Age,husband, trapped in Kabul with his son, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Faziya Nematy

Faziya Nematy Wiki

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Who is Faziya Nematy?

Faziya Nematy is fighting to get her and hers out of Kabul as the Taliban tighten control of the Afghan capital. Faziya Nematy had traveled to Afghanistan last month to visit her family. She is now among the thousands of American citizens struggling to flee the country, many of whom were told that they had to make their own way to the Kabul airfield and that the United States could not guarantee their safety.

When asked about reports of the Taliban blocking roads and the difficulty of reaching evacuation planes, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin admitted: “We don’t have the capacity to go out and pick up large numbers of people.”

“I myself am trapped here. I’m a US citizen, I can’t even go out, I have my kids here, “Schenectady resident Nematy said in a video she took of what appears to be Kabul airport. The images, obtained by ABC 7, showed crowds of people trying to leave the country while the Taliban took control. “There is no help here, there is not a single American troop here. Now, this is crowded,” Nematy added.

Faziya Nematy trapped in Kabul with her son

The embattled mother noted that her trip to the airport had some scary moments when the Taliban went crazy for the country. In another video posted by Nematy, her taxi was heard screeching to a stop when someone hit the car. At that moment, she told her son to “get down, get down.”

“As I’m talking to you, my body is shaking and it’s like I’m in a panic,” Nematy said in the video.

Nematy, a Schenectady High graduate, reportedly went to Kandahar with her mother and her son last month to visit her brother, who recently got engaged. During her stay, she and her daughter became ill and went to Pakistan to get medicine, but got stuck in the process. “As soon as the border was opened, I drove, took a taxi and came to Kandahar. And when I got to Kandahar there was nothing but Taliban, ”Nematy said.

According to ABC 7, Nematy is a home health aide and makes face masks. In March 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, she set up a stall at the Niskayuna Farmers Market. The airport is completely down. People are sitting here, I think it’s the Kabul troops, ”Nematy continued. She was still stuck going to and from the Kabul airport on Monday, August 16.

Speaking to Fox News, another US citizen identified only as Haroon said the Taliban received him at the US embassy while he was trying to leave the country. “I’m trying to get my family out of here,” he said. “We need immediate help. Mr. Biden, please help all these Afghans who supported you, who helped you. These people deserve this and I needed to do this for them. ”


A Taliban official has blamed Western forces for Afghanistan’s “chaotic evacuation plan.” The same official said Taliban commanders and soldiers also fired into the air on Wednesday to disperse crowds at the airport. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the number of US troops at Kabul airport on Wednesday reached about 4,500. Several hundred more were expected over the next 24 hours.

Kirby had said the shooting by US troops overnight was part of crowd control efforts and there was no indication of casualties or injuries. General Milley said Wednesday that the military would take “immediate action” if necessary. He said the immediate priority is to successfully evacuate all US citizens who want to leave Afghanistan.

“This is personal and we will take them out,” he added.


Some of those who fled the country amid the withdrawal of US troops reached Washington DC on Tuesday. One woman told NBC: “I want to seize this moment and thank the American people and the Afghan people who have lost their lives and I want to honor them both. Thank you. “But many have been stranded after flights left the airport with dozens of empty seats.

Images taken by CBS show that one plane, with a capacity of 600 people, had about 300 on board. There are believed to be at least 11,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan as of Wednesday. The women were filmed spreading their hands across the barr

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