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Breaking: Fabiana Palhares Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Fabiana Palhares Wiki

                              Fabiana Palhares Biography

Fabiana Palhares was the girlfriend of Brock Wall, a murderer who beat his pregnant girlfriend to death with a tomahawk, now fantasizing about killing his own mother in his prison journal. Wall is serving two life sentences after brutally murdering Palhares at her Varsity Lakes home on the Gold Coast in February 2015.

He beat the Brazilian woman to death using the blunt side of the hand ax as she screamed for help during a triple-0 call.

Fabiana Palhares Age

Fabiana Palhares was 34 years old at the time of her death.

Obituary: What happened to Fabiana Palhares?

Brock Wall was arrested a few streets away covered in blood and charged with murder and violation of a domestic violence order. Deputy State Coroner Jane Bentley said police were unable to save the future mother from her violent, controlling and coercive ex-partner.

Wall told officers the 34-year-old was a “super b *** h” within hours of killing her and that he had a long history of domestic abuse.

The uninvestigated findings also revealed a disturbing journal entry that said he “would love to kill his mother if she had the chance,” The Courier-Mail reported.

Ms. Bentley said that Wall murdered Ms. Palhares in the culmination of years of disgusting domestic violence.

She said her abuse included “verbal, emotional and physical abuse, including non-lethal strangulation.”

“The history of [domestic violence] by Mr. Wall revealed numerous risk factors that were not identified or taken into account by [Queensland police],” she wrote.

Wall told DV Connect Mensline, a mental health helpline for men facing family violence, that he was going to hurt his girlfriend, but the worker did not record the information or contact authorities.

The coroner said it was impossible to say whether Ms. Palhares would have survived if police and domestic violence agencies had intervened, but her situation was not adequately addressed.

What we know so far about Fabiana Palhares

During Wall’s 2018 trial, the court heard that she spoke to police three times in the days leading up to Ms. Palhares’s death, referring to her in a derogatory manner and telling at least two officers that she would violate the violence order. domestic.

Wall spoke to authorities two hours before the murder and was told by an officer that if he violated the DV warrant, he would be arrested. He dismissed the warning and ignored them when they gave him contact details for counseling and domestic services.

Later, Wall drove to Ms. Palhares’s home, where he beat her until she was unconscious.

He then jumped on her stomach with such force that the soles of her shoes were later identified as bruises on her skin, and he fractured her face and skull with the tomahawk. Ms. Palhares was taken to the hospital after police found her on the floor of her room with a weak pulse, but she could not be saved.

A week before she was murdered, an initial forensic report revealed that Wall confessed to DV Connect Mensline that he had a “very negative view of women” and was thinking of “harming all women.”

Wall told the hotline counselor that he would like “to have him taken off the face of the earth and have his brain shocked or something … so he can come back fresh and probably come back and kill the woman who is pregnant. .

The worker recommended that Wall speak with her personal advisor, a suggestion he dismissed because she was a “fucking fool” and could not be trusted.

On January 30, three days before the murder, an officer told her about the domestic violence order that prevented her from getting within 50 meters of his home. On the day Ms. Palhares was killed, he told police that she was not a victim but a “superb *** h” when she picked up the DV warrant at 12:30 pm.

He was reportedly furious at the order, despite saying that he understood the conditions.

“He said that Mrs. Palhares” is pregnant and she is not going to have that baby because she is a whore, “wrote the coroner.

In the two months prior to the murder, Wall and Palhares had at least seven interactions with the police.

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