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Who is Eun Young Cho? (sponsorship of ‘Snowdrop’ after plot line controversy)Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Eun Young Cho

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However, Jung Hae In plays the main male character who is supposedly a “student protester” Lim Soo Ho, who later turns out to be a spy. Jisoo plays the role of a young nursing student, Eun Young Cho, who takes in the injured Lim Soo Ho and hides him from the authorities, believing him to be a student protester.

Here, many netizens pointed out that the male surname “Lim” used for Jung Hae In’s character and the name “Young Cho” used for Jisoo’s character were taken from real-life figures who were student protesters at the time.

After the controversy arose, Heung Il Furniture is the first company to withdraw its sponsorship. Many netizens praise the company for its quick action and response. Netizens comment, “It’s a good company” and “I should buy your furniture in the future.”wikipedia

What is the story of Snowdrop?

Set in 1987, Snowdrop begins a nationwide democratic movement that sparked mass protests and forced the South Korean government to hold elections. Im Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in), plays a graduate student and one day covered in blood, who later hides in the dormitory of a women’s college after participating in a protest.

This time, ‘Snowdrop’ has been criticized for its inaccurate plot

This time around, ‘Snowdrop’ has been criticized for its inaccurate plot. The story of ‘Snow Drop’ takes place in 1987, an important year in the history of South Korea. The year was marked by countless protests led by university students demanding fair democratic elections. Numerous university students endured the oppression of the National Intelligence (highly controlled by the dictatorship at that time) and sacrificed their lives. In June 1987, South Korea held its first “officially democratic” presidential elections. The 1987 student protests are known to “pave the way for democracy in South Korea.” Many protesting students were captured, tortured and killed by National Intelligence, as these students were accused of being “spies” when most of them were innocent.

Is Snowdrop Cancelled?

Snowdrop Sunday 2021- CANCELLED.02-Feb-2021

Furniture brand Heung Il Furniture has canceled their sponsorship of JTBC’s drama ‘Snowdrop.’


On March 26, Heung Il Funiture announced on their official website that they will be withdrawing their sponsorship for the drama saying, “We have belatedly found the issues related to the sponsorship of ‘Snowdrop’ on a community website. We have requested the name of our company will be removed from the list of sponsors that appears on the drama’s website. We apologize for causing concern by not paying much attention to the issue. ”

During a phone interview with Sports Kyunghyang, an official from Heung Il Furniture explained, “The drama did not provide any plot details and requested a sponsorship. At first, we did not want to provide any sponsorship, but after much persuasion, they agreed to sponsor the drama. at the end of December. We only knew the layout of the film set and the names of the actors who appear in the drama. ”

The official went on to say, “I didn’t know much about the controversy of the drama, but then I found out about the controversy of the plot of ‘Snowdrop’ from my children. So we have decided to cancel the sponsorship. We have already notified the drama of our cancellation, and they will return our furniture in May. “

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