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Breaking: Ermir Loka Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Ermir Loka

Ermir Loka Wiki

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A cyclist ran a red light moments before knocking down and killing a retiree in a crosswalk, a court heard today.

Ermir Loka, 23, is charged with the manslaughter of Peter McCombie, 73, who was beaten in Bow. East London on July 3 last year.

McCombie was driving home from work at the Royal London Hospital when he suffered a skull fracture and severe brain injuries in the collision.

They took him in for emergency treatment, but he died of his injuries eight days later.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard that Loka was traveling at around 15 mph when he collided with McCombie, who was walking home from work as a hospital administrator.

Loka allegedly told the retiree “Look what you’ve done” before picking up the bike from him and fleeing, leaving passersby to call an ambulance while McCombie lay bleeding and unconscious on the road.

Ermir Loka, 23, is accused of the manslaughter of 73-year-old Peter McCombie was struck.

Deanna Heer, prosecutor, told the court: “ While lying on the road bleeding and unconscious, the defendant who had also fallen picked up his bicycle and left others to call an ambulance and try to help Mr. McCombie. ”

She added that the Crown does not say that Loka intended to kill Mr. McCombie or even cause him serious injury.

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Ms Heer said that Loka, a native of Albania, ran the red light while driving “furiously” on a bicycle superhighway near the Bow Road police station.

Expert examinations of the scene show that the cyclist’s traffic lights had turned from green to amber eight and a half seconds before he crossed the stop line.

Ms. Heer said that this would have given Loka “enough time … to have seen that the lights were against her.”

Referring to Mr. McCombie, he said: ‘Having crossed the westbound carriageway, he pressed the button in the demand box on the center island and waited until the green man on the opposite side of the carriageway lit up.

Mr. McCombie had priority.

After cycling away from the scene, CCTV evidence shows Loka abandoned her bike and ran away, the court heard. The bicycle has never been found.

Loka turned herself in at the Leyton Police Station after an investigation was launched.

He told officers that he was “in a panic” and that he had thought it was “just an accident,” prosecutors said.

Loka claimed that he had been following another cyclist who was five to ten meters ahead of him, and whom McCombie had allowed to pass.

Ms Heer added: ‘She said that she had seen the man, Mr McCombie, about five meters ahead of him and tried to stop but was unable to do so.

He said that he was in a panic because of what he had just gone through, but also because of his immigration status that he was not regularized.

McCombie was struck on Bow Road near the Thames Magistrates Court on July 3 + 3
McCombie was struck on Bow Road, near the Thames Magistrates Court, on July 3.

He said that he thought it was just an accident.

Ms Heer told the jury: ‘On July 3 last year after the lockdown, Peter McCombie was killed as he was crossing Bow Road in East London. He was 73 years old at the time of his death.

“ He was crossing the street on foot, perfectly using a crosswalk while the green man was lit up. However, although he was watching the lights at the crossing, this defendant, Mr. Loka, was not.

“When he approached the crosswalk, the traffic lights were red and they had been red for more than five seconds.

However, he did not stop. Instead, he continued through the red lights and crashed into McCombie, causing McCombie to fall to the ground and hit his head.

“ As a result, he fractured his skull and suffered multiple serious brain injuries from which he died a few days later. ”

Ermir Loka Quicks And Facts

  • Ermir Loka, 23, is accused of the manslaughter of Peter McCombie on July 3   
  • Court heard he was travelling at 15mph when he ploughed into the pensioner 
  • Mr McCombie suffered serious brain injuries in crash and died eight days later 

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