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Who is Erin Hebblewhite?(Female PE teacher shortlisted for sports teaching award weeps as she’s jailed for two years for having ‘intense and passionate’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Erin Hebblewhite

Erin Hebblewhite Wiki

                                    Erin Hebblewhite Biography

Who is Erin Hebblewhite ?

An aspiring Sports Teacher of the Year has been jailed for two years for having a secret s*xual relationship with a student at her school.

Dishonored guardian Erin Hebblewhite broke down in tears when she admitted to seven charges that involved abusing her in her position to groom and s*xually abuse a 16-year-old at Connaught School for Girls.

Hebblewhite took the teen’s virginity in a restaurant bathroom on Valentine’s Day and was the first person to kiss her.wikipedia

The PE teacher also tried to pressure her into having s*x in the Primark bathrooms during a shopping trip.

How old is Erin Hebblewhite ?

She is 29 year old.

Erin Hebblewhite Charges

All charges of s8xual activity with the girl, including the kiss on the premises of the East London school, took place the same year that Hebblewhite was shortlisted for the award.

As gossip spread over the course of the relationship, believing the rumors to be false, the school even warned Hebblewhite to be “careful” otherwise he could “get in trouble,” Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

The offense came to light when the teen’s phone was seized by her mother and a family member was able to find explicit messages despite Hebblewhite’s pleas for the girl to erase them.

Four counts relate to s*xual activity with a girl between the ages of 13 and 17 and abuse of her position of trust, the fifth count being s*xual activity in the presence of an adolescent.

The other two charges are the taking and possession of indecent photographs of a girl under the age of 17.

Prosecutor Fiona Bryan: ‘He gave this defendant [the plaintiff] her first kiss and lost her virginity.

“[Plaintiff] explained that she felt pressure and felt that she had given in to pressure from the accused to behave more and more s*xually.

‘Ms Hebblewhite saw it as playing rough, but in reality this was because she (the teenager) was inexperienced and nervous.

Around Valentine’s Day, they went on a date. On that date, they had s*x in the restaurant’s bathroom.

“The author had been a virgin up to that point.

“ She was asked to hide the relationship from everyone and this alienated her from her peers, including her best friend, whom she had known since they were 10 years old.

“Moving forward into May and June, the defendant broke up with her partner who moved in and that allowed [the teenager] to come and this became a regular occurrence.

Hebblewhite admitted to seven charges which involved abusing her position to groom and s*xually abuse a 16-year-old at Connaught School for Girls

The other occasion was when Ms. Hebblewhite tried to pressure her into having s*x in the Primark bathrooms.

“ She said no, but she remembered that she was forceful and persistent. ”

Ms. Bryan added: “This relationship came to an end because [the complainant’s] family found out and that led to the police being notified.

“In the course of this, [the plaintiff’s] phone was seized by her family and all of this came to light, the defendant’s concern was for her own position. She begged the girl to erase the messages and erase her phone.

Erin Hebblewhite Arrested

“She was arrested on October 28, her home was searched and a USB stick containing 400 relevant images, including both the accused and [the complainant] naked and in bed together, as well as images of them kissing as a couple.”

Bethan Rogers, in mitigation, said: ‘She did not believe that she at the time she saw her demeanor as energetic and graceful.

She accepts that this played a role in her behavior. However, she has not tried to mitigate the impact of what she has done.

“ She is painfully aware that the harm to the victim is extensive, long-lasting and likely to remain there for a significant period of time.

“Nonetheless, there was genuine affection and caring on her part.”

She added: “Through his selfishness and his stupidity, this defendant has completely destroyed what was a promising career.”

Judge Neil Sanders, upon sentencing, imposed a 10-year restraining order and s*xual injury that prevented him from communicating with the victim or working with children in any capacity.

He also jailed Australian Hebblewhite for two years on all charges for running concurrently.

He said: ‘You texted him asking if he liked you. From that moment on, the relationship developed.

It turned into a flirtation, when you called her a heartbeat and the s*xual encounters began.

“This involved kissing on the school premises and [the complainant] felt that she was under pressure and relented.

You went on a date at a restaurant and that was the first time there was s*x.

‘There were rumors in the school and in fact the school warned you to be careful as you could get in trouble.

‘When she separated from her partner, [the complainant] she went to her house and the s*x continued at her house.

She took pictures of him. She felt that she needed to do it to make you happy. ‘


She continued: ‘I have read the victim’s personal statement and can summarize as such the areas that she [the victim] describes: feeling guilty, shame, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal feelings.

‘She describes the interruption of an important moment of education and development.

‘She talks about the damage to the relationships of her friends, family and her best friend. She says that she struggles with adult relationships and found the criminal process a terrible ordeal.

“I believe that the correct starting point for the entirety of this crime would be three years in prison.

‘She pleaded guilty at the first reasonable opportunity, so she is entitled to full credit. I reduce this to two years.

‘I have to consider whether to suspend that sentence or not.

“Given the number of her crimes, I believe that appropriate punishment can only be achieved through immediate custody.”

Hebblewhite from Brighton, dressed in a navy blue suit and cream sweater, burst into tears and tried to speak to her supporting girlfriend from the public gallery.

The author attended the sentencing hearing alone, but had the support of a victim support police officer.

Connaught School for Girls describes itself as an ‘exceptional track record of academic excellence that comes from a combination of excellent teaching from highly experienced specialist teachers, strong pastoral support, and rich learning experiences working together to educate girls to Be the best version of yourself, both academically and holistically. ‘

Past school attendees, including Dame Sharon White, named president of the John Lewis Partnership last year, and television host June Sarpong.

Erin Hebblewhite Quick and Facts

  • Erin Hebblewhite, 29, admitted seven charges involved abusing a pupil, 16
  • She took the teenager’s virginity in a restaurant bathroom on Valentine’s Day
  • Judge Neil Sanders, passing sentence, imposed a 10-year restraining order
  • He banned her from contacting the victim or working with children again
  • He also jailed Hebblewhite for two years with all charges to run concurrently

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