Home » Who is Erik Charles Maund?(Married businessman is charged with paying ‘hitmen’ $750k to murder his mistress and her boyfriend after they threatened to tell his wife of the affair ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts
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Who is Erik Charles Maund?(Married businessman is charged with paying ‘hitmen’ $750k to murder his mistress and her boyfriend after they threatened to tell his wife of the affair ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Erik Charles Maund

Erik Charles Maund Wiki

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Who is Erik Charles Maund ?

The married grandson of a Texas auto tycoon was charged after he allegedly paid three men $ 750,000 to kidnap and murder her lover and current boyfriend, who threatened to expose the suspect’s affair.

Alleged mistress Holly Williams, 33, and her partner William Lanway, 36, were found dead in Lanway’s crashed Acura sedan on March 12 of last year. The car had run off a road under construction, gone down an embankment and crashed into a tree, and its occupants were shot and killed several times.

Arrested and Charged

Her ex-husband, Erik Charles Maund, 46, was arrested Friday during a traffic stop near Austin and charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping resulting in death and carrying, brandishing and shooting a firearm in connection with a crime of violence, according to a federal report. indictment opened on Monday.

It is unclear if Maund and Williams were dating at the time of his murder.

Austin residents Gilad Peled, 47, Byron Brockway, 46, and North Carolina resident Adam Carey, 30, three former members of the military who worked with private security companies, were also arrested that day and charged. Of the same charges.

Erik Charles Maund Wife

Maund is a partner in the Maund Automotive Group in Austin and the grandson of its founder, Charles Maund.

Apparently, he paid Peled, Brockway and Carey more than $ 750,000 to travel from Austin to Tennessee to kidnap, threaten and intimidate the couple.

Peled owns Austin-based Speartip Security, a company that helped clients respond to extortion lawsuits, according to the Justice Department indictment. On Tuesday, December 7, a chilling review was written for the security company under the name Erik Maund:

“Speartip is very professional as well,” wrote the reviewer. “They get the job done in an accelerated time. I can’t imagine using anyone else !! ‘

“Thanks for the kind words,” replied Peled, or the person who manages the company’s Google page. “It is always a pleasure working with you.”


The sequence of events leading up to the murder began in February 2020, according to the indictment, when Maund approached his ex-girlfriend about seeing each other when she visited Nashville to see a relative, according to KVUE.

It’s unclear when Maund and Williams dated, or if Maund was married to his wife, Sheri, at the time.

But in March, Lanway approached Maund claiming to be Williams’ boyfriend and threatened to expose Maund’s relationship if the heir to the car didn’t pay him money for silence.

As a result, Maund hired all three men. Peled is a former member of the Israel Defense Forces. Brockway and Carey are former US Marines Brockway owns another security company, Ink Force LLC, and Carey is a contractor for security companies within the private sector, according to KVUE.

Carey and Brockway monitored the couple to find out where they lived and what car they were driving on March 9.

After Peled received a document from the other two employees detailing his findings, Maund withdrew $ 15,000 from his bank account to pay for this ‘intelligence report’, the indictment claims.

On March 11, Brockway and Carey allegedly confronted Williams and Lanway in the parking lot of their West Nashville apartment complex with firearms. Lanway was shot in the parking lot multiple times. They put her body in her own car, then used that car to abduct WIlliams and take her to nearby Old Hickory Boulevard, where they shot her multiple times.

Within hours of the murders, the Justice Department wrote, Brockway returned a rental car that the two men had used to reach the couple. Carey drove Brockway to Memphis, Tennessee, where he caught a flight to Austin, and Carey drove there from Memphis.

Maund then transferred $ 750,000 from his bank account to an account controlled by Peled.

The Maund Automotive Group which operates its flagship location out of 6900 Burnett Road in Austin

The Maund Automotive Group, which operates its flagship location at 6900 Burnett Road in Austin, is prominent in the central Texas area.

In 1945, Maund’s grandfather opened a used car lot in Port Arthur at the age of 18 and eventually purchased four more lots. Over time, he bought four car dealerships in the area, according to the company’s website.

A representative for the auto group had no comment when contacted by KVUE regarding Maund’s current affiliation with the company, although the indictment names him as a partner.

Erik Charles Maund Quick and Facts

  • Erik Charles Maund, 46, allegedly paid hitmen $750,000 to kill his ex-girlfriend Holly Williams, 33, and her estranged boyfriend William Lanway, 36
  • The pair were kidnapped and fatally shot before their bodies were found in Williams’ car, which had veered down an embankment and into a tree   
  • Maund, who is married, used to date Williams – he allegedly sent her text messages when he was planning to visit her home city of Nashville in February
  • Lanway allegedly blackmailed Maund for money, threatening to expose Maund’s relationship with Williams if he didn’t pay him hush money 
  • Maund paid three men with – Gilad Peled, 47, Bryon Brockway, 46, and Adam Carey, 30 – to threaten and intimidate the couple the next month
  • ‘Speartip is very professional and on top of it,’ a reviewer using the name Erik Maund wrote on the Google profile for Peled’s security company ‘They get the job done in an expedited time. Couldn’t imagine using anyone else!!’ 
  • Maund is the grandson of Texas tycoon Charles Maund and a partner in Maund Automotive Group, a car dealership in Austin 

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