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Who is Emrik Osuna? Wiki, Bio, Age,cause of death, investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Emrik Osuna

Emrik Osuna Wiki

                                                  Emrik Osuna Biography

Emrik Osuna died in September after months of abuse and starvation, prosecutors say. Several videos captured with babysitting cameras that were installed inside the suspects’ home and later found by police were also played inside the court Wednesday. A recording from August 21, 2020, showed Emrik sleeping in a fetal position on the ground when suddenly Monique tugged at his hair and swung it through the air like a rag doll.

The clip also showed the stepmother dragging the victim into the kitchen and yelling at her to do jumps. She was also seen slapping and using a spoon to hit Emrik.

On the night of September 1 when Emrik died, the victim’s father, Erik, reportedly sent a message to his wife saying they had to take the boy to the emergency room and “confront him”. The caption added: “If you don’t want to, that’s fine, I’ll go. I know you’re scared, me too.” It has also been said that around the same time, Monique also texted her co-worker and friend of hers Hannah Berry, claiming that Emrik was not well.

Berry testified that Monique had previously complained about Emrik’s behavior, which increased in the last few months before his tragic death. The stepmother’s friend also said that on the night of September 1 at around 8:30 pm, she went to Monique’s house where she found the girl unconscious on the ground. “He was lying down and covered with blankets, I mean, he looked like he was sleeping,” she added.

Emrik Osuna Age

Emrik Osuna was 9 years old.


The father of a 9-year-old boy who prosecutors say died after months of abuse is not mentally competent to stand trial in the murder case against him, an evaluator found.

Erik Osuna, 30, is charged with first degree murder, serious injury to a child, destruction of evidence and inflicting great bodily harm in the death of his son, Emrik Osuna.

Investigation report

Investigators say Emrik was physically beaten, locked in closets, forced to do repetitive exercise as punishment and starved for several months by his stepmother, Monique Osuna, 28. Erik Osuna knew his wife was abusing the 9-year-old boy, prosecutors say, but he never intervened and then tried to hide evidence of what had happened to the boy.

First responders called to the family’s Meridian apartment in September 2020 found that Emrik was not breathing and was covered in bruises. He was rushed to St. Luke Children’s Hospital, but he did not survive.

Prosecutors say both Erik and Monique Osuna realized that Emrik was seriously injured, but waited hours before calling 911. It is unclear what mental health issues have made Erik Osuna unfit to stand trial in the case. . Idaho law specifies that a defendant must be able to understand what is happening in court and be able to assist his attorneys in his own defense.

Idaho does not have a so-called “insanity defense” whereby a defendant can be found not guilty of a crime because of his mental state. Someone who is deemed unfit is usually in jail, the state hospital, or the Idaho Department of Correction facility, where he receives treatment for his mental health problems.

If, in the course of that treatment, the evaluators decide that a suspect has regained competence, the case will go to trial. Monique Osuna has not been declared mentally incompetent in the case. A status conference for both Osunas is scheduled for February 24, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for March 3. Both remain in the Ada County Jail.

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