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Who is Emrik Osuna?(Nanny’s cameras captured the alleged torture and starvation of a 9-year-old boy as dad and stepmother face charges ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Emrik Osuna

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Who is Emrik Osuna?

An Idaho judge ruled this week that there is enough evidence against the father and stepmother of 9-year-old Emrik Osuna for their impending murder trials to proceed, PEOPLE confirms.

Online records show that, following a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, Judge Daniel Steckel decided that the prosecutions of Erik and Monique Osuna could go ahead.

Both defendants will be asked to enter guilty pleas on the first degree murder charges they face. In addition, Erik Osuna has been charged with tampering with evidence, inflicting bodily injury, and injuring a child.

The Idaho Statesman and KTVB were in the courtroom for Wednesday’s hearing, during which the state presented its case against the couple.

Emrik Osuna could not be revived by police who responded to a 911 call on Sept. 1, 2020, and found the bruised boy without breathing, no heartbeat, covered in his own vomit, according to Meridian Police. He was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

More than four hours earlier, his father, Erik Osuna, allegedly sent a text message to her wife, Monique Osuna, expressing his doubts about taking the boy to seek help, reading: “I know you are scared. Me too “.

According to both local news reports, prosecutors argued Wednesday that Emrik died when his body surrendered after months of brutal torture and abuse that included forced exercise, starvation and physical beatings.

To corroborate the allegations, prosecutors allegedly reproduced video footage captured by babysitting cameras that the suspects had installed in his apartment. Later, two weeks of footage was turned over to the police. Stepmother Charged With ‘Torture’ And Death Of 9-Year-Old Boy From Idaho, And Supposedly Dad Didn’t Intervene

The footage allegedly shows Emrik being forced to exercise strenuously, sometimes, police allege, for up to 20 hours a day. A video allegedly captured Monique grabbing the boy by the hair before swinging him through the air and dragging him into a kitchen, where the boy was repeatedly slapped.

The same video allegedly shows Monique hitting the boy on the head with a spoon as he screams, cries and tries to protect himself from abuse.

How old is Emrik Osuna?

He was 9 year old.


Other videos show Monique Osuna allegedly kicking Emrik across the room and repeatedly hitting him with a frying pan while calling him “a fucking loser” and “a piece of shit.” She even allegedly threatens to make the boy eat his own excrement.

KTVB reports that Erik Osuna can allegedly be seen in the footage hitting Emrik with a belt. The footage also allegedly indicates that while he was less abusive to the boy, he did little to intervene or prevent his wife from harming her son.

Emrik, investigators testified Wednesday, is not seen once playing with a toy or game during those two weeks. The footage also allegedly showed Emrik being forced to sleep on the floor or in a closet, and denied fast food, even when the rest of his family enjoyed it.

Cause of Death

After Emrik’s death, Erik Osuna allegedly told police that his wife had beaten the boy twice with a dog leash before giving him some rice and water, which he then vomited. Emrik was instructed to take a shower, after which he was apparently forced to stand on one leg. Eventually, he was allowed to lie on the ground, according to KTVB, which quotes police.

A friend of the couple, who was allegedly called to his home after Emrik lost consciousness, recalled hearing the boy breathe for the last time. The state alleged in court that Erik tried to hide the nanny’s cameras immediately after the couple called 911, at the urging of his friend.

Both reports indicate that Emrik looks haggard in images shown in court Wednesday.

The Osunas face the death penalty or life imprisonment if convicted. Each is being held on a $ 2 million bond.

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