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Who is Emma Wilkson? (Death of ‘generous and thoughtful’ primary school teacher, 29, who hanged herself as she secretly battled grief over death of her mother )Wiki, Bio, Age,Family ,Facebook,Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Emma Wilkson

Emma Wilkson Wiki

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Who was Emma Wilkson ?

An “exemplary” elementary school teacher who was found dead after mourning the death of her mother died “as a result of misfortune” and not as a suicide, a coroner ruled.

Emma Wilkson of Stockport, Greater Manchester, left a note and drank a large amount of wine before hanging herself in what was described as “lightning out of nowhere.”wikipedia

After the loss of her mother in March 2019, Wilkson was “ upset ” and changed her mobile screen for a souvenir photo of her, but it is believed that she hid all the pain from her family, friends and co-workers. .

How old was Emma Wilkson ?

She was 29 year old.

Ms Wilkson left a note and drank a large quantity of wine before hanging herself in

On the second anniversary of her mother’s death, Ms. Wilkson visited her brother Matthew at the family home and was seen outside alone for a ‘while’.

Tragically, the next day, March 28, 2021, a friend found Emma dead, with a note that she had written.

This week, a coroner ruled that she had carried out the act herself, but did not conclude that her death was due to suicide due to the amount of alcohol she had consumed.

Her father, Christopher Wilkson, admitted that three months before her death, a relationship in which she was ‘ended’ and she was ‘living on her own’.

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He said: ‘For many years she did not have much contact with her mother, who passed away in March 2019. She went to college and then college to study teaching and then became a teacher at Adswood Primary.

“It was a school in a disadvantaged area and it was difficult to handle some of the children, but she was passionate about teaching.

“ A relationship that she was in ended a few months before her death and she was living alone, but she was proud of her home. At the time of her mother’s death, she was upset and thought of her changing the home screen of her mobile phone.

The primary school teacher was described as a ‘generous and thoughtful individual’ and an ‘exemplary’ teacher

“ I found out on March 27, 2021 that he had gone to his brother Matthew’s house. It was the second anniversary of her mother’s passing and she went to the family home where she lived and stayed outside for a while.

“On March 28, a friend of Emma’s found her dead. It was lightning out of nowhere. They showed us a note that she had left. I am not aware that she has attempted to take her life in the past. If we had known that she needed more support, she would have given her everything she needed.

‘She was a generous and considerate person. She will be missed forever and she will always be in our hearts. ‘

At the hearing, it was said that Miss Wilkson, of High Lane, Stockport, Greater Manchester, had taught at Adswood Primary School, where she was said to be an “exemplary teacher”.

Michelle Smart, Head of Adswood Primary, said in the Stockport inquiry: ‘Emma started teaching here on January 1, 2018. She was teaching a Year 1 class, it was her first teaching position and she hadn’t raised any trouble.

“ She had a grieving episode after her mother died, but the school did not raise concerns for her health. She seemed optimistic about teaching her and she was ready for the Easter break.

She “She made a great contribution to the lives of the children. Emma was an exemplary teacher, she had a warm, calm and caring presence and the children adored her. She would have happy and motivated children in seconds. She just glowed every day.

‘The relationships she established with students and staff were excellent. In November 2019, Ofsted was impressed with her teaching. She was extremely organized.

Dressing like a crayon on Zoom calls during her lockdown came naturally to her. All those who knew her well always held her in high regard. Her laugh was infectious and distinctive. She was an optimistic, kind and loyal colleague. Emma will always be a part of our school team. Our Sunshine Garden will be in memory of Emma. ‘

The tests showed that Ms. Wilkson had a high level of alcohol in her system along with acetaminophen and codeine.

Police Forensic Officer Andrew Stevenson said

Police Forensic Officer Andrew Stevenson said: “ Police were notified on March 28, 2021 by a friend of Emma’s who had come to her address following a group WhatsApp message she received from Emma alluding to her death. The message was sent at 4 a.m. sometime after arriving from her brother’s house.

The address was impeccably maintained and there was a note of intent on the kitchen counter. There was evidence of some medication around the kitchen counter next to the note involving Lemsips, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and codeine. All the packages were empty and there was an empty alcohol bottle on the ground near Emma. The note was quite difficult to read.

Emma’s friend said that she had known her for a long time and, from her perspective, there was never any indication that she planned to do this. It was something unexpected for this close friend. There was nothing in Emma’s behavior that could hint at what had happened.

Chris Morris told Emma’s family: ‘This is a tragic case of a very loved and respected young woman.

‘She was clearly a vibrant and talented person and highly respected by her friends and family, but she was also an exceptionally talented teacher.

Emma tragically died on March 28, 2021 and it was a bolt from nowhere to her family and friends. Emma was not really known to any mental health agency and her GP was not consulted with her about any low mood.

She “She had worries and difficulties in her life like all of us. She was also worried about the anniversary of her mother’s death, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. There were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death. I am satisfied that she performed the act herself. The WhatsApp messages referred to songs that will be played at her funeral.

But her blood levels showed significant intoxication and I cannot find that she intended to cause her own death. It was an impulsive act under the influence of alcohol. Emma tragically died as a result of an accident. She was a truly exceptional person whose loss is widely felt. I’m sorry for your loss.’

Emma Wilkson Quick and Facts

  • Emma Wilkson, 29, was found dead in March after grieving loss of her mother  
  • Coroner ruled it her death was not suicide due to amount of alcohol consumed
  • She hid the full extent of her grief from her family, friends and work colleagues
  • The primary school teacher was described as ‘thoughtful and generous’ 

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