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Breaking: Emma Panas Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Emma Panas

Emma Panas Wiki

                                                    Emma Panas Biography

A singer suffering from endometriosis was found dead at just 28 years after her appointment at a specialized clinic was canceled twice due to the Covid pandemic.

The body of the ‘enormously talented’ Emma Panas was discovered by her father at her home in Bromley, southeast London, after her friends and family were unable to contact her, an investigation was said.

The singer-songwriter, who performed under the name Pyra and also headlined the electronic duo Paper Crows, was later found to have potentially fatal levels of painkillers in her system.

Cause Of Death

Despite considering a finding of accidental drug overdose, the coroner ruled that her death was not drug-related, but was due to sudden adult death syndrome (SADS).

The term is used to describe cases where people die suddenly from cardiac arrest, but no clear cause can be found.

The investigation, held at Croydon Coroner’s Court, heard how Emma was prescribed high doses of codeine and morphine to cope with excruciating pain and was waiting for an appointment at a pain clinic when she died.

The musician suffered from endometriosis, a condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Emma was prescribed opioid pain relievers in February 2020 and she had been taking them for several months prior to her death at her home in July.

The singer-songwriter had been experiencing crippling pain caused by endometriosis and had been taking opiate painkillers she had been prescribed since February 2020

The investigation heard that he had appointments scheduled at a pain clinic, but they were canceled due to the closure of Covid-19.

Members of his family, who appeared through a video link to testify, said they were struggling to understand how she died.

They expressed concern that his death would be recorded as an accidental drug overdose because they said she was ‘very, very careful’ when it came to taking his medication.

Despite considering a conclusion of accidental drug overdose, the Coroner ruled that her death was not drug related but was down to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

The investigation heard that there was no evidence of suicide as drug packages in her home remained unopened and she had been chatting normally with friends on WhatsApp the night before she was found dead.

Emma’s brother Sebastian Panas recounted in the investigation how her death ‘screams an NHS failure’ while explaining how her gynecologist referred her to a pain clinic, but the appointment was rescheduled twice.

He said: ‘The care service that exists should be able to provide the care that patients need and if it was canceled to the point where Emma needed to self-medicate further to the point where she could live.’

Another theory was that the concentration of painkillers in her blood rose to a fatal level, as she may have been dehydrated on the hot summer night.

But this was ruled out after a medical report explained that dehydration and temperature would not affect the level of drugs in her system.

Senior Coroner Sarah Ormond-Walsh came to a conclusion about ‘sudden adult death syndrome’ after reading an expert report highlighting how high levels of painkillers in Emma’s body might not have been fatal to her as someone with a high tolerance.

The report suggested that since Emma had been taking the medications daily for several months, she may have been able to take more than expected because her body was used to it.

Emma’s brother, Sebastian Panas, told the inquest how her death ‘screams a failing of the NHS’

The coroner said: ‘She took codeine and morphine for chromic pain. There is no evidence that she planned to take her own life.

It is possible that she accidentally took too many tablets. It is also likely that she had a tolerance to both codeine and morphine, and therefore the amount in her blood would not necessarily cause her death. ‘

Devastated colleagues at Miabella, a nightclub in Soho, central London, where Emma opened the door for a regular electronic event called Bite, paid tribute to her.

In the heartbreaking post, they said: ‘Unfortunately we wanted to post this in tribute to our beautiful and wonderful bitch girl Emma Panas.

“ She was an enormously talented, beautiful life force who constantly made us laugh, but she was also infinitely kind and an integral part of the Bite family. We can’t believe she’s not here anymore.

We hope you have as wonderful memories of her as we do.

“The world lit up with Emma and her tenacious drive, humility, beauty and empathy from her. We will miss her more than words can express.

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