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Emma Fearon Wiki- Emma Fearon Bio

A mother has revealed how she welcomed an 11-pound, 6-ounce baby into her home with only hypnotherapy techniques and a ‘couple of puffs’ of gas and air.

Emma Fearon, 34, of Thornton-le-Moor, Cheshire, received an 11 pound 6 oz Atticus James Fearon last month.

She delivered the baby in 150 minutes with the help of two independent midwives, and did not require stitches after Atticus’ arrival.

Emma Fearon, 34, from Thornton-le-Moor, Cheshire, welcomed 11lb 6oz Atticus, last month

Atticus was delivered in 150 minutes with the assistance of two independent midwives – and weighs the same as a bowling ball.

Emma planned to have her third baby at home in a pool (left). Atticus is breastfeeding, what Emma describes as a “24 hour job”

And Atticus isn’t the only heavy baby in the family after his first-born three-year-old Aria weighed 10lb 8oz at birth and her second child, Amelia, two, weighed 9lb.

Emma, who used hypnobirthing techniques, said: ‘I birthed him in a pool with the midwife arriving with only half an hour to spare.

 Emma Fearon The birth went amazingly no stiches.

he only had a couple of gas and air puffs and escaped without stitches.

“It just goes to show what women’s bodies are capable of and a good comfort to those with big babies.”

“ The birth was amazing: I used the hypno delivery to calm down and calm down, and the delivery lasted only two and a half hours from start to finish.


Speaking about her decision to have Atticus at home, she said: “ I am really glad that I was able to give birth at home as I would have had to go to the hospital alone if my husband had not been home with the girls.


Hypnobirthing is described as a comprehensive prenatal education that teaches pregnant women breathing techniques and self-hypnosis for a natural delivery, without pain relief.

The method teaches women how to relax their bodies to reduce pain and prevent adrenaline release caused by stress, which can prolong labor.

The method has many famous fans including Angelina Jolie and reportedly Kate Middleton.


Emma Fearon Quick facts

  • Emma Fearon, 34, from Thornton-le-Moor, Cheshire, welcomed 11lb 6oz Atticus
  • Delivered baby in 150 minutes with the assistance of two independent midwives 
  • Mother-of-three used hypnobirthing techniques and have birth in a pool at home


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