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Who is Emma Durkin?(Fraudster couple who went on run after stealing £16,000 from vulnerable man that conwoman) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Emma Durkin Wiki

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Who is Emma Durkin ?

A criminal couple who fled after stealing £ 16,000 from a vulnerable and “fragile” man have been jailed.

Emma Durkin, 31, was hired to shop, clean and pay rent for the victim, in Coundon, County Durham, a man confined to his home who required help after being discharged from the hospital.

The victim required help after a fall that left her mobility impaired, but Durkin, along with her partner Adam Waugh, 40, took advantage of her vulnerability.

The couple, from Collingwood Street, Coundon, quickly began using the victim’s bank card for their own transactions, withdrawing cash and paying for hotel rooms.

Durkin would even go to the bank with the victim to make her withdraw hundreds of pounds, tell her it was for her rent, and then spend it on herself.

Bank staff became suspicious when they noticed that £ 10,000 had been withdrawn in just a few months and notified the victim that she confirmed the fraud.

Prosecutor Ian West said Adam Waugh, 40, pictured, rang police to taunt them by saying he would hand himself in while he and Durkin were on the run - but never did


The couple initially denied conspiracy to commit misrepresentation fraud, between January 1 and April 28, 2020, when they appeared in court in March.

Durkin also denied a second theft charge of £ 100.

However, he changed his guilty plea on the day of his trial to the fraud charge in August.

Waugh, 40, denied the charges, but was convicted by a jury in his absence at trial.

The couple on the run for four months, from August to December, but after receiving information from the public, they were tracked down, arrested and brought before Durham Crown Court on Wednesday.


Prosecutor Ian West said Waugh called police to taunt them saying he would turn himself in, but never did.

Durkin was sentenced to a total of 37 months in prison and an additional four weeks for violating her condition of bail.

Waugh received a 42-month sentence with an additional six weeks for violating the conditions of her release on her bail.

West said the victim’s owner introduced him to Durkin.

Waugh also knew the vulnerable victim after doing maintenance work for the owner previously.

West said the couple went on a ‘spending spree’ over a four-month period, racking up just over £ 16,000 on the victim’s Halifax and NatWest bank cards, leaving him ‘destitute’.

However, the court heard that the couple had “little to show”.

Durkin and Waugh reserved a room at the Greenbank Hotel in Darlington, County Durham, using the victim’s name and card to make the reservation.

But while they were gone, staff at the Greenbank Hotel found the room “full of drug-related paraphernalia.”

Durkin has had two previous convictions for three crimes, including charges of theft and fraud in 2011.

Waugh has had a staggering 44 prior convictions for 86 crimes in the past.

In defending Durkin, Mark Styles told the court that he was a ‘vulnerable person’ struggling with a ‘serious heroin addiction’.

Defending Waugh, Jamie Adams said the 40-year-old wants to “apologize for what he did” and was “very much in the grip of a heroin addiction” when he defrauded the wheelchair victim.

Judge James Adkin, who sentenced the couple, said the couple exploited the trust and vulnerability of the victim to help “finance drug addiction.”

The victim died in May of this year, but the banks reimbursed the money that Durkin and Waugh took.

Durkin was jailed for 37 months, with an additional four weeks added for remaining at large.

Waugh was jailed for 42 months, with an additional six weeks added for his release.

Emma Durkin Quick and Facts

  • Emma Durkin, 31, was hired by housebound victim to shop, clean and pay rent
  • She and partner Adam Waugh, 40, used his bank card for cash and hotel rooms
  • Durkin was jailed for 37 months, Waugh for 42 months at Durham Crown Court

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