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FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn fired the agency spokesman just days after Hahn made an embarrassing mistake about the efficacy of convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19.

Miller, a former spokesperson and former State Department official, as well as a television reporter for conservative media, had been on the job for just 11 days.

The agency gave no reason for the sudden layoff, but it came after she helped prepare Dr. Stephen Hahn for interviews, including one in which he completely misstated the results of a study on plasma, a treatment he President Trump has touted for COVID. 19.

 Emily Miller was fired from the post after just 11 days on the job

He posted on Facebook that he would ‘run non-stop to get information about COVID-19 testing, treatments and the vaccine process communicated to people as accurately and quickly as possible.’

On Thursday, he tweeted quoting President Trump and wrote that “convalescent plasma will save thousands upon thousands of lives.” The government official included hashtags for #COVID ー 19 and the ‘# RNC2020Convention’.

The New York Times reported that another senior agency flack, Wayne Pines of the Health and Human Services Agency, had his contract terminated a day earlier.

He had advised Hahn to apologize after his on-air mistake on plasma.

Commissioner of U.S. Food and Drug Administration Dr. Stephen M. Hahn apologized after he made a wildly inaccurate statement about the use of convalescent blood plasma Emily Miller


President Donald Trump listens as US Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn speaks during a news conference in the James Brady Information Room of the White House in Washington. The credibility of two major public health agencies is on the line after controversial decisions that outside experts say suggest political pressure from the Trump administration. Hahn was forced to apologize for using an erroneous and misleading statistic describing the effectiveness of a blood plasma therapy granted emergency use for COVID-19, as Trump misrepresented the facts and inflated the significance of the measure.

Miller has reported for the conservative One America News Network and other media +5
Miller has reported for the conservative One America News Network and other outlets

 Dr. Eric Topol of the Scripps Translational Research Institute told NPR. Emily Miller

“I recommended that you correct the record,” he told the newspaper, saying he did not know why his contract was terminated. “If a federal official doesn’t say something right and decides to clarify and say that the criticism is justified, it is comforting,” Pines said. HHS called the two actions a coincidence.

Hahn had said the treatment would save 35 out of 100 people, which would be a staggering advance if it were true.

“I can’t recall an FDA or commissioner error as serious as this one,” Dr. Eric Topol of the Scripps Translational Research Institute told NPR.

Hahn acknowledged the mistake and said the criticisms were “totally justified.”

“What I should have said better is that the data shows a relative reduction in risk, not an absolute reduction in risk.”

In fact, the unpublished study he was referring to, which did not have a control group, compared people treated with convalescent plasma in the first three days with those who received it later. After one week, there was a 9 percent death rate for those who received early treatment compared to a 12 percent death rate for those who received it later. After about a month, those who received it earlier had a mortality rate of 22 percent, compared with 27 percent for the group that received it later, a maximum difference of about 5 percentage points.

The study did not say it would save 35 out of 100 people who received treatment.

An FDA statement Sunday carried a headline that deviated beyond the typical scientific restriction. “Another achievement in the administration’s fight against the pandemic,” he shouted on the eve of the Republican convention.

Miller previously worked as a journalist, including at a local Fox affiliate where gun control advocates demanded her firing after Washington reported that she told Virginia at a gun rights rally that ‘D.C. it is not part of America.

President Trump mentioned plasma in his speech at the White House convention on Thursday. “We develop a wide range of effective treatments, including a powerful anti-body treatment known as Convalescent Plasma that will save thousands of lives,” he said.

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