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Who is Emily Grover?(Florida ‘mean girl’ says her life has been ‘ruined’ after she was accused of rigging homecoming queen election with her vice-principal mom)Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Emily Grover

Emily Grover Wiki

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Who is Emily Grover ?

A high school prom queen has claimed her life was ruined after she and her assistant principal mother rigged the pageant at Tate High School by casting fake votes.

Emily Rose Grover, 19, says she was falsely arrested and had her civil rights violated when she and her mother, Laura Carroll, were arrested in March 2021 for allegedly hacking insider student information to cast hundreds of fake contest votes. of 2020 at your school. in Pensacola, Fla.

Grover pleaded no contest to the charges, which were dropped after she completed a supervised program, and now plans to file a lawsuit over the incident.

Grover recently filed a notice of intent in Escambia County, Florida, to reclaim her name and prove her innocence.

Carroll also lost her job as an elementary school assistant principal at Bellview Elementary School in the same district.

Her attorney also says that her client’s completion of the program indicates and does not indicate her guilt and that the young woman is “trying to return to a semblance of normality.”

Arrested and Charged

Emily Grover, 18, was arrested in March 2021 for allegedly hacking Tate High School’s homecoming queen pageant. Her admission and scholarship to Florida Western University were later rescinded.

Emily’s mother, Laura Carroll, a former assistant principal, was also arrested for helping her daughter pull off the homecoming heist.

Grover celebrates his homecoming victory in October 2020

Her status as homecoming queen would soon be called into question and she would become the subject of an ethics investigation that culminated in criminal charges, an expulsion, and the loss of her job as assistant manager to her mother.

“She needs to be able to start her life over again without this shipwreck from the past and be able to live a normal life that she intended to live.” Mattox told Wear-TV.

One way she’s doing it is by accepting an offer to join the Alpha Delta Pi sorority at the University of West Florida, where her acceptance on a full scholarship was originally rescinded following the scandal.

One girl, Baylee Sanders, with whom Grover attended church, told the New York Post that she was surprised Grover had been accepted into a sorority at her new school.

‘Normally, from what I’ve heard, they’re the tough sorority. But then they will take away a girl who has been arrested and [had] four charges!’

Sanders, 23, also spilled the beans on Emily’s “bad girl” persona before her big bust.

“From what the other girls in the group [of friends] around her said, is that she was more of a mean girl at school, popular, etc. The way they made it sound was like in the movie ‘Mean Girls ‘She is nice to people to their face, but then she talks behind their back,’ he said.

A spokesperson for the sorority told the outlet that “when Emily Grover sought membership in Alpha Delta Pi, she had been completely cleared of all charges.”


“This is a black cloud that travels with Emily wherever she goes,” says her lawyer, Marie Mattox, adding that if a “thorough” investigation had been carried out, the conclusion would have been that Grover “was not involved.” in any criminal activity’ and ‘was not at all involved in the casting of any votes’.

Mattox added that her client is still “very, very fragile” after the ordeal.

His life literally stopped for almost two years. Then he had to reevaluate his life, put a stop to everything and had to come back from this horrible experience and work to live a normal life,” she told the Post.

Initially, Florida Department of Law Enforcement agents discovered evidence of unauthorized access to student information through Carroll’s administrator account.

The Daily Mail previously covered Grover’s case.

At the time, several Tate students and Grover’s classmates told the media that the teen had long boasted that she was able to access insider information through her mother’s account.

“I know that Emily Grover logs into her mother’s school account to access grades and test scores from freshman year,” a student said in a statement to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. .

‘She looks up all our friends’ grades and makes comments about how she can find our test scores all the time.’

Another said: “It didn’t seem like logging in was a big deal and she was very comfortable doing it.”

Investigators ultimately found that Carroll had accessed 372 high school records since 2019, 339 of which were Tate students.

At the time, Carroll had district-level access to the school board program, officials said, and was up to date on her annual “Responsible Use of Technology Guidelines by Staff” training.

The system contains information on student grades, medical records, test scores, attendance, disciplinary actions, staff information, emergency contacts, schedules, and student ID numbers. It was linked to an app called Election runner, with which students could cast their votes for the homecoming court.

In an interview with Good Morning America last year, Grover said that even when the school removed the hundreds of votes it labeled as fraudulently cast, she was still the homecoming queen candidate who got the most votes.

Emily Grover Quick and Facts

  • Emily Grover, 19, was arrested in March 2021 for allegedly hacking privileged information to cast hundreds of fake votes in her favor for homecoming queen
  • She was subsequently kicked out of school and had her University of West Florida scholarship rescinded
  • Grover and her mother, a former vice principal also implicated in the voting scandal, are taking legal action for what they say was a breach of their civil rights
  • Grover also recently enrolled at University of West Florida and was accepted into the Alpha Delta Pi sorority, of which her older sister is a member

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