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Who is Emese Fajk?(The Block ‘conwoman’ is accused of ripping off a multimillion-dollar medical shipment) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Emese Fajk

Emese Fajk Wiki

                      Emese Fajk Biography

Emese Fajk, 30, fled Australia after allegedly sending falsified screenshots of his bank account to show that he had paid the $426,500 deposit and $4,072,951 final settlement for Jimmy and Tam’s winning home on the reality show television in December 2020.

After allegedly defrauding her landlord and her boyfriend on a Portuguese island last year, she appeared in July as director of communications for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion under the callsign “Mockingjay.”

Revelations of his past scandals shocked the Legion, and senior officers began to examine his activities in the war zone.

A confidential dossier

A confidential dossier prepared for the Ukrainian Land Forces Command by a senior legion officer with substantial intelligence experience, and obtained by Daily Mail Australia, outlines the allegations against him.

Daily Mail Australia is not suggesting that Fajk is guilty, but understands that she is under investigation by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) for allegedly stealing Legion funds and being vulnerable to exploitation by Russian intelligence.

Fajk claimed that she had yet to see any evidence to support the allegations against her, calling them a “smear campaign,” but she did not comment on the individual claims.

“Anyone can write so-called reports, but these reports should be backed up with evidence,” she said.

‘These accusations are made by people who for one reason or another have their own agenda. If someone has a valid claim or concern that they can support with factual evidence, they can contact the relevant law enforcement authorities.


‘I will be more than happy to work with any authority conducting official investigations. Otherwise, it’s just rumors and nothing more than a smear campaign.’

The report accuses Fajk of being behind the disappearance of a US$2.5 million (A$3.67 million) shipment of medical supplies and of diverting donations intended for the war effort.

“The author of this report is aware of a massive shipment of medicines delivered by one of his assets to Kyiv for distribution to the 1st and 3rd Battalions,” she said.

The official wrote that the shipment’s end-user certificate showed it arrived at a warehouse in Kyiv known as “the hub” in late October, but never reached troops on the front lines.

Missing Shipment

“I have confirmed that none of these medications were ever delivered to the 1st or 3rd Battalion and have made considerable efforts to locate where the medication may have gone,” they wrote.

The author explained that they confronted Fajk about the missing shipment and she claimed to know nothing of its existence, but the asset that she delivered was willing to testify that she was present when she arrived.

EUC and pre-delivery photos of the medications showed the shipment contained large amounts of pain relievers such as fentanyl, lidocaine and ketamine, along with more common medications.

Ben Lackey, the medical director of the legion that arranged the shipment, confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that the medicine never made it to the field.

“We know it made it to the center, but then it disappeared and very few people knew it was there,” he said.

‘A good friend of mine was in agony for three hours, it’s a miracle he didn’t die of shock, because he didn’t have the supplies he was supposed to have.’