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Who is Eltiona Skana?(Killer who slit the throat of seven-year-old Emily Jones in Mother’s Day murder was awarded nearly £70,000 in taxpayer-funded ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Eltiona Skana

Eltiona Skana Wiki

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Who is Eltiona Skana?

Eltiona Skana, 31, was jailed for life for a minimum of eight years in December after pleading guilty to Emily’s murder on diminished liability grounds.

The killer who slit the throat of seven-year-old Emily Jones in a broad daylight Mother’s Day attack was awarded nearly £70,000 in taxpayer-funded legal aid.

Paranoid schizophrenic Skana grabbed the girl while she was riding her scooter through Queen’s Park in Bolton last March and then slit her throat in front of her horrified parents.

She was sentenced under the Mental Health Act and must be medically evaluated before she can be considered for her release.

Now, following a request for access to information, it has emerged that the government awarded Skana a total of £ 66,564.48 in legal aid.

The Legal Aid Agency of the Ministry of Justice says that these controls covered the cost of her criminal defense representation.

Eltiona Skana Age

She is 31 year old.

Eltiona Skana shocked the whole country.

But the think tank at the Center for Crime Prevention has questioned the large sum of taxpayers’ money it was awarded to cover its legal costs.

Investigation Director David Spencer said: “The horrible crime committed by Eltiona Skana shocked the entire country.

‘It was an open and closed case and there was never any doubt about Skana’s guilt.

Former BBC Director-General Lord Tony Hall says he was’ wrong …

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham says London and the …

Therefore, one must consider whether it is a wise use of taxpayers’ money for her to receive such a large sum of legal aid.

“It represents everything that is wrong with the legal aid system and why it so badly needs reform.”

Skana received a hybrid sentence in December, so she will only be sent to prison if her treatment allows it.

If she is never fit to be released from jail, she will remain in the hospital indefinitely.

A spokesperson for the Legal Aid Agency said: “Eltiona Skana did not receive a penny; she went to the lawyers so that she could face justice and eventually be jailed.”

Freedom of Information request that Skana was awarded a total of £66,564.48 in legal aid by the Government.

Emily was killed by Skana in an unprovoked attack on March 22 last year while riding her scooter through Queen’s Park in Bolton.

The medical staff knew that Skana posed a threat to the youth, but the staff supervising the Albanian in the community had no idea of ​​the danger.

She entered the UK illegally in 2014 and applied for asylum, claiming that she was a victim of trafficking. She was cared for by the Bolton North Community Mental Health Team.

The Interior Ministry initially rejected her claim but, after an appeal, reversed her decision and then granted her permission to stay until December 2024. It is not known why.

Last December, Emily’s father Mark shared the last moments of his daughter after revealing that they had gone to the park to see Emily’s mother Sarah go for a run.

“ I remember saying to Emily ‘Go ahead, you can make your lap faster’ because I used to time it from end to end, ” Mark said in an interview with The Mail on Sunday.

And then I said, ‘Okay, let’s go see Mom and then once we’ve seen Mom, we’ll go get ice cream.’ And she said, ‘Yeah, brilliant.’ And that was it.’

What happened next transformed the tranquil Victorian park into an almost unimaginable scene of horror and shattered Mark’s life and his family forever.

Emily saw Sarah running down the hill and said excitedly, ‘Daddy, daddy. I want to go with mom. ‘ Mark replied “Of course” and she bolted down a path that snaked down the hill.


Anyone facing charges in the Crown Court may be eligible for legal assistance, subject to a strict means test.

The Ministry of Justice states: “Applicants for criminal legal assistance may be required to pay contributions up to the full cost of their defense.

He adds: ‘The above costs include VAT and Disbursements. Disbursements are incurred expenses that, although paid by the LAA directly to the providers, are then paid to other parties involved in the case. ‘

The criminals and defendants do not receive the payments, but instead are sent directly to the attorneys and attorneys who represent them to ensure a fair trial.

Without legal representation, criminals could argue that their trial was unfair and the convictions could be overturned.

Last August, the Government promised an additional £ 51 million funding for criminal legal aid lawyers in the first free legal aid increase in 25 years.

The Lawyers Society of England and Wales said it was “a small step in the right direction for troubled defense professionals whose profession is under threat.”

They warned: “A huge leap in investment is urgently required for criminal legal aid firms to survive.”

Emily’s father Mark shared his daughter’s final moments

But when Emily sped towards Sarah, yelling “Mom, Mom, Mom!” To attract her attention, a lone figure sitting on a bench jumped up and grabbed her, put her in a headlock, and slit her throat with a craft knife.

Sarah, who was wearing headphones, had not seen or heard Emily and kept running, oblivious to the gruesome scene happening near her.

Mark, who was 200 meters away, initially thought that her daughter had fallen off her scooter and that the figure holding Emily was helping her lift her up, until a nearby woman yelled, ‘She has been stabbed. ‘.

Emily was airlifted by air ambulance to Salford Royal Hospital, but she died half an hour after her arrival.

Eltiona Skana Quicks and Facts

  • Eltiona Skana, 31, killed Emily Jones in Queen’s Park, Bolton, on March 22, 2020
  • She was jailed for life in December after pleading guilty to Emily’s manslaughter 
  • It has emerged she was granted total of £66,564.48 in legal aid by Government

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