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Who is Elodie Constantin? Wiki, Bio, Age,wife of Jean-Paul Belmondo, death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Elodie Constantin

Elodie Constantin Wiki

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 Who is Elodie Constantin ?

Elodie Constantin was the ex-wife of Jean-Paul Belmondo, was a French actor initially associated with the New Wave of the sixties and one of the leading stars of French cinema for several decades beginning in the sixties. Her best known credits include Breathless (1960) and That Man from Rio (1964).

Belmondo was interested in acting. He spent his late teenage years at a private drama school and began performing comedy plays in the provinces. He studied with Raymond Giraud and then attended the Conservatory of Dramatic Art when he was twenty years old. He studied there for three years. He probably would have won the best actor award, but he participated in a skit poking fun at the school, which offended the jury; this resulted in his only honorable mention, “which nearly sparked a riot among his outraged fellow students” in August 1956, according to one report. The incident made front page news.

Belmondo’s acting career began successfully in 1953, with two performances at the Théâtre de l’Atelier in Paris, Médée by Jean Anouilh and Zamore by Georges Neveux. Belmondo began touring the provinces with friends like Annie Girardot and Guy Bedos.

Belmondo first appeared in the short film Moliere (1956). His first film role was a scene with Jean-Pierre Cassel in On Foot, Horseback and on Wheels (1957), which was cut from the final film; however, he had a larger role in the continuation of A Dog, a Mouse and a Sputnik (1958). Belmondo had a small role in the comedy Be Beautiful But Shut Up (1958), appearing with Alain Delon, followed by a gangster role in Young Sinners (1958), directed by Marcel Carné.

Belmondo supported Bourvil and Arletty in Sunday Encounter (1958). It was directed by Jean-Luc Godard in a short, Charlotte and Her Boyfriend (1958), where Belmondo’s voice was dubbed by Godard after Belmondo was drafted into the army. Belmondo’s first starring role was in Les Copains du Dimanche (1958).

He had a supporting role in An Angel on Wheels (1959) with Romy Schneider and later appeared in Web of Passion (1959) for Claude Chabrol. He played D’Artagnan in The Three Musketeers (1959) for French television.

Around this time he had a success on the stage of the Oscars (1958) in Paris, which led to him being offered the leading roles. The first of these was Consider All the Risks (1960), a gangster story with Lino Ventura. The second was in Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless (À bout de souffle, 1960), which made him an important figure in the French New Wave.

Elodie Constantin Age

Elodie Constantin’s age is unknown.

Elodie Constantin and Jean-Paul Belmondo

On December 4, 1952, Belmondo married Élodie Constantin, with whom he had three children: Patricia (1953-1993), who died in a fire, Florence (born 1958) and Paul (born 1963). Belmondo and Constantin separated in 1965. She filed for divorce in September 1966 and it was finalized on January 5, 1968.

He had relationships with Ursula Andress from 1965 to 1972, Laura Antonelli from 1972 to 1980, Brazilian actress and singer Carlos Sotto Mayor from 1980 to 1987, and Barbara Gandolfi from 2008 to 2012.

In 1989, Belmondo was 50 years old when he met 24-year-old dancer Natty Tardivel. The couple lived together for more than a decade before marrying in 2002. On August 13, 2003, Tardivel gave birth to Belmondo’s fourth child, 70, Stella Eva Angelina. Belmondo and Tardivel divorced in 2008.

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Jean-Paul Belmondo Cause of death

Jean-Paul Belmondo, the French actor who rose to international fame with Jean-Luc Godard’s revolutionary new wave classic Breathless, has died at the age of 88. The actor’s lawyer confirmed the news to AFP.

Belmondo, nicknamed Bébel by French audiences, became one of the country’s biggest box office stars in the 1960s and 1970s, the battered-looking face contrasted with the chiseled features of his rival and his collaborator Alain Delon. . Like Delon, Belmondo was a key figure in the prominent European film generation of the time, with the series of films he made with Godard, including A Woman Is a Woman and Pierrot le Fou, leaving an indelible mark.

In 2001, he was hospitalized with a stroke and did not make a movie until 2009 A Man and His Dog, which made no secret of the effects of the condition. In June of last year he was seen attending the funeral of comedian and screenwriter Guy Bedos in Paris.

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