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Breaking: Ella Lomas Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Ella Lomas Biography Ella Lomas Wiki

A young mother Ella Lomas, who feared her boyfriend didn’t love her enough, hanged herself after arguing the night before, according to an investigation conducted today.

Ella Lomas Age

Ella Lomas, 24, was found by her partner Bradley, who was hanged on the steps of her home in Fair Oak, Hants, after having an “argument” at a party.

The mother of one of them was a high-achieving woman who was passing exams to become a chartered accountant despite the fact that she had not attended university and had studied alongside him.

Ella Lomas Investigations

After investigating in Winchester, Hants, the audience was told that the future accountant was only trying to “gesture” or “call for help” and had no intention of committing suicide.

In a touching conversation with her mother the days before, she had confessed: “My expectations of how someone should love me are too high. I don’t think Bradley loves me more. ”

Lindsay Johnstone, Ella’s mother, said in a statement: “I had recently been stressed out due to various things. She was the main earner, a main accountant who ran a house.


“Unfortunately, he failed an exam in January, but had already booked it for March 9. He had prepared to fail that exam in January.”

Ms. Lomas’s mother recounted how her father Jason Lomas was arrested on suspicion of a felony and her relationship with her daughter had not been good, upsetting her in the days before his death.

Devastated friend Bradley told

In a written statement, a devastated friend Bradley told the coroner how they met when Ms. Lomas worked at the Switch nightclub in Southampton and then had a daughter together.

In his statement, Bradley said: “Our relationship was perfect. We love the simple things in life while we are together.

“She had never done something like that to worry about her in this way, so I think it should never happen.”

Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, the coroner, summed up her testimony and said: “From the moment they met, they were together all the time. He obviously adored her and felt that she was his soul mate.

“He feels like he should have intensified a little more to reduce the sharpness. You feel like She has had too much.

“He says that she never went out, that she always carried the laptop to the couch, that she was always on the go.

“Bradley thinks it’s a nightmare and one day he will wake up and it won’t be true.”

Bradley’s statement further described how Ella went out on the evening of March 5 for a formal work night for her company. Bradley had come to pick her up and take some of her friends home, the coroner said.

Ms Rhodes-Kemp said

Ms. Rhodes-Kemp said: “There was just a little bit of friction between Ella and Bradley on the way home. It is the usual when sometimes you have gone out for a while; I was worried about something she had said.

“This little tension showed, there was no discussion. Then when they got home, She wanted to keep talking about things. ”

The coroner recounted how Bradley decided to sleep on the couch the next day and chat while Ms. Lomas went to her room and could be overheard by a friend who was there to babysit.

Bradley was heard saying, “Go to bed, we’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

Ambulance records reported that medical professionals came to Ms. Lomas’s home, where she lived with her partner, shortly after 2 a.m. until the early hours of March 6.

Doctors who recorded Ms. Lomas’s discovery by her boyfriend attempted to resuscitate the patient when they took her to the hospital.

Although the doctors fought to save Ms. Lomas, she continued to deteriorate and the exam surprised the nurses by telling the family to go to bed because they didn’t have much time.

The coroner told Ms. Lomas’ ‘mother’: At this point, she didn’t think Bradley liked her enough, and they had this little argument that could have been exposed at any other time in their relationship.

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