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Who was Edwin Edwards?(Prison pen pal turned third wife, 43, of late Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards who died at 93 is at war with his adult children ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Edwin Edwards

Edwin Edwards Wiki

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Who was Edwin Edwards ?

Prison pen pal who became the late Louisiana Governor’s third wife, Edwin Edwards, has gone to war with her adult children, who are more than two decades older than her, after they were allegedly exhumed and cremated. their remains without notifying them.

Trina Edwards, 43, had her husband’s body unearthed in a cemetery in Baton Rouge just 10 weeks after he was buried, following her death at 93 in July.

Her ashes are currently on a nightstand in the house she shared with Edwards in Gonzalez while she decides on a final resting place.wikipedia

The move has drawn the ire of the Democratic governor’s three oldest children, Anna, Stephen and Victoria, who claim the widow ignored their father’s wishes and that the reality star is trying to regain her ’15 minutes of fame ‘ .

Edwards, a four-term governor who served eight years in prison for corruption, was married three times and has five children.


His four oldest children, Anna, Victoria, Stephen and David, are from his first marriage to Elaine Edwards. The couple, who met in high school and were married for 40 years, divorced in 1989 and she died in 2018.

Edwards later married Candy Picou in 1994, but she divorced him after his trial and conviction for racketeering.

It was while Edwards was behind bars that he struck up a relationship with Trina Grimes Scott, who, at 51 years his junior, began writing to him in jail.

Following her release, the couple married and welcomed a son, Eli, who is now eight, using sperm that the governor froze a decade earlier. They also starred in a reality series called The Governor’s Wife.

But, David is the only child from her late husband’s first marriage with whom he still speaks regularly after her death and, after she cremated Edwards’s remains, her relationship with her children seems to have soured even more.

Anna, Stephen and Victoria have spoken out this week in an interview with The Advocate to condemn his decision to incinerate his father without his knowledge, as they claim that he “ hated ” the idea of being buried that way.

Stephen said the cremation went against the religious beliefs of his father, something he made clear long before his death.

“He was one of the great group of Christians who believed that if you are in this world and are cremated, your soul cannot go to heaven,” he said.

He made it known to all of us and to his friends.

Instead, Edwards had told him that he wanted to be buried in Port Hudson National Cemetery, after he served as a pilot in the Navy in World War II, Stephen said.

The couple then went on to star in a reality TV series called The Governor’s Wife

Victoria added that cremation ‘is one of the things my father swore he never wanted. He hated that idea.

What made matters worse, they said, was that Trina did not consult with her adult children before moving forward with her plans.

Anna revealed that she was “ shocked and horrified ” when she learned that her father’s remains had been unearthed and cremated in a text message.

“She was beyond shocked,” she said.

“I can remember many conversations with my father over the years about death and burial. He didn’t like the idea of ​​being cremated.

‘He thought it was abominable. He was horrified that he wanted me to be cremated. ”

Victoria also suggested that her stepmother may have been motivated by her pursuit of fame.

“She has lost her 15 minute fame and desperately wants it back,” she said.

While the brothers agreed that her stepmother took good care of her father in his later years, they claimed that she began freezing them as soon as she passed away from respiratory complications on July 12.


Stephen said Trina did not assign them seats at his funeral, forcing him to find the first available seat in the back.

However, Trina has criticized her late husband’s children for airing his dirty laundry in public, claiming that they barely saw her father in his later years and were unaware of her father’s wishes for burial. her.

Trina told The Advocate that her family knew from the beginning that her burial was temporary.

They knew it when I buried it there. Everyone knew it was temporary, so honestly, I don’t quite understand what the problem is or why they are being this way, ” she said.

She Trina claimed that she then approached David about his plans to exhume and incinerate his remains and was told that no one was opposed to the idea.

She also insisted that she considered her adult children “in all plans” for his funeral and provided seats for them, but the day was so heavy she didn’t know they were having trouble finding them.

David did not tell The Advocate about his version of events or the breakup between his brothers and his stepmother.

Trina also said that she spoke extensively with her husband about funeral arrangements and final wishes leading up to her death, something she said he did not do with her adult children.

“As far as I know, he never talked about anything that was going to happen after his death with any of his children,” she said.

‘What Edwin told me about where he wanted to be buried, these are his words:’ As my surviving widow, it is up to you to decide what happens after my death. ‘

While he said that he quit his job to take care of his sick spouse, he accused his children of hardly seeing him in his later life and claimed that they did not help take care of him.

“ I quit my job to take care of him, which I did, and I took excellent care of him. And he loved me and he was comfortable enough with me to put me in charge, ” he said.

The 43-year-old said she understands that people “handle pain differently,” but she regretted that her stepchildren are preparing for a “public fight.”

She vowed not to get carried away by the drama.

“I am sorry that her family feels the need to try to get me into a public fight, but I will not dishonor my husband’s memory by participating,” she told Advocate.

Edwards and Trina on their wedding day with one of her sons from a previous marriage. When they wed, Edwards was 83 and she was 32

“The moment he came home to Eli and me, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief and got the closure that I was so desperately seeking,” he said.

Trina reiterated that she told Edwards’ other children before exhuming her husband.

“I notified her son that I am still in contact with and asked him to notify her siblings, which he gracefully did,” she wrote.

‘I am already aware of what is being published on Facebook, so there is no need for everyone to keep messaging me about it.

“Everything is very false, but I will not retaliate or fight because it is not necessary.”

Trina also spoke about the escalation of the drama in a radio interview for Talk Louisiana, where she defended her actions by saying that she was in a ‘really bad place’ when she decided to bury Edwards for the first time.

“ He originally had a plot in Resthaven which is where they were going to bury him and a lot happened and I was not allowed to bury him there so I had to make a last minute decision and I knew that eventually I would probably take him somewhere else, so I picked the easiest and most available place that I wasn’t happy with afterwards, ” she said.

Soon after I realized that it was a mistake. I was in a really bad place when I made the decision, so I was probably not thinking clearly and just couldn’t sleep at night. ‘

Anna, Edwin, David and Candy Edwards from left to right after he was convicted in 2000

Trina said that she wanted to take her husband “back home” and she felt “relief” as soon as she did.

“ She would go out and try to walk to the grave and she just couldn’t get out of the car. She just hated him. So I decided I wanted to bring him back home, ” she said.

‘So that’s what I did. I was relieved the moment they brought him back. ‘

Trina said she plans to scatter her husband’s ashes somewhere where the public can pay their respects to the governor, who was a popular figure despite her controversy.

One idea is that he will be buried near Huey Long’s in the public gardens in front of the State Capitol.

Trina, who has two grown children from a previous marriage, was just 32 when she married the 83-year-old former governor in July 2011.

She began writing to him when he was sent to prison in 2000 and found guilty of taking bribe money in exchange for river casino licenses.

She Trina said they spoke for seven hours during her first visit to him in jail.

On her second visit, she said that he told her that he loved her about her and that he was going to marry her.

Edwin Edwards Quick and Facts

  • Trina Edwards, 43, had her husband’s corpse dug up from a cemetery in Baton Rouge just 10 weeks after he was laid to rest, following his death aged 93 in July
  • The Democratic governor’s ashes currently sit on a nightstand in the home they shared while she decides on a final resting place
  • His three eldest children – Anna, Stephen and Victoria – have spoken out claiming the widow ignored their father’s wishes not to be cremated 
  • Anna said she was ‘shocked’ to learn what Trina had done with her father’s remains via text message 
  • Victoria accused her stepmom of trying to claw back her ’15 minutes of fame’
  • Trina pushed back on their claims saying she told their brother David and saying the adult children did not see or care for their dad in his final days 
  • Edwards was married three times and has four adult children – Anna, Victoria, Stephen and David – from his first marriage – and one son – Eli, 8 – with Trina   
  • The four-term governor struck up a romance with Trina while he was serving eight years in prison for corruption 

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