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Who is Edward Cagney Mathews?(man is charged with harassment for yelling racial slurs) Wiki, Bio, Age,crime, incident details, investigations, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Edward Cagney Mathews

Edward Cagney Mathews Wiki

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Who was Edward Cagney Mathews?

A white man who racially insulted a black neighbor, nudged him and told him he was “from Africa” before spitting on him was arrested and charged with harassment.

Edward Cagney Mathews, 45, was arrested Monday night after about 100 protesters gathered outside his Mount Laurel home for hours.

Mathews was well known to law enforcement and has been the subject of numerous complaints from neighbors, NJ.com reported, but thus far there has been no evidence of abusive behavior on his part.

The protesters were angered by new photos posted on social media that showed him meeting his neighbors, using the N word and calling them monkeys.

When the police were called, Mathews refused to go home and started yelling curses from the sidewalk despite the police officer saying, “Cagney, drop it, man, let me talk to you.”

In images showing Friday’s fight, Mathews gives his address several times before leaving and says, “Come to me.”

A large crowd of around 100 accepted his invitation and gathered at his home on Monday.

“What I did now was not acceptable,” Mathews said in footage recorded by protesters Monday night.

“This is completely wrong.”

He had previously told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he was drunk and lost his temper.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I speak like that,” he said.

In a statement posted online Monday morning, the Mount Laurel Police Department said Mathews was charged with one-sided harassment and intimidation, but was initially sued and not arrested.

Mount Laurel is located 30 km east of Philadelphia.

On Monday night, prosecutors announced at a press conference that they would press new charges against Mathews based on more video footage.

He faces more charges after prosecutors investigated more footage of the incident and determined that Mathews spat at the victim, Mount Laurel Police spokesman Kyle Gardner said.

Gardner said the department was aware of Mathews from previous complaints, but in previous cases much of the evidence was circumstantial.

Burlington County District Attorney Scott Coffina praised the victim attacked by Mathews in the video.

“He showed incredible reluctance when someone spat terrible, horrible things in his face and attacked him,” Coffina said.

He didn’t deserve it. None of the locals deserved it. No one should feel unsafe in their home.

On Monday night, police were outside Mathews’ home as protesters gathered outside.

When the police decided to arrest Mathews around 7:30 p.m., footage released by a reporter shows protesters throwing objects at officers and Mathews as they approach a police car and then the car drives away.

After Mathews was removed from his home, protesters smashed the windows of his apartment and riot police removed them from the area, NJ.com reported.

Police said they are investigating other incidents with Mathews.

Marcus Sibley said?

Marcus Sibley, president of the Southern Burlington NAACP, said Mathews has been harassing black residents of the neighborhood for at least three years and that police had been notified in the past.

“The main thing that makes you shake your head is that there hasn’t been any reaction,” Sibley said.

“We are looking for a reform. When we say that we feel intimidated, hurt and hurt, we want the answer to be: “This is wrong. This is inhumane. This is disrespectful and we will use the full force of the law to let others know that people are not being treated this way. ”

The mayor and city council issued a statement on Monday denouncing Mathew’s racism and “acts of hatred.”

“To say that we are dismayed by the disturbing and appalling act of hatred that was filmed would be an understatement,” the statement said.

“This man’s actions do not reflect who we are as a community or our values.

“No one should feel unsafe or uncomfortable in his neighborhood, let alone his hometown.”

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