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Who is Durve Dawes? Wiki, Bio, Age,Wife, Video, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Durve Dawes

Durve Dawes wiki

                                                      Durve Dawes Biography

Durve Dawes is the father of the four children of Denaro and, according to TMZ, lost a battle of custody with Denaro. Talking to the Gossip website, he said that he does not approve the behavior of Denaro.

“She is responsible for her’s actions and she is damaging [ing] to our children as a pit that spit by the mouth,” he said. “I have a problem with everyone using that form of language … even to my own children.”

Dawes suggested that Denaro will get “adequate mental care and being effectively monitored” to be a better influence on her children. He believes that the children of him are suffering “emotional harm due to the disgusting drain of Stephanie.”

He said that the cheeky actions of him make him fear for the safety of children, and the incident of the bakery is only the tip of the iceberg. According to reports, she has published several videos and disturbing photos, including a photo of her two sons with a legend held the transatlantic slave trade. But she said it was not too late for Denaro to do things right. He explained how she can reassure him, that of her children of her are safe with her, and also modifies him with Victor Kamara, the employee of the bakery.

Durve Dawes Age

The Durve Dawes Age is unknown.

She is damaging with the ‘Race venom’

She called “Bagel Karen” next to the Internet, Stephanie Denaro, 38, was read by calling a black worker in a racial bakery after she refused to serve her unless he would take a mask.

She called the staff of Davidovich Bakery, Victor Kamara, a “B **** – A ** N-Word” in front of her nods of her. Now, the father of her son has heavy. And he is worried about the safety of her children.

Denaro, who has been strongly criticized online, has been thinned with a racial insult, despite the fact that she was trapped on the ribbon using it. “I did not call the N-Word,” she said. “I called him a term to describe her behavior.” She added: “Listen, there are different ways to spell things. I called a specific word.” In the video, she can hear him saying, after using the racial slur, “that’s what it is. B **** – A ** N-Word. I just said it. You heard it.”

Kamara, on the other hand, dismissed his denial: “Honestly, I really do not know where that answer comes from, I think more than a million people have seen the video and, as it says in the video, she really said those words … I feel that it is an insult for all “.

Responding to the public reaction, Denaro also said: “I think the rights of people are becoming obligated to use masks … I am a Christian and I do not cover the face.” In a separate interview with daily news, she said, however, “I said: ‘You are a B **** – A ** N-Word’, a term that they use. All my children have a black father. That is A term, I’ve heard them use all my life. “

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