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Who is Dr Rym Alaoui?(Acid attacker caught on video on his way to disfigure his ex: Jilted lover wore a fat suit to disguise himself as a ‘large black woman’ before hurling corrosive liquid over medical student ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Victim,Attack Acid,Charged,Investigation,Crime, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dr Rym Alaoui

Dr Rym Alaoui Wiki

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Who is Dr Rym Alaoui ?

An abandoned medical student who disguised himself in a thick suit and threw acid on his ex-girlfriend in meticulously prepared jealous rage was jailed for 15 years today.

Dr Rym Alaoui suffered life-changing injuries when a former colleague and boyfriend of hers threw acid in her face in a horrific, premeditated and planned attack on the door of her home in Brighton.

Milad Rouf, 25, disguised herself as a burly black woman before dumping sulfuric acid on her ex-girlfriend when she opened the door in May.Wikipedia

Dr. Alaoui suffered life-changing injuries to her face, neck, and chest. Lewes Crown Court heard that she is unable to close her eyes or move her neck and has lost sight in her right eye.

How old is Dr Rym Alaoui ?

She is unknown age clear.


Rouf, from Cardiff, armed herself with an acid strike team before traveling with her family to Eltham, in south-east London, and then to Brighton, where she awaited her victim.

Following a search of Rouf’s apartment after the attack, police officers found a “shopping list” detailing his costume.

His honor judge, Christine Laing QC, told Rouf that she had no doubt that he was a danger to women before sending him to prison with an extended sentence of 15 years.

The two studied medicine together at Cardiff University and Rouf planned his attack after Dr Alaoui ended their short relationship and moved to Brighton in April.

Milad Rouf Jailed

A judge told Milad Rouf (above) that he had no doubt that he was a danger to women before sending him to prison for 15 years.

Within weeks, Rouf had planned and carried out his inexplicable attack, the court heard. Rouf knew better than most the effect sulfuric acid would have on the body, the judge said. The attack was incomprehensible, the judge told him.

“He thought about what he wanted to do and how he was going to do it and planned for weeks before doing it,” Judge Laing said.

“He knew very well that what he was doing was wrong and he tried to evade the responsibility of continuing his medical career.”

Judge Laing described the attack as inexplicable, aside from jealousy and anger at being rejected.wikipedia

Rouf’s voice cracked when he answered guilty to the charges of intentionally causing serious bodily injury and using sulfuric acid with the intent to burn, maim, disfigure or disable at an earlier hearing.

Rouf threw sulfuric acid on Dr. Alaoui, who is 20, when she opened the door in Steine ​​Gardens, Brighton. The acid was so concentrated that he burned the paint on her front door.

In a personal statement from the victim, Dr. Alaoui said that she fears for her future after Rouf stole her career and her life as a young adult.

He ended their relationship before moving to Brighton, where he worked as a junior physician at the city’s Royal Sussex County Hospital.


In the statement, Dr. Alaoui wrote: “When I came to open the door that day, a substance that I now know is sulfuric acid was thrown at my face.

“Since the day I was subjected to this horrible attack, my life has changed. I live in pain and fear of my future well-being and financial difficulties.

“The impact of the attack includes severe damage to my right eye that I still cannot see from. Damage to the eyelids and damage to the skin of the face, neck and arm.

‘I can’t move my neck and close my eyelids. I have had five surgeries. I am still trying to accept more procedures and operations.

‘I can’t go to work or live my life. Years of my career and my life as a young adult have been stolen from me. The psychological effect had been colossal for me, my family and my loved ones.

She was taken from her apartment to the nearby Royal Sussex Hospital where she worked and was cared for by colleagues.

Rouf knocked on her door disguised as her burly black woman before dumping acid on her at 4:20 pm on May 20.

Rouf showed her ex-girlfriend a note and threw the acid in her face as he looked down to read it. She left her costume in containers around town before buying new clothes at Primark and fleeing to her home in Wales.


A neighbor said he heard a ‘really loud scream’ before seeing the young woman being carried off the property with a blanket over her head.

“ I came running because I couldn’t see anything from the window because it sounded like a scream that you never want to hear. A serious scream. She knew she was a young lady.

“ I couldn’t understand where the noise was coming from, I went back and the next minute there were a bunch of police and ambulances outside. It had a blanket over it.

A second neighbor described how they saw an acid attack team on the road outside the property after the attack.

He said, “I went out around 9:00 PM yesterday to get some scraps from the store and there was a plastic box with a note printed inside that said ‘acid attack kit.’

Police carried out extensive investigations after the incident, including examining hours of CCTV footage to follow Rouf’s movements.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “When the victim opened the door, she threw a corrosive substance at him before fleeing the scene.

The victim, whom Rouf knew through her studies, suffered life-changing injuries as a result of the attack. Officers discovered that she had disguised herself as a woman to carry out the attack.

As she fled the scene, she dumped items from her costume in containers throughout the city, before purchasing new clothes from Primark.

After her arrest, a search of her home address in Cardiff found items that matched the clothing she purchased in Brighton, as well as a handwritten list of items that she included in the costume. her ”.

Investigating Officer Rose Horan said: ‘This was a premeditated, malicious and heartbreaking incident and I would like to thank the victim for displaying such incredible courage and dignity at all times. She has been inspiring.

‘I would also like to thank the many officers who responded to the incident and the community at large for their tremendous support in our investigation. We approached and interacted with a wide range of businesses in the city center and they provided us with hundreds of hours of CCTV.

“ In the end, it was these images that allowed us to trace Rouf’s movements around the city and build a strong case against her, which resulted in a guilty plea in court. ”

Rouf, from Newport Road, Cardiff, describes himself as the founder and managing director of a website called DocBot since 2016.

Dr. Alaoui is appointed Director of Marketing for DocBot. Rouf describes the site as being created by young doctors and senior medical students in the UK.

“Our aim is to raise awareness of health issues and debunk myths, our mission being to reduce preventable diseases across the UK.”

In her online bio of hers, Dr. Alaoui wrote: ‘My name is Rym and I am DocBot’s finance and marketing manager! I currently work as an F1 doctor in Brighton.

Milad Rouf Statement

“I am particularly interested in neurology and anesthetics, and was president of the Society for Intensive, Perioperative and Anesthesia Care at Cardiff University.

“In my spare time, I enjoy martial arts, I drink coffee (probably too much) and I am passionate about languages.”

Rouf described himself as the one who takes naps as part of his online statement. ‘My name is Milad and I am the founder and managing director of DocBot.

“ I am very passionate about preventive medicine and medical education, which is why I put the two together and created DocBot in the summer of 2016.

“I am also in my last year of medical school in Cardiff and I am particularly interested in general practice and anesthesia.

“I am currently the President of the Cardiff University Anesthesia, Perioperative and Intensive Care Society.

Rouf was sentenced to 11 years in custody with an extended sentence of another four years.

He will serve at least three-quarters of the 11 years in custody before being released on leave. He didn’t show any emotion when he was knocked down.

Joe Pullen of the Crown Prosecution Service said: “ This was a shocking and premeditated attack, motivated by jealousy and an inability to come to terms with the end of their relationship, which has left a young woman with life-changing injuries.

‘My thoughts today are with this courageous woman, whose strength and endurance throughout the investigation and prosecution are inspiring. I hope she can find some comfort in today’s sentence.

Also, I want to thank the Sussex Police for their excellent work in uncovering Rouf’s elaborate costume.

“ I am pleased that we were able to build a strong and swift case against him, using extensive physical and CCTV evidence, which saw him plead guilty to the most appropriate charge of applying a corrosive fluid with intent.

‘This violence has no place in our society. CPS is committed to protecting victims of domestic abuse through our close work with law enforcement to build the strongest possible cases and charges appropriate for the crime. ‘

Dr Rym Alaoui Quick and Facts

  • Dr Rym Alaoui suffered life changing injuries when ex-boyfriend threw acid in her face in Brighton in May
  • Milad Rouf, 25, disguised himself as a large, black woman and carried out attack when she answered door
  • Dr Alaoui suffered life changing injuries to her face, neck and chest and is now unable to close her eyes

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