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Who is Dr. Robert Neulander?(Can a daughter’s frantic 911 call convict or free her father from charges that he killed his wife) Wiki, Bio, Age,Charged,Wife Killed,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dr. Robert Neulander

Dr. Robert Neulander Wiki

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Who is Dr. Robert Neulander ?

Dr. Robert Neulander had yelled at him for help. He said that he had just found his wife on the bathroom shower floor. Within minutes, paramedics arrived at the house. Leslie Neulander, 61, had suffered a massive head injury. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

“You get a call, ‘fall in shower,’ show up expecting to see crash victim near shower,” 48 Hours correspondent Jim Axelrod told former DeWitt, New York, police Sgt. Scott Kapral.

“That’s right,” he answered. “The expectations are that she will be there in the shower or right outside the shower.”

Instead, Kapral found Leslie Neulander in her bedroom, on the floor near the bed.

“I go into the royal bedroom,” Kapral continued, “…and that’s when I catch all the blood.”

Kapral noticed blood in different areas of the room: pooled on the carpet and splattered on the wall next to the bed.

“My radar is going off, as far as saying, ‘We need to answer why, why is all this blood here,’” he said.


Kapral had a lot of questions, but Dr. Neulander seemed to have all the answers. He told investigators that after finding Leslie on the floor in the shower, he led her out of the bathroom, about 60 feet into the bedroom, where he was able to perform CPR more comfortably, something he did despite protests. from Jenna:

Jenna Neulander on the 911 call: Dad, don’t move her! Daddy, stop moving her please!

“As she tells the story of what happened and as the medical examiner digests it and we’re all digesting it, her actual story of the step-by-step process … fits the pattern of where you saw these different pools of blood.” Kapral said.

The medical examiner at the scene examined Leslie’s injuries and ruled that they matched Dr. Neulander’s account. Death: a tragic accident. The report stated: “Blunt force head injuries due to a fall from a standing height.” Leslie Neulander died after hitting her head on the shower bench.

“Everything was weird. Everything was out of place with a fall in the shower,” Kapral said.

“You’ve been a cop for 20 years, have you ever seen head trauma like that?” Axelrod asked.

“Well, not from a fall,” Kapral replied. “But as we listen to the medical examiner explain what he thinks might have happened, you know, we’re not doctors, we’re not forensic pathologists, we’re police officers, we’re investigators… So, we certainly respect that.”

Jenna Neulander’s eyewitness account seemed to support the medical examiner’s decision that it was an accident when police interviewed her as part of her routine investigation:

Jenna Neulander Police Interview: I See Him Carrying Her…

Police interview of Jenna Neulander: It was like holding her face close to see if she was breathing.

Leslie Neulander Death

Leslie Neulander’s death shook the community.

Mary Jumbelic was a good friend of the Neulanders.

“Everyone knew the Neulanders,” she said. “It seemed like the perfect couple, the perfect marriage, the perfect family really… Leslie was a fabulous woman. Very lively, energetic, unassuming.”

“She was turned on,” Axelrod noted.

“Yes,” said Jumbelic. “I know people always speak highly of the dead, but truly, this was her personality, to be so generous and alive.”

Leslie and Robert gave generously, both of their time and money. They were well known for their philanthropy. His social prominence dovetailed with Robert Neulander’s professional position as one of the most respected obstetricians and gynecologists in the Syracuse area.

“He gave birth to a lot of babies around here,” Axelrod said.

“Many, many with very good feelings toward the care that he provided to those patients over many, many years,” Jumbelic said.

Julie Crosby, who worked with Dr. Neulander helping pregnant women, says patients were drawn to his supportive attitude.

“My interactions with Dr. Neulander were joyful: these wonderful things that were happening… welcoming your baby, becoming a family,” she explained.

“I found Dr. Neulander to be compassionate, kind…informed,” Crosby said.

That caring manner, say those who knew them best, was a defining value for this close-knit family.

The closeness is easy to see in the videotaped birthday tributes to Robert and Leslie, made by their children, Emily and Brian, from Robert’s first marriage, and Ari and Jenna from the couple’s 28-year marriage. Mixed with loving teasing for her mother, there is deep appreciation.

“Thank you for being you. I love you,” Ari Neulander said in the video.

The kindness of the Neulanders was something Jumbelic experienced firsthand after falling seriously ill, with an infection, while on vacation in the Czech Republic in the summer of 2012.

“I was in a coma and then in the hospital for three weeks,” he explained.

When she finally returned home, the first neighbors to see her were the Neulanders.

“I remember hugging everyone and I remember Leslie saying, ‘We’re so glad you made it,'” Jumbelic recalled.

Just two days later, Jumbelic received the devastating news: Leslie was dead, a freak accident, she had slipped in her shower.

“I couldn’t believe she just saw me and told me how grateful she is that I’m alive and she’s dead. It was shocking. It was overwhelming,” she said.

“And what did you think about that?” Axelrod asked.

“Well, at the time I thought… I guess that can happen, even to a very healthy and athletic 61-year-old,” Jumbelic responded.

That was the same conclusion that Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick reached when he first learned of Leslie’s death. He believed it had been a tragic accident, until a few months later, when a clue changed everything.


Three months after Leslie Neulander’s sudden death, Mary Jumbelic began receiving unusual calls from friends.

“What are they saying?” Jim Axelrod asked.

“We don’t think it was an accident,” Jumbelic said.

And who better to share her concerns than a forensic scientist. For 11 years, Dr. Mary Jumbelic was the county’s chief coroner until she retired in 2009.

“My focus my entire career has been to speak up for the dead,” she said.

Dr. Jumbelic listened carefully. There were questions about all that blood and rumors about the Neulanders’ personal lives.

“Are you hearing about a troubled marriage?” Axelrod asked Jumbelic. “Are you hearing about financial problems?”

“Yes,” she answered both questions.

Robert and Leslie Neulander

“We said good night and we loved each other and they all kissed and went to their respective bedrooms,” Neulander told the district attorney. During the Interview.

Dr. Neulander tells the D.A. that early the next morning, he went for a run at a nearby Green Lakes State Park, then brought Leslie her usual cup of morning coffee when she returned: “The shower is open,” he said. “I hear the water running and put it on the nightstand.”

About an hour later, he says, he went back to see Leslie and there she was: lying on the floor in the shower. Dr. Neulander says he started CPR and tried to call 911, but the phone in the bathroom wasn’t working. So he ran into Jenna’s room and yelled at her to call 911. The time: 8:25 a.m. m.:


“The day Jenna was going to testify, viewers were lined up waiting for what she was going to say,” Jim Stevens said.

Two and a half years after the death of Jenna Neulander’s loving mother, Jenna Neulander’s devoted daughter Leslie, now 25, is about to take the stand to defend her father.

“There was no question there was pain in that courtroom when she testified,” Stevens said.

“She’s trying to secure her father’s freedom and she’s dealing with her mother’s death,” Axelrod said.

“Right,” Stevens said. “I don’t know how she got on the stand to do it.”

“She is the only other eyewitness,” Bill Fitzpatrick said. “She is very, very important to the outcome of this case.

With all eyes on her, Jenna tearfully describes her mother that she lost.

“She was genuinely upset and sad to testify. Her testimony forced her to bring some memories to the surface of her mother, whom she clearly loved very, very much,” Fitzpatrick said.

Jenna then tells the jury what happened at the Neulander house in the hours before her mother’s death. She says that she was with her mother in Leslie’s room until 2 am. m., and Jenna clearly remembers the sheets on her mother’s bed that night. She says they’re the same ones from the death scene photos…the sheets the housekeeper said they changed.


With family photos on display, the Neulander children returned to the courthouse. For the first time, cameras were allowed in court.

Facing a maximum sentence of 25 years to life, Neulander’s family begged the judge for the minimum sentence of 15 years. Leslie’s sister, Joanne London-Leslie, spoke on behalf of the family.

“If any of us were even slightly suspected of some kind of foul play, we wouldn’t be here today on Bob’s behalf,” she said.

And then it was time for Robert Neulander to address the court.Dr. Neulander addresses the court in sentencing him.
“My head is high for the verdict of this court, because an innocent man has been wrongfully convicted … I would not and did not take a life,” he said. “I love my wife Leslie so much, and I mourn her every day, now and forever.”

The judge sentenced Robert Neulander to 20 years to life in a New York state prison.

“In the eyes of the jury, Dr. Neulander, you intentionally murdered your wife and then attempted to use your own daughter to cover it up. Your daughter, who clearly adores you, is as evil as it gets,” Judge Thomas J. said. Miller.

As Dr. Neulander is escorted out of the courtroom to begin his sentence, Jenna yelled, “I love you, Dad.”

The Neulander children have now not only lost their mother, but also their father.

“I hate what this has done to Jenna. That’s probably the most painful thing of all,” said Dr. Mary Jumbelic. “He brought Jenna into that process. He made her a witness for her own ends. And that’s cruel.”

But Jumbelic knows that she also played a part in her suffering.

“Do you regret her involvement in the case?” Axelrod asked.

“No…this is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire career. It was the right thing to do though,” she replied. “We’re finally giving Leslie credit for what she’s been through.”

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