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Breaking: Dr Lauri Kriisa Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dr Lauri Kriisa Wiki

                Dr Lauri Kriisa  Biography

Dr. Lauri Kriisa, 40, who was due to start a shift at the hospital, grabbed the victim and dragged her to her bed after being called to treat him for an alleged overdose after a call to 999.

The Estonian-born consultant anesthetist from Stockton-on-Tees had used drugs and alcohol during a s*xual encounter with a man she met on a dating app.

Dr Lauri Kriisa Age

Dr Lauri Kriisa 40 year old.

The medic suggested he was so under the influence of GHB he would have had no idea he was forcing himself on a woman.

He was working as a Locum Specialty Doctor of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine at North Tees University Hospital when the incident occurred on August 17, 2018.

The paramedic known as Ms A said in a statement: “ Upon arriving at the scene, a young man took me and upstairs to a bedroom.

The other man present told me that Dr. Kriisa had been taking Viagra and a drug called GHB.

‘Dr. Kriisa’s level of consciousness improved and he was alert. His behavior turned s*xual, he was grabbing me and pulling me onto the bed.

I raised my voice to tell him to stop, he seemed to listen initially, but he was still grabbing me and pulling me towards him.

I couldn’t get out of the bedroom. Dr. Kriisa did not verbalize anything other than “ooh ooh” noises. She didn’t seem coherent, her eyes were glassy.

“ He didn’t seem surprised that the paramedics were in this room and I’m not sure he knew what he was doing, I think he thought we were there for a s*x party.

She added: ‘I didn’t feel Dr Kriisa was acting in his right mind

She added: ‘I didn’t feel like Dr. Kriisa was acting in his right mind. I feel that the drugs taken were causing the s*xual behavior and that he did not know who I was or what his intentions were under the influence of drugs.

She did not speak, but made strange noises with her mouth, smiled and her eyes were glassy but fixed on me in a kind of trance.

‘She didn’t seem coherent, her eyes were glassy. I’m not sure he was aware of what he was doing.

‘I felt quite vulnerable after the event. We sat for a long period after we delivered Dr. Kriisa in the back of the ambulance talking about everything.

“ I felt a bit violated, I felt dirty and I just wanted to go home and scrub myself. I had been dragged into a bed where s*xual activity had recently taken place and I just wanted to go home. ‘

In a statement to the court, Kriisa said she did not remember the events and claimed that her last memory was drinking alcohol and watching YouTube.

She insisted that her actions were “not s*xually motivated” and at the time “she was not aware of what she was doing.”

Attorney Thomas Moran from the General Medical Council said: “Dr. Kriisa had a paramedic do difficult work and provide emergency care through a very unpleasant experience, which left them feeling vulnerable and violated.

Even in the absence of sexual motivation, Dr. Kriisa has some responsibility for willfully putting himself in a situation that resulted in him dangerously intoxicating and grabbing Ms. A, whether or not he has voluntarily taken the drugs that led to his behavior.

Dr. Kriisa, seeking his own pleasure, risked going to a stranger’s house to drink alcohol in the wee hours of the morning on a day he knew he was scheduled to work a night shift and had not hired nobody to cover it. for him.

“Dr. Kriisa knew that consuming alcohol could affect his judgment and accepts that he had previously taken Viagra with alcohol to enhance sexual experiences.

Kriisa’s attorney, Mr. Philip Stott, said: “These events are outside the scope of Dr. Kriisa’s professional life and clinical practice.

“It is clear that Dr. Kriisa is a competent and caring physician and there are no concerns related to his conduct or abilities at work.

Dr. Kriisa has expressed remorse and apologized for his actions and the impact it had on Ms. A.

“The circumstances would have been substantially more serious if the misconduct had been in the form of rape or s*xual penetration.

“There was no breach of trust with a patient, and it was actually the patient himself.


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