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Breaking: Dr Joseph Varon Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dr Joseph Varon Wiki

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As emotions surged between staff and patients in a Covid-19 room on Thanksgiving, a doctor did what many couldn’t imagine: he hugged and comforted an elderly patient. The photo of the coronavirus patient and Dr. Joseph Varon, chief of staff at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas, was taken in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Dr. Varon, dressed in full personal protective equipment, wrapped his gloved hands over the patient, the heartbreaking photo taken by Getty Images photographer Go Nakamura is viewed by millions. The man buried his face in the doctor’s chest and the two shared a moment that captured a variety of emotions, from sadness to fatigue, to compassion and the tireless work of healthcare professionals who constantly work to treat patients. patients with Covid-19.

According to Dr. Varon, the patient was excited that he was left alone in intensive care on Thanksgiving and wanted to be with his wife. “Normally I have means in our unit so that people can see what is happening. The photographer follows me and when I enter my Covid-19 unit, I see this elderly patient get up from his bed and try to leave the room and cry. So I went up to him and said, “Why are you crying? She says, “I want to be with my wife. I grabbed it and held it. He didn’t know he was being photographed at the time. And finally he felt better and stopped crying. ”

November 26 was the 252nd consecutive working day at the hospital for Dr. Varon. He said that the older patient could not be with his wife at this time. We need to complete your treatment. The cotton swabs must be negative so that we can later ship it from the hospital. But is very difficult. You can imagine. You are in a room where people enter (wear) spacesuits (referring to healthcare workers wearing personal protective equipment or PPE). You have no communication with anyone else or by phone if you are lucky. And when you are an older person, it is even more difficult because you think you are alone. You feel isolated, ”he said.

Dr. Varon said that he felt very sorry for the patient similar things

Dr. Varon said that he felt very sorry for the patient. “I felt as sad as him and reminded all the patients that I had to do similar things. I will go to a room and sit and chat with them because they really need someone to help them. And my team is very good at this. However, we have so many patients that sometimes we cannot hold all the patients or we cannot hold the hand of a patient, “he explained.

Saying that the patient in the picture is in “much better” condition, the doctor added that they hoped he would be able to leave the hospital before the weekend. Nakamura, who shared the photo on social media, said: “I am grateful to witness such a wonderful time and I thank all healthcare professionals for their hard work even during the Christmas season.

The image also attracted a lot of attention among people on social media. Someone called it “heartbreaking”, another “heartbreaking” and the third said, “Yeah, this year’s picture and it ruined me.

One person wrote “the real hero” and another said: “If only one picture could say a thousand words! From compassion, kindness to the humility of the doctor and what # COVID19 has done to us, this picture says it all. We will get out of this together. “Someone wrote:” The photograph is devastating but also very moving and a beautiful example of the humanity of a doctor, “another called it” a great act of love. “

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