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Who is Dr Gail Bradbrook?(Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook is branded a hypocrite after revealing she drives ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Dr Gail Bradbrook

Dr Gail Bradbrook Wiki

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Who is Dr Gail Bradbrook ?

Gail Bradbrook who helped establish the protest group in 2018, made the revelation in an angry interview with TalkRadio host Cristo Foufas on Monday.

After revealing that she drives a car, she admitted that she does not own an electric vehicle because she cannot afford one.

When Foufas pressed her further about what kind of car she was, she admitted that it runs on diesel, which experts consider to be even more damaging to the environment than gasoline.

She said that she needs the car to take her children to football and rugby games because her house does not have “buses that run on Sundays.”

The exchange became more stormy when Foufas called her a “hypocrite” and she responded by calling him a “boring interviewer.”

Molecular biologist Dr. Bradbrook was previously criticized for flying 11,000 miles to Costa Rica in 2016 to stay at the luxurious £ 2,500 New Life Iboga resort.

He claimed in today’s interview that he flew to the island due to a health problem that could not be treated in the UK.

The interview came as Extinction Rebellion climate activists paralyzed London today after they erected a giant pink table in the middle of the capital’s West End.

The makeshift stunt, which began today after noon today, has forced police to close several roads around the area that would normally be packed with tourists and tourist families.

How old is Dr Gail Bradbrook ?

She is 49 year old.April 30, 1972 (age 49 years), Hemsworth, United Kingdom

When asked by Foufas if it was electric, she said:

Dr. Bradbrook revealed what kind of car she owns when she talked about how she could live in a more environmentally friendly way.

She said: ‘You can definitely find things about my life, I have spent a lot of money in my house, I put solar panels on it, I had to take insulation and re-insert it.

“I’ve done a lot of good things, but I don’t do them well either. I drive a car, for example.

When Foufas asked her if it was electric, she said: ‘No, because I can’t afford it. But if someone wants to give me £ 5,000, they can convert my car to electric and I don’t have the money at the moment.

When asked which car she was driving, she said: “It was said to be a really eco-friendly car at the time I bought it … it’s a diesel car.”

Fury as thousands of Extinction Rebellion activists bring …

‘Hypocrisy’ of the 11,000 miles of the founder of Extinction Rebellion …

A shocked Foufas said diesel engines are “terrible” for the environment, prompting Staffordshire-based Dr. Bradbrook to defend herself.

‘Wouldn’t it be great if some of us could put our cars on community property? Make them electric, ” she said.

‘So if someone wants my car and can pay to have it become electric and other people can share it, they are welcome.

‘I can’t take my kids to sports matches, they both like football and rugby, I share a lot of elevators, but I can’t take them there because we don’t have buses that run on Sundays.

So some of the things are systemic issues, aren’t they? We all do what we can.

“What you’re doing is a classic of trying to make it personal.”

However, Foufas then accused the activist of hypocrisy.

He said, ‘How can you say it’s not personal? You are asking politicians and me to change my life personally, so of course it is personal.

And if you drive a diesel, if you take a vacation that takes up 11,000 air miles and then you are asking me or asking politicians to enforce rules that make me change my life, of course I am going to say that you are a hypocrite. ‘

Later in the exchange, Dr. Bradbrook told Foufas: ‘You are a really boring interviewer, this is so boring.

‘We have to change the love system, it is very clear.

‘If it was really green, you’d be saying to me,’ Oh, you want us all to go back to the caves like you do, Gail. ‘

‘Whatever I do, I’ll be wrong. Can we just talk about the reality of this crisis? ”He added.

Dr Bradbrook’s 2019 trip to Costa Rica had a carbon footprint of 2.6 tonnes

Dr. Bradbrook’s trip to Costa Rica in 2019 had a carbon footprint of 2.6 tons. This is a quarter of the amount that the average Briton emits in a whole year.

She posted on Facebook that her vacations were “full of nature and the warm sea” and sightings of exotic wildlife, including iguanas and monkeys that “smash mangoes on the roofs.”

However, she said today that she did, in fact, fly to the sunny spot because the treatment she was seeking for a health problem was “not legal” in the UK.

In December 2019, Dr Bradbrook denied causing £ 27,500 in damage to the Department of Transport building when she broke the bulletproof window with a chisel and hammer, Westminster Magistrates Court was told.

Dr. Bradbrook scaled the government building on Horseferry Road, Westminster to round up her fellow eco warriors and climbed a ledge above a revolving door before attacking the glass panel.

Dr. Bradbrook founded Extinction Rebellion with her ex-boyfriend Simon Bramwell. She previously said that she started the group after taking ‘psychedelic drugs’.

She said that she ‘prayed in a deep way’ while taking the substances on a retreat.

She told a BBC documentary Inside Out West that her prayer was answered within a month.

Dr Gail Bradbrook Quicks and Facts

  • Dr Gail Bradbrook, 49, helped to set up the protest group in 2018
  • She told TalkRadio presenter Cristo Foufas that she cannot afford an electric car
  • When pressed further, she admitted that she drives a diesel vehicle
  • Said that she needs the car to take her children to football and rugby fixtures 

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